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									Simple Tips On Dealing With Anxiety Attack

With today's fast-paced society, learning how to deal and cope with anxiety are very important.
Everyone has to find ways to survive the inevitable setbacks and trying realities of life, which include
endless money issues, busy work schedules, exasperating relationship problems, and unbelievable traffic
jams. These life facts are enough to make people suffer from serious anxiety problems and chronic

Experiencing anxiety is not really a bad thing, for this makes an individual stronger when it comes to
coping with life problems. However, anxiety becomes a problem when worrying and stress are
persistent or prolonged, thus, preventing an individual from living the normal life he once had. Such
psychological condition is then characterize as anxiety disorder.

Fortunately, anxiety disorder is a highly treatable health condition. Top treatments for this type of
mental disorder include psychotherapies and medications. As for preventing anxiety attack, one does
not really need to consult a specialist or take medications.

The following are 12 simple tips on how to prevent and deal with anxiety:

1. Laugh and smile a lot.

Laughter is probably the simplest way to prevent anxiety attacks. Sometimes it is best not to take life
too seriously. Smiling and laughing replace sadness and pain with relief and joy. Simply laugh at life
mistakes yet make sure to learn something from them. Telling jokes and watching comedy shows are
perfect stress relievers.

2. Be organized and flexible.
Nothing comes out from too much worrying over something that already happened. Instead of sulking
and becoming depressed, do something to change the situation. Make plans and be organized. Entertain
new action plans and production suggestions for these may help you become more flexible in solving
problematic situations.

3. Practice relaxation regimen.

When anxiety and stress trigger, take a break and relax. The body relaxes from the slow and even
breathing from the diaphragm, so try to breath deeply and slowly once stress or anxiety attacks.

4. Accept and learn from mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes. Hence, there is really no reason for one to become stressed out just because
he or she commits mistakes. Start acknowledging life mistakes. Just remember to learn something out of
every committed mishaps.

5. Be active.

Exercising daily not only keeps the body in good shape, but it also helps bring out the body's natural pain

6. Have fun.

One of the best ways to loosen up is to have fun. Go out and spend time with friends. Stress hormones
are released once the body relaxes.

7. Not to nicotine and caffeine.

Some may think that coffee and smoking help them relax. But this is not really the case with caffeine
and nicotine, for these only add more stress on the body. Instead, maintain a healthy daily diet because
it helps make the body less susceptible to anxiety and stress.
8. Say no.

It is not at all healthy to welcome additional work load or accept too many favors from others. It is okay
to say no to tasks that one can no longer physically, mentally, and emotionally handle. Knowing one's
limits will prevent unwanted stress and pressure.

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