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Herbicide Composition - PDF


The present invention relates to a novel herbicide composition.BACKGROUND ART Compounds represented by the later-shown formula [I]which are each the "component A" of the herbicide composition of the present invention, are known compounds described in Patent Literature 1, Patent Literature 4 and Patent Literature 5, whichare safe to rice, wheat, barley, corn, grain sorghum, soybean, cotton, sugar beet, turf grass, fruit trees, etc. and which have excellent herbicidal effects by themselves. Later-shown compounds which are each the "component B" or the "component C" used in the herbicide composition of the present invention, are known compounds having herbicidal activities and are described in, for example, Non-Patent Literatures 1to 3. Later-shown compounds described as "component D" are compounds each known as a safener and are described in Non-Patent Literatures 1 and 2. In the Patent Literature 2 and the Patent Literature 3 are described application examples in which a compound represented by the formula [I] can be mixed with known herbicide compounds. Patent Literature 1: WO 01/012613 Patent Literature 2: JP-A-2005-145958 Patent Literature 3: JP-A-2004-002324 Patent Literature 4: JP-A-2005-145958 Patent Literature 5: WO 2006/024820 Non-Patent Literature 1: Pesticide Manual 13th edition, British Crop Council Non-Patent Literature 2: SHIBUYA INDEX 12th Edition, Publisher: SHIBUYA INDEX Research Group Non-Patent Literature 3: Monthly Fine Chemical Vol. 35, No. 7 (2006) (CMC Publication)DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION 1. Task to be Achieved by the Invention The present invention aims at providing a herbicide composition containing an isoxazoline derivative represented by the later-shown formula [I] or a salt thereof, in order to control weeds which are undesirable in the cultivation of useful cropsor useful plants. 2. Means for Achieving the Task The present inventors made a study in order to achieve the above aim. As a result, the present inventors found that when th

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