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Calcium citrate supplements have benefits of their own and in some cases they are better than
calcium carbonate supplements. However, a great majority of calcium tablets available on the
market are products made of calcium carbonate, especially coral calcium which comes under this
category and is gaining widespread popularity nowadays.

Choosing the right calcium supplement depends on your age and recommended dietary
allowance. Calcium citrate is an acidic form of calcium, and therefore it has a better absorption
rate. However, calcium citrate supplements normally provide much less amounts of calcium when
measured in milligrams than other kinds of calcium compounds. Since calcium is used to reduce
acidity in the stomach, people who are already suffering from an acidic stomach should avoid
calcium citrate at all costs.

Calcium carbonate, on the other hand, is ideal to be taken after meals since it reduces acidity and
helps in proper digestion of food. When measured in milligrams, capsules or tablets containing
calcium carbonate provide more elementary calcium than calcium citrate supplements. If you think
your everyday diet is not sufficient to fulfill calcium RDA then you should buy calcium carbonate
supplements easily available for purchase.

High levels of calcium in the blood are just as much dangerous as low levels. Therefore, don't
consume more than 2000 mg of calcium daily, either through food or through supplements. A good
alternative to calcium citrate supplements is provided by tablets made from coral calcium. This
kind of calcium is better absorbed than normal calcium carbonate and can be taken with other
vitamin and mineral supplements.

The amount of calcium absorbed by the blood depends on many other factors including age, level
of vitamin D in the blood and pregnancy. Caffeine, alcohol and a protein-rich diet can reduce
calcium absorption. Similarly, sodium is responsible for calcium loss through urine.

If you intake calcium citrate supplements, you have to take more tablets to receive the same
amount of calcium as you would receive from a coral calcium tablet. Fortified-orange juice and
cereals make use of calcium citrate to increase their nutritional value. Calcium absorption is also
affected by the time at which you consume the tablets. Normally, it is recommended to take
calcium pills right after meals. And it is also useful to go for a walk after a meal or exercise on a
regular basis if you want to reduce calcium loss.

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