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PRESS RELEASE Epic Financial Corporation


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									PRESS RELEASE                                                                            

for Immediate Release                                                  Contact info:
                                                               Harriet Donnelly, CMO
                                                           Epic Financial Corporation
                                               908-901-9280 office 908-392-3801 cell

                     WEALTH MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
    A combination of intuitive information, sophisticated, interactive software,
      and valuable support services specifically assembled for consumers in
      order to eliminate debt, and build wealth in the quickest way possible.

CHICAGO, ILL., AUGUST 10, 2009 - Epic Financial Corporation (OTCBB:EPFL) today
announced the pre-release of their latest financial product - the Epic WealthBuilder
Financial Compass. The program has been designed to help American consumers
manage and eliminate their financial burdens and accumulate wealth by paying off
all of their current debt in about 1/3 of the time and begin to save for retirement,
college educations and a financially secure future.

"There are so many credit counseling and debt consolidation offers out there that
Epic needed to differentiate themselves by offering the Epic WealthBuilder
program", reports Mr. Sienkiewicz, “This program IS NOT a debt consolidation or
negotiation program, rather it is for consumers who have debt rather than those in
debt and who can't pay their monthly obligations. Epic WealthBuilder helps
consumers succeed where others programs fail - for the long term, consistent and

Epic WealthBuilder™ uses comprehensive debt analysis / wealth builder software in
conjunction with an advanced Epic SmartPay™ automated bill payment system to
create a plan that can save the consumer thousands of dollars in interest, years of
payments, and does the work for them to ensure their success. Most financial
representatives focus on disposable income and new product sales and don't tie in
the debt reduction element in the planning process. Combine that with those other
products in the market talking only about your debt and how to pay it off faster, the
WealthBuilder program takes the same debt approach but begins to turn debt into a
wealth building program as well. The comprehensive debt analysis program runs 24
different algorithms to calculate how to save the most money and the most time.

With Epic SmartPay, the consumer is able to save thousands in interest and cut
years off of their monthly recurring payments that could put towards retirement,
other investments, or wherever a consumer would want to place their money. Epic
SmartPay handles the actual payments using third-party administrator, Metavante.
While Epic SmartPay handles the actual payments, the consumer is still in complete
control of their money and can make changes to their personalized program with a
simple phone call or by going online the user pages of Epic WealthBuilder.
For more information on the program, visit www.EpicWealthBuilder.com.

About Epic Financial Corporation
Located on the Magnificent mile in Chicago, Ill., Epic Financial Corporation is a
financial service company specializing in financial Wellness. The company has three
divisions. Financial Software, Marketing and Promotion, and Insurance Services and
Consulting. Epic Financial Corp., is a Delaware corporation formed in 2003 which
was formerly Big Equipment Epic is a public company, trading on the OTC Pink
Sheet Exchange, symbol (EPFL). For more information, please visit:

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