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                     CHALICE NEWS
                                                                                     March 2012

       First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Moundsville, WV founded Dec. 1868
                       PO Box 591, 1200 Third Street, Phone (845-1750)
                               Mike Eskridge, Interim Pastor
                           Editors, Pastor Earl Shaw, Jr., Mary L. Francis
                         “Be the HOPE, Bring a FRIEND”

       Come! Worship with us… Church School 9:30AM; Morning Worship 10:30AM

                                  I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to
                                  be your servant! It is amazing how fast these last 17 months
                                  have passed. Webster defines “interim” as being: an
                                  intervening time, temporary, or provisional. In short, all good
things must come to an end. Although it is really not the end by no means, only the
beginning of a new chapter in the book of the First Christian Church. Beginning May 1,
2012, Pastor Wesley Howsare will be your full-time Minister. I know through him and the
Holy Spirit that the First Christian Church will be in good hands or should I say in “God’s
Hands!” Amen. I wish Wesley and his wife Vicki nothing but the best!
       I want to thank all of you who have stepped up to serve the church while we have
been in this transitional phase. We really haven’t missed a beat when it comes to serving
God. There were many times that I was unable to do something or visit someone but you
were there for them, the church, and God! Thank you again and God Bless you for your
To our shut-ins that I have not been able to see over this time period, I ask for your
forgiveness. I am sure that you will be getting visits from Wesley in the near future. Again, I
want to thank those members who do get out and visit our shut-ins for they are such an
important part of our church family.
       I pray that you continue to grow spiritually as a person and as a church. My family
and I thank you for the cards, presents, and words of encouragement that you gave us over
the last 17 months. I know God has a plan for me to continue to serve Him in one way or
another and I look forward to that service. As I said, we are a family and you all here at the
First Christian Church will always have a special place in my heart. God Bless and continue
to serve!
                                                Your Servant,


Our New Pastor,

Congratulations Pastor Wesley Howsare!

To the congregation of Moundsville First Christian Church:

Greetings in the name of our Lord!!

I want to express my most sincere gratitude for granting me the opportunity to serve you in
pastoral ministry. Your confidence and trust in me is very humbling. Vicki and I welcome
this opportunity to serve you and join with you in the worship of our wonderful and loving
God. You have always been a caring and supportive congregation and we look forward to
once again being with you!

We certainly want to thank Mike Eskridge for his pastoral care during the last 17 months.
His ministry has been a blessing and has served as a bridge to the exciting things that I
believe God now has in store for us. Mike was the right person at the right time in this
period of our church. God certainly knows what He is doing; we just have to listen to His
voice and act according to His will.

I will begin my pastoral duties on May 1. Between now and then I will be transitioning from
my current job at Crossroads Counseling Services and my ministry at the Fork Ridge and Big
Run Christian Churches. Vicki and I are excited about returning home for our first Sunday
with you on May 6th. Let us pray that we will be obedient to what God is preparing for us
and be willing as a congregation to go where He will lead us. Our goal is to make sure
everybody who comes through the front doors of our church feels welcomed, loved, and
accepted, and that this church becomes a place of grace. And by showing to each other the
grace that has been given to us by Jesus our Lord, that this church will become a place where
we want to invite others to join us, and a place where folks want to visit because of the
exciting things that are happening at the corner of Third and Grant!!

Peace and grace to all of you,

Wesley and Vicki

               From Your Moderator

It is official, our board and congregation      from two districts. It was a wonderful
has approved the calling of Pastor Wesley       evening and there were a lot of positive
Howsare as our new minister. Wesley is          comments concerning our church and
currently the interim pastor for the Big        especially the dinner. A heartfelt thanks
Run and Fork Ridge Christian                    to all that helped.
churches. Wesley will assume the                 It seems we just did the hanging of the
pastorate with our church on May 1,             greens and now Easter is around the
2012. Wesley is one of our own and              corner and our Lenten services are
certainly a familiar face to most, we are       ongoing, attendance has been
looking forward to his leadership and           great. Why not come out and enjoy a
extend our best wishes for a wonderful          Wednesday night service?
ministry with us. The Lord has blessed           Our Easter memorial this year will go to
us.                                             upgrading our worship service recording
 We certainly will miss Pastor Mike             system. This will allow us to make
Eskridge as we move into this new era in        compact discs for our shut-ins so they
our church. Mike has been a blessing to         may have a recording of the morning
us and we appreciate his service to our         worship services. Our goal is to also
Lord and Savior and to this                     furnish CD players for them if they don't
congregation. Mike will be with us for a        have one. The memorial envelopes will
while so let him know in the coming             be in the church pews, please have them
weeks how much he has meant to us.              in by April 1, 2012 (Palm Sunday) if you
 Also, I would like to thank the pastoral       wish for the memorial to be in the bulletin
search committee for the job they did           on Easter morning. You can also do a
during the process. This is not an easy         memorial gift electronically. This is a
task and takes many hours of work. They         terrific ministry for our shut-ins.
looked at over 95 pastoral resumes that          I close thinking about the loss of a
were in circulation and                         wonderful and talented lady we lost this
interviewed several during the                  morning. Shirley Adkins went home to
process. Our thanks to Polly Warmuth            her Lord and Savior this morning. She
(chair), Shawna Zervos, Karen Gast,             has now joined Lou and together they are
Reed Hubbs and Earl Shaw.                       in the arms of our God. Please keep the
 Spring is in the air and there are a lot of    family of Shirley in your prayers in this
activities coming up and the newsletter is      time of sorrow. Shirley you are missed.
your information guide. Read it through
and see if there is something that you          Easter is coming, "He has risen, He has
would like to do. Get involved, it is a great   risen indeed".
feeling to be part of the fellowship that
occurs.                                         Blessings,
 On Thursday night, March 12, 2012, we
hosted one of four regional spring              A.D.
gatherings. We had 137 in attendance

                                                 From our Regional Minister
                                                      Rev. Thaddaeus B. Allen
                Message From Lora

The Elders met Sunday, February 26, 2012.
There were eight in attendance.
We shared our thoughts and ideas for
edifying the church and we hope for God’s        This congregation of God's people is light
blessings upon them. Our new minister,           and salt to the world. Perhaps it is not
Pastor Wesley Howsare, brings us                 obvious always, but FCC Moundsville is a
anticipation for his arrival and an eagerness    vanguard congregation of the Disciples in
to share with him.                               our region and in the denomination.
During the Lenten Season, we have
                                                 So, on behalf of the church, thank you.
prayerfully strived to live the Christian life
more faithfully as we live our daily lives and
                                                 Thank you for your faithful witness in
take part in the Lenten services.                good times and in the difficult times of
The prayer room will be available for            church life. Thank you for your generosity
individual prayer and meditation times           and of self and resources. Your sharing
during the last week of Lent, April 2nd          with the Disciples Mission Fund, Week of
through 6th. The prayer room will be open        Compassion, and the Christmas offering
from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through               are all signs of grace in the world.
Thursday and noon to 7 p.m. Friday. A            For what you do locally each and every
sign-up sheet will be available for those
                                                 day for the cause of our Lord, thank you.
who want to help the Elders monitor the
prayer room on Good Friday from noon to          Bless you for singing, and thank you for
7:00 p.m.                                        studying. Bless you for providing a place
The 2012 planning day idea to expand the         for our youth and for cultivating ministers
Elders prayer chain to include the               and faithful servants.
Diaconates will begin as soon as possible.       Thank you for calling a new pastor to a
If there are any other members of the            new way of life. God bless you for
congregation who would like to be a part of      keeping the table of the Lord set and open
the prayer chain and are not currently
                                                 and shared. You are leaders calling our
serving as Elders or Diaconates, please
contact me, 304-845-0381. The prayer             congregations to be the body of Christ
chain helps keep the church in touch with        faithfully. Salt and Light.... You are a
the physical and spiritual needs of the body     beautiful site, and your ministry is visible
of Christ and their loved ones so that we        in the world.
can more effectively lift them up in prayer.     God bless you, and thank you one more
The prayer of the righteous is powerful          time!
and effective. James 5:16
                                                 Love, Thaddaeus
For His Glory,
Lora Rutter
Elders Co-chair

                                                     Chuck Morrow
Pastor Philip Auten
Minister of Visitation - WV Region Christian         The calling of God on an individual to serve in
Church (Disciples of Christ)                         His ministry is a powerful and mysterious work.
                                                     We all have our agendas but God knows His
In the fall of 2011, Rev. Thad Allen asked me to     plan for us better than what we can even
consider a call as Minister of Visitation for the    imagine. It’s in the work of when the one who
WV Region. After some prayerful                      is being called finally accepts the call and
consideration and talking with Thad and my           follows the right direction that God has laid out
wife, Vernetta, I realized I felt God's call in my   for him. My calling came shortly after February
life. This is not something I expected at this       2003. I realized that God wanted to do more
time in my life. I accepted the call and became      with me in my life to reach others in a lost and
part of the Regional Staff.                          dark world. I have known that there was
My main duty is visiting the sick and shut-ins in    something different about my life from a young
the hospitals and in their homes. My main area       age and as I grew I learned that this God I
of calling is anywhere in the Northern               “Thought” I knew had bigger plans for me.
Panhandle. I do this at the request of the           His plan has led me to where I am today starting
panhandle ministers. Most of my visiting has         a new part of my life. This past October I met
been with people of my local church. I plan to       with our Regional Minister, Rev. Thad Allen, to
work closely with Pastor Wesley Howsare when         share with him my calling in ministry and the
he starts his Moundsville First Christian Church     journey God has led me on. It is in this that I
ministry, May 1st, 2012.                             am pursuing the Commissioned Ministry with a
I was very busy making visits until my health        future track toward Ordination. I am excited in
problems started in January. I am still making       this news and have been welcomed by many
some visits as I can. Not being able to drive, I     ministers in our region. If there is one thing I
depend on Vernetta to drive me to these visits.
                                                     would ask it would be to please keep my wife
I hope to have back surgery next month.              Amy and I in your prayers during this time. In
I am studying at home and going to Buffalo           just the last 6 months Amy and I have felt very
Seminary. I look forward to a formal                 welcomed and loved by our members here at the
Commissioning at sometime in the future.             First Christian Church, we look forward to
I ask for your prayers for me in this new calling    sharing what God has given us and the calling
that God has called me to. I pledge to do my         God has placed on my life.
very best in meeting the needs of the people.        Here I am Lord, Send me.
God Bless, Phil                                      – Chuck Morrow

Pastor Earl Shaw, Jr.
Minister of the Word - Pulpit Supply and              Buffalo Seminary
Interim Minister - WV Region Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)                                 Buffalo Seminary is a modern day rejuvenation
It is a great honor that I have been called to fill   of sorts of the original seminary taught by one
the position of Minister of the Word for the          of our domination founders, Alexander
upper counties in the WV Region.                      Campbell, beginning in 1818 in his home at
In early 2011, at the encouragement of Regional       Buffalo Creek, near the site of Bethany College.
Minister Rev. Thaddeaus Allen, I made the             Several ministerial training and education events
decision to further my personal ministry by           are scheduled over the next several months.
receiving a call to ministry from the WV Region       This past month, Pastors Wesley Howsare, Phil
(Disciples of Christ). My title is "Minister of       Auten and myself, along with Chuck Morrow,
the Word- Pulpit Supply and Interim Ministry"         attended the two day workshop led by Rev. Dr.
and I am provisionally licensed to provide all        Bonnie Thurston, one of the most recognized
aspects normally provided by ministry for the         Disciples of Christ teaching and pulpit ministers
Disciples of Christ in the WV Region.                 in this part of the country. The topic for this
In the past, I have served congregations at           meeting of seminarians was "Preaching Holy
Proctor Christian Church, Beech Bottom                Week."
Christian Church, Big Run Christian Church,           Later this month, we will attend the Oren Scott
and Fork Ridge Christian Church, in addition to       Lectures which will be presented by Rev. Dr.
my home church, Moundsville First Christian           Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and
Church. It is extremely important to me that I        President, Christian Church (Disciples of
continue in the beliefs of the Disciples of Christ    Christ).
tradition as I serve God. In fact, it is the only
church to which I have belonged for over 50
I look forward to the opportunity to continue my
ministerial education and training under the                               Jan. 29, 2012
watchful eye and guidance of Rev. David                                    Robert B. Fuller, II
Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister of the WV
Region, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).                            and
We ask that you be with us all, keep us in your                            David Quigley, Jr.
prayers as we work to bring God's Word from
the pulpit and in visitation to the members of the
church in our region.                                 Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows
God Bless! May the love of God be always in           and Confession of Faith
your heart. "Love isn't love until you give it
                                                      Bonnie Fuller and Bailey Lyons
Earl                                                  (Fork Ridge Christian Church)

    Members & Friends on our Prayer List            Jim Stucky
    Albert                                          Drae Taylor
    Maxine Arnold                                   Don Taylor and Ralph Taylor
    Aubrey-tonsils                                  Jayne Newman Wade
    Bobbie and Paul                                 Roger Wade
    Carlie-upcoming tests                           Lisa Wahl and newborn son
    Kathleen Richmond                               Aunt Betty Watson
    Myrtle’s daughter                               John D. Young, the son of John B. Young
    Janice-heart doctor appointment                 Doris Wolff
    Jennifer Allen                                  Vickie Williams
    Juanita Alverez                                 Dean and Pam Winland
    Andy Anderson                                   Herb Witzgall
    Melissa Beihl
    Braxton Matthew Board                           Grief Recovery
    Barbara Crow, sister of Louise Norman           Family of Jeannie Young
    Bill and Esther Antonik                         Family of David Quigley
    Tristian Brown                                  Family of Thomas O. West
    Triton Quigley                                  Family of Elmer Hupp
    Carl Chambers                                   Family of Louis Thomas
    Rick Crow Norman                                Family of Charles Whitelatch
    Bill Cullum                                     Family of Leo Whipkey
    Willie Day                                      Family of Emma Powell Flemming
    Sam Decrease, cancer                            Family of Edna Gouldsberry
    Kurt Evans                                      Family of Terri Definbuagh
    Linda Frame                                     Father of Andrea Richardson who is the wife
    Saminda Francis                                 of Doug Richardson, the pastor of Cameron
    Brian Games and extended family members         First Christian Church
    Bob Gast                                        Family of Paul Carney, brother in-law of
    Dorothy Harris (sister of Betty Burley)         Roger & Margie Francis
    Charlie Hartzell                                Family of Shirley Adkins
    Roger Hartzell
    Kayla Housel                                    *All those unnamed whose families and
    Lauren Laming (Rick Richmond’s Mom)             friends still grieve the loss of a loved one
    Janet Lebron
    Donna Lohri                                     Armed Forces Serving Overseas
    Dean Lucas
    David McCracken                                 Managed Care
    Deputy Mays                                     Aurelia Miller
    Kayla McConnell                                 Martha Smith
    Lester and Helen Mercer                         Kermit Parsons
    Janice Mysliwiec                                Tina Taylor
    Debra Morrow (Chuck’s Mom)                      Peggy Nestor
    John Nozum                                      Hilda Gatts
    James Parker                                    Ruth Rogerson
    Dale & Belma Jean Parks                         Gladys McConnell
    Tamara Patrone                                  Orie Young
    Doug Pettit                                     Buck Aston
    Charlie Pyle                                    Claudia Scheele
    Carol Riggs
    Rex Robinson                              “The name of the Lord is a strong
    Frank and Linda Ryder
    Randy Stephens
                                              fortress; the godly run to him and are
                                              safe.” Proverbs 18:10

Care & Nurture
The Care & Nurture Committee would like             Birth Announcement:
to start a Prayer Shawl, Prayer Beads, and          Zandir Lance Thompson,
a Lap Robe Ministry.                                son of Amber Dixon & Derrick Thompson,
                                                    Great Grandson of Barbara and Bob Stern
Maybe you can knit or crochet and maybe
not. We will teach you. They will be very           Keeping up with Kristen and Nelson
basic patterns. Maybe you can quilt and             Kristen is a math teacher in Stafford Va. She
making prayer beads is very easy. This is           recently received the award of 1st year teacher
something we can do as a church for our             of the year! Nelson is an air support officer, he
shut-ins. If you are interested, contact one        is planning to attend a 12-week training in
of the committee members and we will sit            California and then get his assignment!
down and decide exactly how we want this
to work.

Karen Gast

                                                    Disciples Women
We are very thankful for the love and support       THANK YOU for your support.
shown by our church family during our recent        We would love for YOU to join us!
illnesses. Thank you for the many cards, calls,     You are invited to Hot-diggity dog on Sunday,
visits, food, transportation and especially your    April 22, after Worship Services.
prayers.                                            Remember, the calendar love offering will be
Your thoughtfulness kept up our spirits during      given to our treasurer, Charlotte Crow, at our
this long ordeal. In Christian Love,                April 9th meeting.
Dale and Belma Jean Parks
                                                    Property Committee
                                                    I would like to thank everyone who
I would like to take this opportunity to thank so
many of you for your prayers, cards, and visits     donated their time working at the
at the time of Jeannie’s illness.                   Parsonage and at the church. Your help
Your thoughtfulness has meant so much to my         has been tremendously appreciated!
family and I at such a difficult time. Thanks to
all of you and God Bless You All.                   Bob Stern
John Young and Family

I would like to thank Pastor Eskridge and the
members of the church for all the prayers,
flowers, visits, donations, etc., in memory of my   Easter Memorials
Aunt Helen Bucy. She loved her God and              The purple Easter Memorial Envelopes are in
                                                    the pews. Memorials must be in by April 1st to
church and I know she is with her husband Cliff
                                                    be in the Easter Bulletin. The General Board
and son Douglas in heaven and is at peace.          approved to use the monies to upgrade the
Thank you,                                          Service Recording System used to make
Tammy Bouk, Niece of Helen Bucy                     recordings for our shut-ins.

      Membership, Outreach,                                      Outreach
                                                     Thanks to everyone for the generous donations to
          Evangelism                                 the Week of Compassion offering! We will have
               Chair: Earl Shaw                      a total very soon.
               Membership                            A very special thanks to the youth who raised over
Several events are on the calendar for this year.    $400.00 Way to go!
May 10th @ 6:00 p.m. Ladies Night Out.               Easter Special Offerings. April 1st and April 8th.
The meal will be catered by Diana's Catering. The    ____________________________________
menu is: salad, baked steak, scalloped potatoes,     Relay for Life Yard and Bake Sale.
green beans, and dessert. Cost is $10.00 per         Sat. April 21st, 9-1:00. Tables $10.00 each.
person. Entertainment by "Beacon Road"               Proceeds to Marshall County Relay for Life.
following dinner. A love offering will be taken.     Items for the sale can be left on the stage in
____________________________________                 Fellowship Hall After Monday April 9th. Call
                                                     Earl Shaw for pick-up.
                                                     Relay for Life Golf Scramble. Saturday, June 9th
                                                     @ Fairway River Links in Rayland, Ohio. Tee
                                                     time is 7:00 a.m. Cost per golfer is $50.00. This
                                                     includes a steak dinner following the scramble.
                                                     Call Earl Shaw @ (304) 639-6624 for more
Infant and Baby Dedication on Mother's Day,          ____________________________________
May 13th. If there is a child in your family who                      Relay for Life
has not been dedicated, you are invited to come
forth on this special day during the morning
worship service. Call the church office or leave a
note with the names of the child and the parents.
July - Ice Cream Social. Date to be announced.
August - Wild Things Ball Game. Date to be           Come, be a part of something great! Fellowship,
announced.                                           food, fun and celebration as we recognize those
____________________________________                 who have suffered and are currently suffering
August 19th. All church picnic @ Riverfront          from cancer. Great importance is placed upon
Park. Noon -?                                        their caregivers as well.
____________________________________                 Due to renovations at Monarch Stadium, 2012
September. Community Day. Date and activities        Relay for Life is at a new location. The event will
to be announced.                                     be staged at John Marshall High School's north
____________________________________                 parking lot. Relay opens at 6:00 p.m. on Friday
FCC's membership list is being updated. You can      June 15th going thru 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, June
help by giving us current names, addresses and       16th. Survivor lap is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and
telephone numbers of family members living           Luminary ceremony will be at dusk.
outside the immediate area.                          Register now online or see Becky Thompson.
_____________________________________                $10.00 to register. Survivors register free.
WV Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)            Our Relay concession stand will sell Bar'B'Q Ham
Regional assembly will be held in Parkersburg        sandwiches, nachos 'n' cheese, baked goods,
April, 26th, 27th, and 28th. Registration can be     drinks, etc. Concession will be open from 4 p.m.
made online                         till ? Sign up to help.

Cancer Resource Room at Reynolds                                        Evangelism
Did you know there is a place you can go for
assistance with questions about cancer care? The         "Be the HOPE, Bring a FRIEND"
Cancer Resource Room at Reynolds Memorial
Hospital is staffed by volunteers every Monday
evening from 5 to 7 p.m. and by appointment.
Cancer information, books and brochures, videos,
wigs, head warmers, and more are available, all at
no charge. Stop in. The room is on the 3rd floor
just around the northwest corner from the main

Audio tape sermons for shut-ins
We have experienced great difficulty the past
several months in producing good quality cassette
tapes of sermons for our shut-ins. It is felt that the   Evangelism is working up a list of members who
time is here for us to "move on" to a newer              are not currently in worship. Efforts will be made
recording technology. If you would like to               to contact these folks in the hope of expanding the
contribute to a fund for moving from cassette tape       service of the church.
media to compact disc media, it will be greatly          ________________________________
appreciated. The cost for the entire system,             We have many temporary workers and families in
including a CD recorder, CD duplicator, and CD           our area. There may be many more. We are
players for the shut-ins is expected to total around     looking at ways to be able to minister to them
$1,000.00. This is a small price for those who           while they are here. If you have any suggestions,
have dedicated so much of their lives to this            let Earl Shaw know so we can follow up at our
church. If you care to help with this project, see       next MOE meeting.
Earl Shaw.                                               __________________________________
____________________________________                     Evangelism - "the winning or revival of personal
  Opus Spring Concert                                    commitments to Christ."
in the sanctuary, Sunday,
                                                         Disciples Men's
May 6th, 2:00 p.m.                                            Breakfast
The public is invited
___________________________                              Men, mark your calendars! May 20th, Sept.16th,
 Have you ordered your "God is Love"                     Oct. 21st, and Nov. 23rd, (3rd Sundays) the
Moundsville First Christian Church t-shirt? This         Disciples Men's group will meet at Perkins
is NOT a fundraiser. It is a way to express God's        Restaurant on Sunday morning @ 8:00 a.m.
love into the community. Cost per shirt is $17.00        All men of the church are invited to attend.
each. Last day to order is Palm Sunday, April 1st.       A brief meditation will be shared.

                                                                  Vacation Bible School News!
                                                                dates are June 4th through June 7th
                                                                        time is 6-8:00 p.m.
                                                           the theme is Babylon, Daniel’s Courage in
                   Check out the Youth page at
                     Message From Chuck               Each Sunday evening now through Easter the
                                                      youth are doing a new study series called “My
                     I just want to say thank you to  Greatest Joy”. Have you ever stopped and
                     everyone who has been helping    thought about Joy in the eyes of God? What about
                     out with the youth over the last the things that bring you joy on any given day?
                     few weeks. We have had a         We are bombarded by so many things in our
                     great last few weeks learning    society telling us that we will never be happy
                     and growing together and I       unless we have their product, car, shoes, or
                     look forward to seeing us grow   whatever it is that they are selling. But is this
                     even more in the future.         true?
The last weekend of February we held our Youth        “My Greatest Joy” Looks deeper into those
Lock-In. This was in support for the Week of          situations and helps us see that our relationship
Compassion. The theme of the event was                with God should be the priority. It looks at what
“Survivor”. Overall we had 18 youth come out to       Jesus went through and how he gave himself for
the event with our church youth and Cameron.          us and how we can find joy in times of suffering.
Over the time of the lock-in they were broken up      It’s something that goes beyond what our society
into two teams, they had to come up with a team       teaches us, so what’s Your Greatest joy? Come
name, logo and chant. We had 3 Tribal councils,       join us for this study, Each Sunday through Easter.
but we had a twist to it, If you have ever seen the   Also check out www.moundsvilledisciples.comfor
Show survivor you know that during the tribal         more info, click on the youth page!
council that somebody would be voted off the
island, in our tribal council each team had the                    ChiRho/Junior Camp
opportunity to vote for someone to have
                                                                 When: Jun 10 – 15, 2012
immunity. The one who had immunity had sever
options. After each tribal council we had a tribal                     CYF Conference
competition. Each team gained points for each                    When: Jun 17 – 23, 2012
event. The one who was selected to have
immunity already got MAX points for the event
but if they chose to participate they could earn the
team bonus points.
Over all we raised over $450 toward Week of           Blessings be with you!
Compassion. I’m very proud of the service our
youth are providing the church to help those in
                                                        Worship Committee
                                                        Submitted by Bonnie Hendershot
                                                        Lenten services are going very well. Our Maundy
                                                        Thursday Service will be on Thursday evening,
                                                        April 5th at 7:00 p.m. The annual Good Friday
                                                        Cross Walk will start at 11:00 a.m. at Calvary
                                                        UMC on First Street. Come join us and the many
                                                        other churches in Moundsville for the Cross Walk.
                                                        Please join us to celebrate our Risen Lord on
                                                        Easter Sunday at 10:30. We plan to celebrate our
                                                        Mothers on Mother’s Day, May 13th.
                                                        Do you have someone graduating in May or June
                                                        from high school or college? Call the church
                                                        office or my number is 304-845-4894. We would
                                                        like to celebrate them at a church service.

                                              Did You Know???

                      All four gospels tell of Jesus’ resurrection, but each gives a different list of women as
                      the first to arrive at the empty tomb. Which woman appears in all four accounts?

                      A. Joanna
                      B. Mary, the mother of Jesus
                      C. Salome
                      D. Mary Magdalene
                      E. Mary, the mother of James

                      Answer: D (See Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:10; and John 20:1.)

                      Because possums are known for having trouble crossing the road, you might think the
                      animals aren’t particularly bright. Yet they’re reportedly smart enough to enter a hole
                      only if two sets of tracks lead in and out. If only one set of tracks exists, a possum
                      won’t enter.

                      The grave was a hole with one set of tracks, and even the bravest souls feared to go in.
                      But on Easter, Jesus came out of the grave, stripping it of its terror. We may approach
                      death confidently, knowing that our Savior conquered it — and provides a way out.

                                  1 Thessalonians 5:18, In Everything Give Thanks
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             Congregation and Membership Survey Update                                        2012

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