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									                              Designer Radiators – Style Meets Quality

We all understand that Radiator is an essential component of our homes, especially in the UK where
winters can be unpredictable. Since the heralding of the water based heating system in the late
nineteenth century through to the refinements in our modern heating systems; most people have
had to accept those radiators which managed to heat up our rooms regardless of what they looked
like. With only simple flat panel, steel radiators on offer, for most of us style has never been on the
agenda where radiators are concerned.

However modern production techniques have enabled a combination of practical performance, high
                               quality and good design to reinvent the humble radiator with,
                               not only, dramatic and exciting designs but also a huge choice of
                               colours and sizes. Led by Italian designers, radiators are no
                               longer something to be put up with or hidden behind covers.

                                     ‘Designer’ is slowly turning out to be a suitable predecessor to
                                     ‘Radiators’ and today, there are some forward looking
                                     companies which can provide stunning looking radiators which
                                     can enhance the look of your home. While the extensive range of
                                     styles and colours available with these radiators is a compelling
                                     incentive, you should also make sure that you are considering
                                     one of the other important components of these radiators and
that is the wide range of sizes and formats which enable you to maximise your available space.

Designer radiators are available in various shapes and sizes, along with the large range of designs.
You should always choose a size of radiator which can deliver the heat output your room requires
however with houses having better insulation you need not restrict yourself as to where you put
your radiator. With Designer Radiators you can make best use of your available space by considering
a radiator designed to fit a specific space. For example if you want to leave the space under the
window clear, or not block your radiator with a sofa or curtains consider using tall vertical radiators
to make use of narrow space nest to doors. Some designs are made of individual sections which
allow to you choose from a variety of heights widths and depths to create a radiator that exactly fits
the space you have available.

With the ever increasing choice of colours, designs and sizes available in radiators, you can be
guaranteed a Wow factor for your rooms no matter which style you decide to choose.


Since the introduction of the hot water central heating system there has been little change to the
basic technology and the style of radiators available, with the wider introduction of Designer
radiators we now have the ability to turn the humble radiator into something we want to be seen
not hidden away, a striking and pleasing addition to any home.

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With over 12 years of experience in providing the best in designer radiators, The Radiator Company
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