Windows 8: Sneak Peak by ambujch


This document contains all the information about the upcoming and the amazingly dashing operating system named WINDOWS 8.

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									                                          As we all know that the arrival of WINDOWS 7 in the market has
the use of computing. People loved the style and features of WINDOWS 7 a lot. But now, the suspense is
on as all are waiting for the arrival of WINDOWS 8. It is said that WINDOWS 8 will release around the
October month. This new upgrade comes with latest security and reliability for the users. It is assured
that WINDOWS 8 will let the users access the unpredictable features and more & better extensional
support. As MICROSOFT has made the WINDOWS 8 available for download and it is guaranteed that it's
download number will increase with a high rate. Windows 8 consumer preview is available as you will
have to pay if you want the original full featured pack of WINDOWS 8 which will realase in around
October month. This upgrade of windows can be run on touchscreen computer or laptops as it is totally
based on menu derived from 'smartphones' and 'xbox'. The Microsoft has made the interface of the
windows easy by making all the packed options in front screen (desktop). It offers METRO DESIGN
LANGUAGE which looks like tile-based start menu of the PC. This menu will make easy for the user to
check their emails, notifications, access social networking sites, messages, news, weather etc all at only
single place that is it's design menu. This windows will be provided with preinstalled INTERNET
EXPLORER 10 which will make you surfing the internet with great ease. It also has new WINDOWS TASK
MANAGER design for better functioning by the user and also supports 3.0 USB. This upgrade of windows
will allow to boot directly from your bootable USB device so you need to check all over the internet for
softwares to make USB device bootable. Just simple plug in your device and windows will prompt you
about your device and will open a world of features for the user on how to operate this device. The
shutdowns and startups will be more faster as compared to previous versions. It will make you feel like
that you are starting your PC from sleeping mode.

So atlast, we can say that this upgrade of windows will be a great advantage for PC lovers and for those
who want to access their projects or accounts fastly.

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