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      The 100%
Commission Revolution
                                                                                                    O F
                             P RO
discover a breakthrough business opportunity
that is poised to be a game-changer in the
network marketing industry.

                Home Business Connection recently sat down with Jeff Gardner, network marketing expert, author, and
      speaker, to discover the truth behind all of the rumors about the new Empower Network and its cutting-edge business model.

HBC: What is Empower Network and why is everyone talking about it?                  to what we’re doing.
Jeff Gardner: Empower Network is a new breed of company that develops                  Let’s be clear. Many MLM companies don’t make that much in profit in

tools and training to support the network marketing industry worldwide.             their first year. And we’re not talking about “corporate profits.” We’re talking
Anyone, in any MLM company, can use its solutions to build their business.          about real dollars paid to affiliates. So the business model has already proven
Personally, I see Empower’s mission as empowering people to turn their              itself profitable for the early adopters.

dreams of network marketing success into reality.                                      Another breakthrough is that profits from all sales are directly deposited
    But let’s be honest. The real buzz is behind the compensation plan. In an       into affiliate’s bank accounts. The money doesn’t take a detour through

industry that’s famous for cutting up profits into thousands of little pieces,      corporate headquarters, so there’s no more “waiting for checks.” When
Empower is paying out 100% commissions to its affiliates. By “100%,” I mean         someone buys through your referral, the 100% commission is deposited into
that when an affiliate makes a referral, the entire purchase price is paid out to   your account the moment the person pays. So not only are people making

an affiliate. None of it goes to corporate headquarters.                            more money, they’re making it faster than ever. Add all of that together and
    What’s even more extraordinary is that even though it’s an affiliate            there’s no wonder why this company is growing so quickly.

program, which makes it non-competitive with other MLM companies,
                                                                                    HBC: Empower sounds like it’s developed a brand new business model.
its “pass-up” compensation feature actually gives affiliates the ability to be
                                                                                    Jeff: That’s exactly right. It’s revolutionary and truly a game-changer. I’ve been
paid down unlimited levels. That’s the breakthrough: Being able to get paid
                                                                                    involved in the industry for over 25 years, built massive downlines and generated
                                                                                                                                                                             Phototgraphy By Scott and Tem Photography

100% commissions down unlimited levels. That is the game-changer that the
                                                                                    millions of dollars in sales; but, I’ve never seen anything like Empower. I’ve seen
industry has been waiting for. And it’s creating massive growth.
                                                                                    smaller companies try to provide tools and training to help network marketers
HBC: What you’ve described seems virtually impossible. Has this been tested?        succeed, but nothing close to what Empower has put together. They’ve developed
Jeff: Absolutely. But the real proof is in the numbers. Less than a month after     turn-key solutions and world-class training to help motivated networkers really
the company launched, Empower’s distributors made $1,000,221.20 in 100%             achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. It’s a real business helping real people.
commissions. And that number is growing rapidly as the industry catches on             But what really amazed me, and why I committed to it on the spot, was that I
                100% commission…cont.

made more in my first few weeks in Empower
with a handful of referrals than in an “old                                                    Jeff Gardner has
school” MLM company where I personally                                                         been financially
enrolled 657 distributors and built a Team of                                                 free for 19 years,
7,392. That’s when I realized Empower is the                                                generating millions
training and income-generating system that
                                                                                             of dollars working
                                                                                                    for himself.
I, and millions of network marketers, have
been searching for.

HBC: What kind of opportunity is available
to people who join Empower right now?

Jeff: Right now, the income potential of
Empower is virtually untapped. Even with their
massive growth right out of the gate, I’d guess

that less than 1% of the millions of network
marketers worldwide even know about it. After
all, the top 20 network marketing companies

have a combined 29 million distributors, and
Empower only has 5,000 affiliates. So the

opportunity for growth is massive. And, since
it pays distributors 100% commissions while it

helps them build their income in their primary MLM, I think you’ll see overwhelming acceptance of Empower
and their solutions. I wouldn’t be shocked if they had 100,000 affiliates in the next six to 12 months.

HBC: Can anyone get involved in Empower?
Jeff: Absolutely. Whether you’re already 100% committed to a company or you’re still searching, Empower
can help you make money and build your business. Remember, we’re not a competitor. We produce
the tools that help people succeed in whatever opportunity they’re involved in. We’ve just developed a
breakthrough business model and compensation plan that makes it a powerful additional income center.
   And really, if you want to join a real business that can help you reach more people, faster, and create
more income in less time, then Empower is a tool you can use to transform your results in the network
marketing field. If you’re not using it, I believe you’ll quickly get passed by someone who is.

HBC: How easy is it to get started with Empower Network?
Jeff: Empower built their system for the masses. For non-technical people. You simply “flip the switch”
and it does the selling, tracking, and fulfillment for you. And even though the system, tools, and training
took a major investment to create from scratch, the cost to join is affordable to anyone. Less than the cost
of dinner and a movie with a friend.
   The best part about the sign-up fee is that you make it all back with your first referral. With Empower’s
100% commissions, you earn back your initial fee with just one referral. That’s unheard of in the industry,
but it’s a revolutionary idea developed by Empower to move everyone into profit faster.
   I’m excited to help people tap into Empower’s potential, because you can make long-term residual
income by offering solutions that can help anyone in any network marketing company. After all, our
market is everyone who wants to succeed in MLM. That’s millions of current network marketers
worldwide, plus the millions more who will enter this industry over the coming years. We’re different than
so many “me too” companies, because we help people profit from this worldwide market and generate
residual income that can last for years.
   With a worldwide demand for its solutions, 100% commissions, and “unlimited depth” compensation
plan, Empower is already taking the world by storm. But if you think the buzz is loud now, just wait. We’re
only getting started. n
 become part of network marketing history and tap into this ground-breaking opportunity.
 to work directly with Jeff Gardner and discover more about empower Network, go to

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