MLM Recruiting Secrets! Confession of a Beginner!

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					  MLM Recruiting Secrets! Confession of a Beginner!

                                             By: Ram Gupta

What I am going to reveal in the following sentences is simply going to blow you off. Yes, these are
those closely guarded MLM recruiting secrets that could scale your business to a new high, if you applied
them sincerely.

I am certain, absolutely yes; this has worked before and will work for you also. It is a proven system.

Scaling the MLM recruiting is not complex, it is quite simple. It only requires you to understand the fine
difference between “prospecting” and “promoting” and apply them at the appropriate point of the MLM
recruiting cycle.

Have a close look at MLM; after all we must know what these three alphabets mean?

As a professional marketing person, I have always broken down all issues, problems or tasks to their
smallest molecular size and then resolved the puzzle by resolving each issue, one by one, like a building
block. So, to unlock the MLM sponsoring secrets, let’s break it down into steps that lead to solving the
puzzle. This is a three stage process or system.

Successful MLM Recruiting Starts with…

Need assessment – You must understand, “what is it that the people are looking for?”, “what do they
want?” How do you do that? Well, by talking to them and ascertaining their precise needs or from the net.
Don’t we get a major clue in “volume” of a search phrase? We do. If a phrase or sentence is being
searched 10,000 times, 10,000 people want to know more or find out more about that particular search
phrase, meaning what, here are 10,000 people looking for a solution to that particular issue, your captive
or potential target.

And the Next Step In MLM Recruiting Will Be…
Offer A Solution – Having assessed the “need” naturally the next step would be to present a proven
solution. The solution could be either from your own product arsenal, or, from someone else’s, where
you could act as a partner or an affiliate. Present this solution to those who are seeking the answers to
address or satisfy their needs or resolve their issues. Present your solution as an opportunity since that is
proven to have resolved similar issues with you or with others. Remember you are not selling, he is
buying; let him have the trust and confidence in your advice or suggestion.

And finally, MLM Recruiting Demands…

Consistent follow up – Having presented your solution, the next step in the MLM recruiting funnel
would be to ensure that the process gets concluded and you get a decision. Hopefully a big “Yes”. Now a
word of caution! You are not likely to get 100% YES’s, it could be as low as 5%, don’t be discouraged,
it’s a good beginning. It means that those 5% consider you as a person who has a solution to their
problems. For them, you are the “Go to Person”. Let them promote you further. That is how you build
your down line.

This is the simple three step MLM recruiting system. This has to be repeated consistently on an ongoing
basis for days, months and years. The results will not pour in from the next moment, it takes time for
people to start accepting you as a problem solver, an expert, their “how to” mentor. But surely they will
start flowing in if you have not given up. Consider it as a long assembly line, as long as the required parts
or components keep coming at the right time, right point and to the right stage of the assembly process,
the finished goods keep rolling out on the other side. There is no denying that, no two ways about it.

What do we see here, your MLM recruiting is totally dependent upon something that is not readily
available with you? The most crucial “Raw material” in the MLM recruiting process is the so called “raw
visitor” who gets converted to a “cold subscriber”, or the “Lead” as they call it, once he signs your page.
To keep your MLM Recruiting machine running, you have to ensure that you generate this raw material
on a consistent basis. If you fail, the assembly line would come to a grinding halt. Remember in the
absence of a “cold subscriber” there is no “warm prospect”, and definitely no “customer” or “recruit”, that
is the end of the road.

All you need is Leads, as many as you can generate.

So go ahead and do it. Generate Leads!

Overwhelmed? May I suggest that you cut the chase in trying to reinvent the wheel? The best and fastest
way to succeed is to follow a proven path, follow the road to success that others took and reached their
goals. I just don’t preach, I believe in what I say. I have no hesitation in admitting that after I came across
a proven system called “My Lead System Pro or MLSP” I have not looked back, there is so much to
learn. Their training archives are full of videos, tutorials and other learning materials that you feel as if
you found the MLM secrets treasure trove.

My assembly line has started receiving the raw material and I am confident that my first Rolls-Royce will
roll out soon. So you decide where you want to meet me. I bet it is going to be where all the best kept
MLM recruiting secrets are kept. The MLSP. I truly believe that, to be a leader tomorrow, you have to be
a follower today!

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