ONLINETUTORSITE.COM provides online tutoring and homework help in the following subjects: Algebra,
Pre-Algebra, Calculus,Statistics,Trigonometry, College level Math, Precalculus, Geometry, AP
Mathematics, Probability, College Statistics, College Calculus,IB Math,Chemistry,AP Chemistry,IB
Chemistry,AP Physics,IB Physics, General Chemistry, College Chemistry, General Physics, College
Physics,Biology,AP Biology. We are familiar with AP and IB curriculums and we can tutor any topics in
Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We can help you with your school homework assignments and
quizzes on a regular basis.

We also provide online tutoring for competitive exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT and we are very specialized
in providing online tutoring for medical entrance exams like MCAT and DAT. Our tutors are highly
qualified and experienced who have been tutoring for more than 6 years. We will be using skype
messenger for voice chat and a digital whiteboard for the sessions. We also assign regular homework
assignments to students and student’s progress will be regularly monitored. For a 30 min free demo
class, email us at have been providing online tutoring for more than 6
years and we are very much aware of AP and IB curriculums. We have specialized programs for GRE,
GMAT, SAT, MCAT and DAT where we provide all the study materials during the sessions. For GRE,
GMAT, SAT sessions there will be regular homework assignments and periodic revision tests which will
help you to boost your score. These revision tests will help you to score good grades in the real GRE,
GMAT, SAT exams. For Online tutoring, we charge only $8-$10 per hour and the payment can be done
through PayPal.

We provide online homework help in subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Biology. We
have a team of highly qualified doctorate tutors who will work on your assignment and email you the
detailed Solutions before the deadline. We guarantee you that our work will be 100% accurate. We have
been helping students for more than 6 years. Our charges are very reasonable only 2$-3$ per question
and the payment can be made via PayPal. You can email your homework assignments with the deadline
mentioned in it to at anytime. Your mails will be responded immediately.
Once the Payment is confirmed your homework will be sent with the detailed solutions asap. Please visit
our website at

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