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									 Women         Peaceful Solutions - Standing for a World
               without violence.

     In        Silent Vigil held every second Friday of the
               month from 12:00 to 12:45 pm. Everyone is
  Black welcome to join us at Centennial Square in
               downtown Cochrane by the “Legacy Statue”.
Signs provided. For further information about Women in
Black call Pat Robertson 932-4900.

                  Background information:

      Women In Black: is a worldwide network of women
    committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to
 injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence. It is not
      an organization, but a means of communication and a
     formula for action. There are over 150 Women in Black
 groups around the world. It is a way to communicate that an
      end must come to the massive amount of violence that
occurs every day in the world – whether domestic or through
military actions. Women in Black as it exists today originated
in 1988 in Israel where Israeli and Palestinian women silently
  protested the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. They
  still hold weekly vigils and women around the world stand in
         solidarity to silently protest violence in the world.

    Women dress in black to symbolize their solidarity with
  victims of violence. Violence in all its forms demonstrates
failure and cowardice. We are united by our commitment to a
              world free of violence and injustice.

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