The Hands by pptfiles


									                      The Hands
                     (3 week assignment)
To understand and utilize contour and gesture line in
regards to The Elements of Art.
To understand and utilize texture and pattern in regards to
The Principles of Design.

The hand is to be used as subject matter for 4 different
drawings of poses using contour and gesture along with
filling one of the hands with a texture and one other hand
with pattern.

  1) Take four, 5 inch by 8 inch papers.
  2) Make a 1/2 inch clearance frame. Do not use the ends
     of the ruler (This will not give you a 1/2 inch frame).
  3) Draw one contour hand
  4) Draw one gesture hand
  5) Draw one hand with a texture (think of the texture as
     a glove and fits the hand like a glove)
  6) Draw one hand with a pattern (think of the pattern as
     a glove and fits the hand like a glove.
  7) Name and period goes on the backside of each
     drawing in ballpoint pen.

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