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Will a biofeedback anti-stress pen actually work at reducing stress? A biofeedback anti-stress pen
seems like something from a sci-fi movie. The anti-stress pen is very fat. Those with small hands
will find this pen hard to hold.

Fat pens aren't suitable for people with small hands and are very hard to hold. The size of this pen
is equivalent to holding four standard size ones at the same time. It won't suit everyone and a bit
of thought needs to be put in before purchasing such a device.

The creator of this pen is a student from Delft University. Delft University is located in The
Netherlands. The PhD student created this pen because people tend to write messily when they
are under stress. This special pen detects stressful movements and provides corresponding
counter-motion feedback.

The counter-motion feedback is provided by internal electromagnets which is supposed to stop
nervousness. The motion sensors are there for stress detection. and internal electromagnets are
there to stop the stress. The pen determines which movements are stressful and which are not.

Tests have shown that the pen does lower the heart rates of test subjects by a small amount. The
heart rate was decreased by roughly five percent in tests. The unfortunate thing about the results
of the test was that none of the test subjects actually "felt" less stressed.

The pen isn't available for people to buy yet and the cost of this device is unknown. This
biofeedback anti-stress pen doesn't look like it delivers the goods. There are lots of other ways to
reduce stress, such as stress balls or massage chairs.

Reducing stress is one thing that many students studying for exams need. Being stressful at
school is very normal. Assignments and exams bring back a lot of bad memories for people. If a
pen can reduce the amount of stress one is experiencing, then it will surely have a lot of fans.

The special pen says that it will help people to feel less stressed when they use it. Electromagnets
have been shown to have some effect of relieving stress and promoting blood flow. Promoting
blood flow will explain the drop of heart rate in test subjects during tests.

In conclusion, the design of this pen is very innovative. Whether it does the job of reducing stress
is something that this pen is lacking. Those looking for something cool to show their friends, might
want to get this pen just to show off.
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