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									Wedding is the biggest day in life of every individual. Everyone wishes to look outstanding and be the
center of attention on this special day. The article discusses the best makeup ideas for the bride. The
center of attention in any marriage is the bride. Hence, it is important for you to look beautiful on this
special day. For this you should apply proper makeup that will enhance your beauty.
 There are many professionals and beauty parlors available for giving perfect look to the bride
according to the latest trends. With the expert beautician, number of cosmetic items, costumes, and
beauty concepts, you can get the adorable look that you will always remember.
 Bridal Makeup Tips:Benefit Concealer
 ?Apply the lighter shade foundation on the face to hide the dark eye circles, wrinkles and spots.
Apply the foundation in the outward circular direction slowly over the face
 ?Trim the eye-brows a day before the wedding
 ?Choose the natural color for the eye shadow. Avoid the bright or neon colors
 ?Use waterproof mascara. This will not washout your eye makeup from tears and sweat

 ?Do not expose to direct sunlight after applying the makeup. If you need to go in light, apply
sunscreen lotion before going
 ?Facial, scrubbing or facial mask is must at least one month before the special day
 ?Carry lipstick, powder, and mascara along with your hair pins, safety pins, lip gloss, etc. in your
purse so that you can apply it whenever necessary
 ?Lip liner blended with lip stick can give soft and glossy look to your lips
 ?Do not try on the new products in market. They may harm your skin. Always consult your
beautician before trying new products
 ?Tone up your skin 6 months before your wedding and treat acne
 ?Drink plenty of water so that your eyes look bright and your skin looks fresh. Take good amount of
sleep before the wedding day
 ?Keep all your nervousness and worry away so that you do not look dull at the time of wedding
 Makeup can make you look beautiful for some time, but if you want to get prepared for your
marriage, it is important to follow the beauty tips 2-3 months prior to your marriage.

  The first thing you should take care about is your skin. You should follow the skin care regime of
cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, etc. Get the facial done every week. Sleep for sufficient
time, include green vegetables in your diet, and exercise regularly.
  You wedding is the joyous occasion. The makeup ideas will provide you the adorable looks and
you will be the center of attention on this auspicious day.

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