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BSC Dinghy Newsletter August 2011 by tangshuming


									BSC Dinghy Newsletter August 2011                          dinghy racers and RO’s should pay heed in particular.
                                                           Richard summarises the findings
                                                           “1. Vessels should be able to navigate through the
Young Blood Latest!
                                                           harbour without undue difficulty or more than
8 of our cadets took to the waters at the Volvo
                                                           ordinary skill. On this occasion these was a lot of
Optimist nationals at Pwllheli lastSunday. If the
                                                           racing going on and navigation was challenging for
practice rounds were anything to go by, BSC should be
                                                           transiting vessels, particularly in the area between
doing very well this week, with top 20 finishes in the
                                                           Stocker and Copyhold where dinghies were racing and
regatta fleet for Tom Gogarty, Cossie Lewis, Flora
                                                           others were preparing for a start. Race officers need
Windebank, Dom Lewis and Joe Stirrup. There were
                                                           to consider impacts on non-racing traffic, and try to
also good performances from Sophie Hempsell in the
                                                           avoid large concentrations of racing dinghies in busy
senior fleet and Dom Gogarty in the training fleet.
                                                           and constrained areas. 2. The COLREGs do no not give
Harry Hoolahan arrived Monday so all is looking good
                                                           rights of way and both vessels have an obligation to
for the week ahead- except for the Welsh summer
                                                           avoid a collision, underpinning that is the need to keep
weather of intermittent rain and grey skies! Joe
                                                           a good look out“
Stirrup had got a very creditable 20th at the Musto
                                                           If the power boat had observed the guidance set out
Oppie nationals at Weymouth the week before.
                                                           by the Conservancy at: ~
Old Blood Latest!                                          _power.pdf an accident would have been avoided. If
The BSC team which challenged West Wittering SC            the helm of the racing dinghy, although it was the
many years ago to an annual team race has won this         stand-on boat, had observed the guidance set out by
year! BSC have not won the cup for at least 4 years.       the Conservancy at
With 43 boats on the water in fickle light winds and a
good old spring flood, it was testing. Nonetheless the     _rules.pdf an accident would have been avoided (rule
BSC talent came through. David Rankin (the only Finn)      5) They didn’t. Result: The Finn helm sustained three
and Simon Veysey (the only 18) claimed first and           cracked ribs, a dislocated shoulder, written off of
second on corrected time. In the mediums, Adrian and       racing dinghy, plus lawyers’ field day! Be warned!
Jane Weller (Minnow) and Francis Boff (Devon Yawl)
claimed second and third whilst in the slow division ,     In the meantime another boat under power knocked
BSC had a clean sweep with Suzanne Brown (Tideway)         over one of our Fevas this weekend, shredding its kite
Lizzie Adams (CH Scow) and Guy Farnsworth                  but no crew were injured on this occasion. My advice
(Tideway), first second and third respectively. It         would be – keep a good look-out and engage the engine-
meant that overall BSC won by a whole 30 minutes.          powered boat skipper by hailing (politely) if uncertain
This wonderful result, apart from being attributable       of their intentions. Avoid getting too near them at any
to the fact that all the BSC boats made the start-line     rate. Any muppet can jump into a boat and set off. It
on time this year, was undoubtedly due to the Alistair     only takes a few seconds to get it all wrong and can
Johnson’s effective calls to arms in the preceding         takes weeks and even months to sort out the
weeks. Well done Bosham. We are playing away next          aftermath of a serious collision.
year, so let’s see if we can hang on to it and maybe get
a few more moderns out.
                                                           CDBs next out 13th August. With only a few
Serious violations of COLREGs in our Harbour!
                                                           points separating the first three boats in each fleet,
Yes indeed, I have been briefed by Peter Nicholson
                                                           it’s all to play for: Fasts top four separated by 3
(BSC’s risk assessor) and been made aware of the
                                                           points; Mediums with 7 points separating first five;
Harbour Masters’ report on a highly significant
                                                           Slows with 8 points separating first five.
accident. Advice for powered cruiser skippers is
available on the CHC website and the Chichester            HISC Regatta 14th August, followed the next
Harbour federation of sailing clubs had earlier this       day by the start of Fed Week. Hopefully we will
year issued its amended code of conduct. The link for      yet again have a presence of BSC in the fleets and in
the Fed’s doc future reference is:                         the support boats. Contact me if you are racing and                 Nick Fox (via Red Book) if you can crew a support boat.
Having read the report of Richard Craven, our              It’s a fab week and the BSC mob often hang out on the
Harbour Master, and spoken to him, it is clear that        north shore sandy beach where they usually keep their
                                                           boats and families are often based during racing.
ISC Regatta follows on the Saturday after Fed Week.       cream pie treatment having acknowledged that David
                                                          and Richard’s original role had nothing to do with pie
Bosham Regatta                                            deliveries. But maybe not "the most humble day of my
On the Sunday 21st August and being a week earlier        life" but then I’m not a Murdoch.
than usual, who knows there may still be some sea
breeze left in the season! Nicky Chapple our RCD leads    Olympic Test Event at Weymouth
the co-ordination with Principal Race Officer, Mike       BSC members Mimie Currey and Mike Brooke are on
Cover and Finishing Cannons Nick Fox (Vice-President)     the race management team for the Olympic Test
The August Bank Holiday weekend sees the CDBs out         Event this week. We wish them luck. Mimie is an on-
for race 10 on the Saturday, then the Personal            water coordinator and Mike is pin-end for the 49ers.
Handicap series on Sunday 28th (combined with race
coaching from RYA top coach Melvyn Cooper whose fan       New Racing Boats at BSC
club at BSC is growing, whilst on the Monday there is     The following fleets have all seen additional new boats
the Alexander Pursuit Race from Pilsey to the Quay        come to Bosham this season: Yachting World Day
run by Martin Chilver-Stainer.                            Boats, Lasers, Finns, Sharpies, Oppies, Tideways,
                                                          National 18s, Merlin Rockets, Streakers and Scows.
Cockle warming video from Helsinki for GBR Finns.         BSC racing is in fine fettle!
Just watch those tacks and Brits Rule OK?                 If anyone is looking for a Sharpie or a Finn, get in                touch with me – I am aware that there are some about
                                                          again. Sharpie Nationals next year are in Bosham,
Humble Pie – It turns out that News International         likely to be 23/24th June tbc. Expect 25-30 boats in
are not the only ones guilty of following dodgy leads     their 81st year since they were first designed.      DP
and rushing into print without checking the legitimacy
of their sources – charting the pie deliveries – Last
month after three pints of ringworm and talking to a
‘source’ at the west end (usually the reliable end), of
the bar I got it so wrong! Hence a corrective
description of what really went on at Sail for Gold now
follows: ~
Bosham SC made a small but significant contribution to
this years' Sail for Gold pre Olympic regatta in
Weymouth run by the RYA. Richard Stirrup and David
Macfarlane were part of a 30 strong race team
supporting the RSX men and women’s windsurfing
fleet. This year’s event was the biggest regatta yet to
be held at Weymouth with 755 boats sailed by 1000+
sailors representing 62 different nations. All these
sailors were keen to try out the waters at Weymouth
ahead of next years Olympics. Due to the size of the
fleet a call went out from the RYA for Ribs to support
the event and Bosham SC responded by providing a
boat for Richard and David's use. The racing was run
over 6 days with two races each day for two flights of
men and women.
Richard Stirrup commented that this meant very long
tiring 12 hour days, sometimes not coming off the
water until after 8pm. The winds varied from 6-24
knots and in the higher wind strengths the RSX
boards literally flew around the course at upwards of
20knots, So that Richard and David had to drive the
rib flat out just to keep up with the flying boards!
There was a successful end to the week with GBR
squad man Nick Dempsey, winning gold in the men’s
fleet. Hopefully I will avoid the custard (shaving)

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