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  Knowledge and Understanding
 Individual and Team Activities

 Read Standard Grade & Int 1 Physical Education Course Notes – p18-20.

   Individual activity
   performed by 1 person
   e.g. golf, table tennis

   Team activity
   performed by at least 2 people, may be more
   e.g. badminton doubles (2 people) volleyball (6 people)
   football (11 people)

 Question 1(‘F level’) Complete the table below by giving 2 more examples:

 Individual Totally          Pistol
 activity   Alone            shooting

              ‘on my own’ Squash

 Team         2,3 or 4       Tennis
 activity     team-mates     Doubles


              lots of team   Basketball
              mates          Rugby

 Competitive and Non Competitive activities

Competitive activity – two or more people (competitors) taking part in
an activity and trying to win.

Non-Competitive activity – performer taking part in an activity for
enjoyment or thrill or fitness.
Q2(‘F’ level). Sort the activities below into Competitive and Non-Competitive

Rock climbing          Badminton           Basketball        Swimming

100 metres hurdle           Hillwalking        Golf          Skiing

     Competitive activity                 Non-Competitive activity

Q3( ‘F’) Some activities can be described as Individual and others as Team.

The game of tennis is an activity, which can be both – e.g.
1 player on their own would play singles against 1 other player.
2 players would form a team to play doubles against 2 other players.
Complete the blanks in the table below. You may not use the same activity

 Individual activity        Team Activity               Can be both

1                       4                        7      Tennis

2                       5 Volleyball             8

3 Squash                6                        9


Directly Competitive and Indirectly Competitive Activities

Contests can be either ‘Directly Competitive’ or ‘Indirectly Competitive’

Directly Competitive means you compete or play against an opponent and
you can influence how your opponent performs e.g. tennis or badminton.
Indirectly Competitive means that how you perform will not affect how your
opponent performs e.g. running in a marathon or taking part in a 100 metres
 Q4(‘F’) There are 6 types of activity

 In the table below give one more example of each type of activity

Type of       Example 1        Description       Example 2         Description
activity                       of activity                         of activity
Individual    Jogging          Alone             Aerobics          Exercise to
non-                                                               music

Individual    Judo             1v1

Individual    Orienteering     Alone

Team          Hillwalking      For safety
non-                           reasons

Team          Hockey           11 v 11

Team          4 x 100 relay Team of 4 must
indirectly                  run faster than
competitive                 the other teams


 Q4(‘G’level) Complete the table below by choosing from the four activities listed.
 You may only use each activity once.

 Badminton,       100M Sprint,           Gymnastics,        Judo

 Directly Competitive       Indirectly Competitive
 1                          1 Skiing
 2 Basketball               2
 3                          3
 Q5(‘G’ level) Activities may be Competitive or Non-Competitive or both.

 What is the meaning of Competitive?_______________________________ 2

 What is the meaning of Non-Competitive?___________________________ 2

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