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June 2003                                                                                    SPECIAL REPRINT                                                                                     (708) 633-8888

                       Madison Touche, Inc. launches
                        newest MLM leads division

                                                                                                                                                                             $1.70 to $3 per lead, but their leads are not
                                                                                                                                                                             exclusive and certainly not as fresh.
                                                                                                                                                                            TrafficOasis is confident that you will not

            adison Touche, Inc., parent company of the already suc-       co-op and software fee of $59.95, you’ll have your own fresh leads,
            cessful         companies,           exclusive to you and you get all future TrafficOasis updates. Your                              find a better value anywhere on the market.
   and, has drawn on its           total membership investment in TrafficOasis is only $69.95 month-                             These prospects are perfect for e-mail, direct mail,
years of MLM experience and multi-million-dollar success in our           ly – that’s about $2 per day.                                                  or telephone recruiting, because they are waiting for you to con-
industry to bring us TrafficOasis, Inc. Currently launching,                  Stege’s main reason for co-founding the TrafficOasis consor-               tact them. Prices of these leads range from just $97 to $357,
TrafficOasis delivers the best, verified, non-shared leads every          tium is the fact that he and his partners were sick and tired of lead          depending on quantity. So down to 44 cents each.
month to its members, as well as training in online and offline           and traffic deals that sold them and their downlines common junk.          3. Surveyed Live Leads – the ultimate live lead. These prospects
recruiting and interactive voice over IP.                                 They don’t claim that all lead-generation companies are bunk, but             have been pre-qualified even further with survey questions.
                                        Fred P. Stege, one of the top     experience has taught them that 10 out of a dozen will take peo-              These Surveyed Live Leads are, quite simply, the best of the
                                    one percent money earners, and a      ple’s money and give them nothing but junk. Leads and traffic are             best. These prospects have personally told TrafficOasis’ phone
                                    master trainer who has built          the number-one, ongoing need of everyone who is involved in mul-              surveyors that they desire to be contacted right away. First they
                                    extraordinary, vital, growing         tilevel/network/affiliate marketing. Good leads don’t just fall into          responded to one of TrafficOasis’ ads, and then filled out a ques-
                                    organizations, is the MLM dri-        your lap – you have to work hard to get them, or pay someone else             tionnaire, including taking extra time to answer the company’s
                                    ving force behind all the compa-      to do some of the work for you.                                               five crucial survey questions. These exclusive prospects are “red
                                    nies under the Madison Touche             The vast majority of established lead programs sell their leads           hot” (collected within the last couple of hours), and they are
                                    umbrella – all of which were          more than a dozen times to buyers. Some resell the same leads                 waiting for your call.
                                    multi-million-dollar companies        immediately, and some after a week has gone by (read their fine                These leads represent a unique opportunity for any serious home
                                    by the end of the first year they     print). If you happen to be the eighth person in a row who mails or            business owner. Other lead companies sell phone-surveyed leads
                                    were established. TrafficOasis is     calls a lead, you know what to expect, don’t you? Even if you are              for $4 to $8 a piece, and they are frequently older than 72 hours,
                                    setting sales records already         lucky enough to be the first person to contact a given lead, the last          says Stege. These leads are perfect for phone call recruiting.
                                    because entire downlines are          thing you need is several more people contacting your prospect                 They are truly waiting by the phone, anticipating your call.
                                    signing on. It has earned $1.3 mil-   almost immediately thereafter, dividing the prospect’s attention               Prices of these TrafficOasis leads are $3.57 each!
                                    lion in its first month, and should   and/or competing with your offer.                                              All leads are immediately forwarded to your account. You can
                                    be well on track to earn $20 mil-         All of TrafficOasis’ leads are guaranteed exclusive to the pur-        choose to funnel them in an auto responder, or to contact them by
                                    lion, or more, within 12 months.      chaser, and they stay that way. The company doesn’t deliver leads          regular e-mail or phone.
                                    “If I can’t make a six-figure         immediately after you’ve ordered them. It takes time to generate               TrafficOasis is able to supply its members with additional pack-
          Fred P. Stege             income myself, from a distributor     good leads; that’s why TrafficOasis delivers co-op orders within 30        ages at the absolute lowest pricing possible. This permanent con-
                                    point of view, I don’t start a pro-   days. The company doesn’t even resell its quantity package leads           sortium discount alone is worth more than the cost of your mem-
ject,” Stege told Money Maker’s Monthly. And, apparently, based on        (Verified Opt-In E-mail Leads) to others. Their refusal to resell          bership. And TrafficOasis delivers more leads than ordered! To
his past successes, networkers can take that to the bank.                 leads can make a huge difference in your closing ratios.                   ensure that what you’re paid for is absolutely deliverable. Although
    Eager to continue the pattern of success, Stege named his parent                                                                                 99.999 percent of all its leads are red hot and correct, because of its
organization after existing positive images. He chose “Madison”                                                                                      verification system, it may occasionally happen that there is an
                                                                          TrafficOasis currently has three types of leads                            error in a given e-mail address or phone number. Therefore,
because of the successful advertising agencies on Madison Avenue
in New York City. And the “Touche” is from touché, because                    How does TrafficOasis provide top-quality, exclusive leads at          TrafficOasis Delivers more than ordered. In far out most cases the
MLM can produce the same results without huge advertising costs.          lower prices? It is a leaders’ co-op, not a “regular” lead-selling com-    buyer gets more deleverables than ordered!
All of the firms under the parent umbrella are complimentary pro-         pany. It’s not TrafficOasis’ intention to get rich on leads. The com-
                                                                          pany earns enough on subscriptions to keep the co-op buy-in going,
grams. They support networkers’ primary MLM company.                                                                                                 Other products – training, follow-ups and more
    Originally founded in 1998 for Stege’s own downline, he               and that alone is sufficient, Stege explained. “Our primary goal is to
                                                                          provide absolutely the best possible leads to the members of our con-      • 100% Generic MLM Training – TrafficOasis members receive the
brought MLMDynamite to the industry at large in 2000. It has over
                                                                          sortium, and only TrafficOasis members have access to our leads!”            latest cutting-edge training available. The company only shares
220,000 distributors and is a recruiting tool for network marketers
                                                                              Benefit from TrafficOasis’ permanent 35 percent to 55 percent            duplicatable, tested, hands-on information that actually works.
to expand their business online., also founded in
                                                                          co-op discount. Choose from three different types of exclusive,              Exclusive benefits available only to TrafficOasis members
2000 and currently grossing $3 million, is a traffic-generating tool
                                                                          non-shared, pre-qualified leads:                                             include a 100 percent generic eBook, tapestream, e-mail and live
to generate targeted traffic to Web sites. It’s popular with both
                                                                          1. Non-shared, Pre-qualified Homebiz-MLM Seeker Leads. These                 training.
Internet marketers and network marketers. In November last year,
                                                                             leads are generated with “first name,” “last name,” and e-mail          • Pre-Written, Personalized Auto Follow-Up Campaigns – A fully
Stege debuted EzineBlaze, an advertising directory for the MLM
                                                                             address. These leads are perfectly suited to load in TrafficOasis’        automated follow-up process is in place to ensure that you enroll and
industry that is grossing $1.2 million and growing very fast. And
                                                                             auto responders for e-mail marketing campaigns, as they all have          close the highest possible percentage of prospects that visit your
now comes TrafficOasis, a lead-generating company that provides
                                                                             a date-and-time-stamp and IP address.                                     TrafficOasis site. TrafficOasis has several top marketers and adver-
exclusive, pre-qualified, MLM leads for network marketers and
                                                                              You will need the IP address for each lead to comply with all            tising copywriters aboard to take care of your automated follow-ups
delivers generic training and recruiting tools.
                                                                              commercial e-mail rules and keep the “spam cops” off your                and marketing process.
    TrafficOasis born from an existing, well-funded company
                                                                              back. Putting a large influx of leads into your database is a sure-      All visitors who opt-in on your site will be auto-followed up with
TrafficOasis is the well-formed, golden child of its parents –
                                                                              fire way to jump-start your recruiting. Costs of this type of            your ID to guarantee that once they enroll, you get them in your
Madison Touche, Inc., and
                                                                              leads range from $97 to $697, depending on how many you                  matrix and earn all commissions, etc. – which offer deep pockets for long-term funding,
                                                                              want. Down to 34 cents each!                                           • Resale Rights and Funded Proposal Commissions – You gain
industry experience, technological know-how, distributor leader-
                                                                          2. Highest-Quality Internet Leads. The Verified Phone and E-mail             immediate access to a highly effective Funded Proposal System
ship and support. All of these elements, which are now well honed
                                                                             Lead is the highest-quality Internet lead on the market today.            with extra Funded Proposal Commissions, as well as resale rights
past the trial and error stage, have converged at their peak of excel-
                                                                             The Verified Phone and E-mail Lead is also one of the freshest            worth $595.
lence to flow into TrafficOasis, which means the output – its prod-
                                                                             leads available. With the Verified Phone and E-mail Lead you              TrafficOasis’ system ensures that you will maximize your earn-
ucts – can be nothing less than superior.
                                                                             will receive a name, e-mail address, phone number, time/date              ings even from prospects that do not join immediately. You do not
    TrafficOasis members receive a minimum of 125 verified, non-
                                                                             stamp and the IP address where your lead opted-in.                        have to do anything, as the follow-up process is 100 percent auto-
shared leads every month (they can choose to purchase more).
                                                                              Verified Phone and E-mail Leads are prospects that are so interested     mated. However, you do get a large sales commission. In addition,
Contact information includes e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
                                                                              in starting a home business that they have responded to one of our       you’ll profit from the many buyers who upgrade to members.
All leads are immediately forwarded to your account. You can
                                                                              Internet ads or e-mails and specifically asked to be contacted with    • Your Own TrafficOasis Web Sites – You get not one, but two Web
choose to funnel them in auto responders (which they deliver as
                                                                              more information about a business opportunity.                           sites:
well), or to contact them by regular e-mail or phone. After you
                                                                              Most other lead companies sell similar (but older) leads from               1. Your own TrafficOasis site, which includes sales tracking,
make your first monthly payment of $69.95 and a one-time set-up,
PAGE 4                                                                                         SPECIAL REPRINT                                                                                              June 2003

        matrix and powerline genealogy, marketing campaigns,              • Never lose your downline – they follow you                               Commisison Package #1 - Verified Name +
        MLM templates, auto responders and discounted access to           • Extremely lucrative and rapid payments
        additional leads.                                                 • Highest possible residual income                                         Phone + E-mail Lead
    2. Your own Funded Proposal marketing site.                           • Infinite powerline earnings
       Moreover, your back office contains 100 percent generic            • Instant and permanent matrix qualification
                                                                                                                                                      Package         Enroller Commssion            Matrix Comission
       MLM training and the latest cutting-edge recruiting tech-          • Five substantial income streams in one plan!                              #1-200                 $10                       5 Levels x $4
       niques.                                                                 Discover one of the industry’s most ingenious comp plans! This         #1-400                 $20                       5 Levels x $6
• MLM Recruiting Templates – TrafficOasis’ turnkey recruiting             is a sensational new breakthrough in compensation. Every action –           #1-800                 $40                       5 Levels x $8
  systems ensure duplicatability in your TEAM. You’ll get the best-       i.e., every sale that takes place, whether it’s a membership, lead sale,
  pulling, prospect generating sites possible to funnel these prospects   or follow-up (Funded Proposal) sale – is commissionable! This              Commisison Package #2 - Verified Name +
  into your primary MLM opportunity.                                      aspect of TrafficOasis’ compensation plan creates dynamic and high-
 These templates are state-of-the-art Web sites designed by top mar-      ly lucrative multiple income streams.                                      E-mail Lead
 keters to max-out enrollment rates. Included are compelling FLASH
 techniques and auto-follow-up marketing tools.                                                                                                       Package         Enroller Commssion            Matrix Comission
                                                                          Here’s what you get with the TrafficOasis                                    #2-225                $10                       5 Levels x $4
                                                                          Compensation Plan:
Fred Stege’s road map to recruiting your way                                                                                                           #2-450                $20                       5 Levels x $6
                                                                          • Quick-start enroller bonuses of $20 per package.                           #2-900                $40                       5 Levels x $8
to millions                                                               • Up to $19.50 monthly residual income on each member you enroll
                                          In his 134-page book, How         personally.                                                               #2-2000                $60                      5 Levels x $10
                                      to Recruit Your Way to              • Solid full-time residual income potential with just one matrix.
                                      Millions (Or Less If You Don’t      • After matrix completion, a new matrix opens (cycling).                   Commisison Package #3 - Surveyed LIVE Leads
                                      Want to Earn That Much!),           • Matrix completion includes spillover and sideline compression.
                                      Stege has mapped out for the        • Downline always follows sponsor in new matrices.                         Package         Enroller Commssion             Matrix Comission
                                      reader, whether a novice or a       • Minimum earnings on just one matrix cycle = $3,630 (That’s with            #3-25                 $10                       5 Levels x $3
                                      seasoned pro, highly effective        just 363 sales!).                                                          #3-50                 $15                       5 Levels x $4
                                      recruiting techniques and tac-      • Minimum monthly residual earnings per matrix = $1,526.25.
                                                                                                                                                      #3-100                 $25                       5 Levels x $5
                                      tics in a few easy steps. One of    • Immediate permanent qualification in Phases One, Three, and
                                      the most authoritative and            Four.
                                      duplicatable recruiting con-        • Earnings up to $4.50 from infinite straight powerline.                       The leadership reward system has been developed to max out
                                      cepts we’ve ever seen. It’s rim     • Astonishing network sales commissions, leadership rewards, and           the potential of TrafficOasis’ compensation plan to the fullest possible
                                      packed with power scripts!            multiple income streams.                                                 extent. With the infinite cycling matrices and straight infinite power-
                                          Stege tells readers about a         This revolutionary plan is designed to create solid four-, five-,      lines, you will always have approximately 90 percent of all downlines
                                      road map to MLM success;            and six-figure incomes for many. Thanks to their downline sales            within your pay structure in MLM.
                                      how to put themselves in the        commission in TrafficOasis’ quick-start comp plan; most members                Directors with six personally enrolled members will earn
                                      driver’s seat; why “being” is       should get their subscription on a self-funding basis within the           $1.50 until another director is reached in infinite powerline.
                                      more important than “doing;”        fastest time frame possible.                                               Executives with 12 personally enrolled members will earn up to
the secrets for finding and motivating prospects; how to work with                                                                                   $3.50 until another executive in their infinite powerline.
pre-qualified leads; and how to start your engine and keep it run-        TrafficOasis quick-start retail sale – 3 x 5                               Presidents with 24 personally enrolled members will earn up to
ning. The book is available for purchase from TrafficOasis distrib-
                                                                          Forced Infinite Cycling Matrix™                                            $4.50 in their infinite powerline.
utors (in fact, he offers it as an income stream to them) and sold
over 2,000 copies within the first five days of being published.              TrafficOasis’ quick-start matrix pays you and your downline for
                                                                          retail sales. This matrix runs separately from the main product sub-       Funded proposal commissions
                                                                          scription matrix (monthly residuals). People who enter this matrix             These commissions are available to all members and are $10
Triple income builder                                                     will automatically participate in the main monthly product matrix.         per sold offer. Details are only provided to members.
    Fred Stege has repeatedly told Money Maker’s Monthly that, in             Easy 1-2-3 qualification:                                                  Overall, this commission structure is not only unique, but also
spite of the large incomes that can be made directly from                 1. Buy one member package yourself (upgrade).                              provides income fast while building you an additional, and substan-
TrafficOasis, the real increase in income will be from your other,        2. Start earning on compensation Phase One, Three, and Four                tial, income quickly to your other network marketing businesses
primary network marketing businesses. TrafficOasis will help you             immediately!                                                            that will also be growing faster. That’s a win – win – win for you
to increase your income three ways:                                       3. Leaders can max out the plan with infinite straight powerlines!         and your downlines.
1. You will learn how to become a more effective network mar-                 This compensation plan includes five different income streams,
   keter and recruiter online and offline. You will also receive          or phases. Read on to discover for yourself the staggering income it       The men behind Madison Touche
   highly qualified exclusive leads. This will increase your incomes      will deliver. Grab a calculator, and you’ll find out that most other           Fred P. Stege is the company’s co-founder CEO. He has 12 and
   in all of your other network marketing businesses.                     plans do not even come close to this one!                                  a half years network marketing experience, holding top positions in
2. As you introduce your downlines to TrafficOasis, they too will             On each personally enrolled TrafficOasis member package (i.e.          three companies. Stege has become a multi-millionaire solely on
   increase their effectiveness. This will increase their incomes and     upgrade) you’ll earn a $20 enroller bonus. You’ll get a minimum of         network marketing. But he still operates in the field by developing
   exponentially increase your overrides and income.                      $10 and up to $19.50 in monthly residual commissions afterwards.           leadership and training his distributors. He’s the brain behind
3. As you introduce your downlines to TrafficOasis and those                                                                                         MLMDynamite and TrafficOasis.
   downlines start to explode, your income in
   will do the same!
                                                                          Phase Two – network matrix commission                                          Joseph Berkers is also a co-founder CEO. He holds a master’s
                                                                              For every new TrafficOasis member enrolled by others in your           degree in engineering and is an Internet specialist. Berkers
    TrafficOasis has developed an unsurpassed income opportunity                                                                                     designed and developed and EzineBlaze. Berkers
for its members. Its extremely lucrative, Infinite Cycling earning        matrix, you’ll earn an additional $10. This infinite-cycle 3 x 5
                                                                          matrix pays out a staggering $3,630 per matrix. There is no cap on         is known by and co-operating with world leaders on the Internet in
plan includes all the features to produce a long-term residual                                                                                       the affiliate marketing segment. Berkers has made several million
income stream for everyone who participates, from rookies to sea-         earnings, and with the automated Infinite Cycling you may build as
                                                                          many matrices as you want!                                                 dollars on the Internet alone in the past three years.
soned pros.                                                                                                                                              Robert Jan Schokking is the company’s COO. Schokking has a
    TrafficOasis has created a new version of compensation plans              This Phase Two matrix-bonus commission activates automati-
                                                                          cally with your third personally enrolled member.                          background in managing blue chip companies, before and after
that combines the best features of a matrix, powerline and infinity                                                                                  IPO, and controls the daily method of operations with an 18-person
structures into one compensation plan. These are the highlights:              Once this matrix is completed, you’ll re-enter in the next avail-
                                                                          able spot in your sponsor’s matrix and start a new one. Your down-         staff, administration personnel and highly qualified programmers
• TrafficOasis’ 3 x 5 Forced Infinite Cycling Matrix                                                                                                 and system administrators.
• New matrix follows the line of sponsorship                              line will follow you to the new matrix.
                                                                                                                                                         The synergy between Stege and Berkers combines the
                                                                                                                                                     offline/online mix in network marketing, which makes these pro-
                                                                          Phase Three – network marketing residual                                   grams thrive. More and more companies realize that lead generat-
                                                                          income                                                                     ing is a specialty, and that it should be a core business. TrafficOasis
 THIS IS A SPECIAL                                                            You’ll earn monthly residual commissions on all members in
                                                                          your matrix. This infinite cycle 3 x 5 residual commissions matrix
                                                                                                                                                     is a perfect partner to outsource that aspect.
                                                                                                                                                     The future for Stege, TrafficOasis and the rest
     REPRINT!                                                             pays out a full-time residual income: $1,512.75 monthly with only
                                                                          one matrix!
                                                                              This matrix will deliver you more income, in practice, as people
                                                                                                                                                         The brain trust behind TrafficOasis is currently developing
                                                                                                                                                     industry-specific leads targeted for financial companies, telecoms,
                                                                                                                                                     nutritional companies, and those with Internet services. The compa-
                                                                          will buy lead packages and other items. We estimate that your earn-
                                                                          ings per month, per residual matrix, will be over $3,150, and              ny is also developing VoIP (Voice Over IP) conferencing on the
                                                                          together with TrafficOasis’ infinite straight powerlines this plan can     Internet with an even better quality than over the phone.
                                                                          easily triple that amount! Once this matrix is completed, you’ll re-       TrafficOasis will offer this service to its distributors and will use it
                                                                          enter in your sponsor’s matrix and start a new one. Your completed         to give live shows and training for thousands at once. “The old
                                                                          matrices will pay you every month. Your downline will follow you           satellite show trainings, but this will be over the Internet with
                                                                          to the new matrix.                                                         sound and visual,” enthused Stege.
                                                                                                                                                         Stege also said TrafficOasis won’t be the last company to go under
                                                                          Phase Four – network matrix lead commissions                               the Madison Touche “umbrella.” He said network marketing compa-
                                                                                                                                                     nies should be glad Madison Touche exists because networkers don’t
                                                                              Every time someone in your matrices purchases additional               have to quit their primary MLM companies, his programs are comple-
       Is a 40-to-68-page newspaper with news                             leads, you will earn extra commissions. You will also earn an extra        mentary and feeding their downlines.
                                                                          Enroller’s commission on the people you’ve enrolled personally                 Currently the company is headquartered in Europe, but will
  worthy articles on current industry events, the best                    whenever they buy additional lead packages. Enroller commissions           open a U.S. office as well soon.
  training columns in the industry and cost-effective                     are paid to the Direct Referrer (original sponsor). The amount that
                 advertising that works!                                  you will actually earn will depend on the specific packages and            Nothing to lose, everything to gain … and
                                                                          number purchased. However, these could create staggering incomes           gain and gain
                                                                          themselves. (See the charts to the right.)                                     Are you successful in your current program? Could be doing
  708-633-8888 or FAX 708-633-8889                                        Phase Five – straight infinite powerline com-
                                                                                                                                                     better? For a change, no one is telling you to make a drastic move,
                                                                                                                                                     like quitting your current company and joining this one. We are
          6827 WEST 171st STREET, TINLEY PARK, IL 60477                   missions                                                                   only saying why not make a change for the better? Beef up your
                                                   TrafficOasis rewards leaders by providing an extraordinary             sales and recruiting with TrafficOasis, or any of Madison Touche’s
                                                                          residual income in the form of extra “business builder” compensa-          other programs, and boost the program you’re already in. It’s better
     All information contained in feature articles is provided                                                                                       and less expensive than an advertisement in USA Today! Then, sign
                                                                          tion. Powerline commissions are additional leadership bonuses paid
 by the featured company. Companies are featured in an                                                                                               up others in TrafficOasis and earn some more money in that pro-
                                                                          within TrafficOasis’ highly lucrative Phase One and Two monthly
 effort to provide information to the readers of Money                    residual income matrices. Powerline commissions are designed to            gram. Then when your downlines increase their sales and recruiting
 Maker’s Monthly.                                                         become the main income stream for the serious business builder.            by using TrafficOasis leads, your primary MLM business takes off
     The act of publishing a story should not be construed as             That’s how powerful and lucrative they are!                                and you earn more … and earn and earn and earn.
 an endorsement or judgement of the featured company by
 Money Maker’s Monthly. Money Maker’s Monthly
 assumes no responsibility for performance, integrity or
 claims made by the featured company.                                       For More Details
     All information contained in other columns is the
 responsibility of the individual columnist. The opinions                   Please Contact…
 expressed by the columnist are his or her own and do not
 necessarily reflect the opinions of Money Maker’s Monthly.
     The entire contents of Money Maker’s Monthly are pro-
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 Money Maker’s Monthly.

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