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					Documentary Requirements:
1. Duly accomplished Balance Transfer Request Form
2. Photocopy of applicant’s valid ID with signature
3. Photocopy of Other Credit Card latest Billing Statement
4. Photocopy of applicant’s Other Credit Card

                                            LANDBANK VISA
                                    BALANCE TRANSFER REQUEST FORM

Cardholder Name                :         ___________________________________________
Credit Card Number             :         4921-______-______-______
Card Expiry Date               :         ____-______                      Birthdate: ____-____-______
                                         mm    yyyy                                  mm dd       yyyy
Contact Details:
Home Tel. No.        :         _______________________ Office Tel. No.            :   ______________________
Mobile No.           :         _______________________ E-Mail Address             :       ______________________

Below is the amount from my/ my relative’s credit card that I wish to apply for Balance Transfer to my LANDBANK
Visa card.

           Card Company/Issuer           :          ________________________________
           Cardholder Name               :          ________________________________
           Credit Card Number            :          ________-________-_______-_______
           Card Expiry Date              :          ________-________
                                                      mm       yyyy
           Member Since                  :          ________ ________
                                                      mm      yyyy
           Amount to be transferred      :          P_______________________________ Term:             ___________

Please fill out one (1) Balance Transfer form per request

To compute for the monthly amortization, simply do the following formula:

     (A) Total Balance Transfer Amount X (B) Factor Rate Chosen = (C) Your Fixed Monthly Amortization.

                    (A)                                      (B)                                   (C)
         Balance Transfer Amount         X              Factor Rate *            =       Monthly Amortization
         Php                                                                             Php

* Please refer at the back of this form for the factor rates of each term

          This Balance Transfer application per my instructions has no implication on my relationship with any issuer.
           LANDBANK Visa may approve or deny my request at their sole discretion
          I agree that if I have insufficient credit line to cover my Balance Transfer amount, LANDBANK Visa may
           transfer a lower amount as it deems appropriate
          I understand that I must continue to pay the minimum amount due on my Other Credit Card/s while my
           Balance Transfer application is still in process
          By signing below, I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions governing my Balance Transfer facility as
           stated at the back of this form

Cardholder’s Signature                   :          ______________________________________
Date of Balance Transfer Request         :          ______________________________________

Please submit this form together with the documentary requirements to LANDBANK Visa, 28th Floor, LANDBANK
Plaza, Land Bank of the Philippines, 1598 MH Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila or send the documents through fax
number (02)528-85-47.

For LANDBANK Visa Use Only

Account Status  :
Action Taken    :
Remarks         :
                                                                  LANDBANK VISA
                                                              BALANCE TRANSFER PROMO

   1.      The Balance Transfer facility is open to both new and existing LANDBANK Visa cardholders in current and active status.

   2.      The Other Credit Card to be applied for Balance Transfer should be:
           a.   Issued by a major card issuer in the Philippines, except BDO and other tie-up banks; and
           b.   In current and active status at the time of application to Balance Transfer

   3.      To avail of the promo, the Balance Transfer applicant must send the following:
           a.   Duly accomplished Balance Transfer Request Form
           b.   Photocopy of applicant’s valid ID with signature
           c.   Latest Billing Statement of the Other Credit Card to be transferred
           d.   Photocopy of applicant’s Other Credit Card

   4.      Applications with incomplete documentation, information, or signatures will not be processed.

   5.      Balance Transfer Promo applicants must continue to pay the minimum amount due on his/ her Other Credit Card/s until such time that his/ her Balance
           Transfer Promo request is approved.

   6.      Balance Transfer amount of other credit card must be:
           a.   At least P 5,000 per latest Statement of Account
           b.   Within assigned LANDBANK Visa credit limit of the cardholder (inclusive of interests)

   7.      Cardholder’s minimum amount due computation shall be the sum of the following:
           a.   3 % of Outstanding Balance (Less Installment Amortization, if any)
           b.   Installment Amortization
           c.   Overdue Amount
           d.   Over Limit Amount

           Cardholder must pay the sum of (a), (b), (c) and (d), or P 300 (for peso billing), whichever is higher. In case of default, LANDBANK Visa may demand
           payment of the outstanding balance amount in full.

   8.      LANDBANK Visa shall apply the Balance Transfer factor rates as indicated below:
                Term                                             Balance Transfer Factor Rate                  Monthly Add-on Rate
                3 months                                                 0.3463382                                    1.30 %
                6 months                                                 0.1754704                                    0.88 %
                12 months*                                               0.089336                                     0.60%
                12 months**                                              0.0921375                                    0.88%
                18 months*                                               0.0615596                                    0.60%
                18 months**                                              0.0643601                                    0.88%
                24 months                                                0.0576674                                    1.60%
                * Valid for single Balance Transfer transactions worth at least P 20,000.
                **Valid for single Balance Transfer transactions below P 20,000 subject to a minimum amount requirement of P 5,000.

   9.      If approved, LANDBANK Visa will deposit the Balance Transfer check payment directly to the nearest payment center of the Other Credit Card Company.

   10.     The above factor rates are subject to change without prior notice.


   1.      LANDBANK Visa shall have the absolute and exclusive right to approve or deny Balance Transfer request, with or without justifiable reason/s. In case of a
           denial of the request, LANDBANK Visa is under no obligation to notify the cardholder of the said denial and the reason/s thereof.

   2.      If the cardholder has no sufficient available credit line, LANDBANK Visa has the sole discretion to approve only a portion of the Balance Transfer amount
           applied for, as long as it does not exceed the amount due from the cardholder’s other credit card and the approved credit limit of his/her LANDBANK Visa

   3.      The amount to be transferred is not limited to the cardholder’s non-LANDBANK Visa card. Other Credit Card (s) belonging to relatives and family members of
           the LANDBANK Visa cardholder may likewise be transferred should the cardholder opt to.

   4.      The cardholder must continue to pay the minimum amount due on his Other Credit Card/s while application is still in process.

   5.      Approved Balance Transfer Promo applications can no longer be reversed/ cancelled.

   6.      The first amortization of the Balance Transfer Promo will be immediately posted to cardholder’s current balance upon approval of the request.

   7.      Billed monthly, The Balance Transfer Promo monthly amortizations shall form part of the cardholder’s total outstanding balance and is included in the
           cardholder’s minimum amount due computation.

   8.      The applicant acknowledges his/ her liability to LANDBANK Visa for the Balance Transfer Promo that has been approved and will form part of the applicant’s
           obligation to LANDBANK Visa.

   9.      LANDBANK Visa shall deposit a check equivalent to the approved Balance Transfer Promo request directly to the nearest payment center/s of the other credit
           card company.

   10.     The LANDBANK Visa cardholder with approved Balance Transfer Promo application hereby holds LANDBANK Visa free and blameless/ and not liable for
           interests, penalties, overdue payments, other finance charges, overpayment charges to be imposed by the Other Credit Card company in the event of a
           failure/ delay by LANDBANK Visa in the payment/ crediting of payment to the Other Credit Card or denial/ non-acceptance of payment to the Other Credit
           Card Company.

   11.     Receipt of payment/s by the Other Credit Card company shall be deemed as received by the cardholder himself/herself.The LANDBANK Visa hereby warrants
           that all the information given on the Balance Transfer Promo Request Form is true and correct and that LANDBANK Visa is authorized to investigate the
           information from whatever sources LANDBANK Visa may consider appropriate.

   12.     Failure to pay any two (2) minimum amount dues on the due date of the LANDBANK Visa card shall constitute default and shall result in the remaining unpaid
           installments to become due and demandable. Any unpaid amount under this facility shall incur interest and surcharges in accordance with the terms and
           conditions governing issuance and use of LANDBANK Visa card.

   13.     The terms and conditions governing issuance and use of the LANDBANK Visa card are incorporated herein by reference and made integral part hereof.

                                                                                                                                                Revised 01/02/2012

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