Basket_Party_Letter_to_Hostess by tangshuming


									Thank you for hosting a Scentsy Basket Party! I am so excited for you to earn tons of free stuff! I have
enclosed a bag of mini testers, catalogs, & order forms. I will collect the extra catalogs & order forms that
you do not use.

The average basket party is $500. When your show reaches $400 in sales, you receive 15% in FREE
products and 3 half price items! You may purchase any of the combine & save systems (pg.48-49) as your
half price if they do NOT have an (*) asterisk next to it. For example, you can purchase a Scentsy 6-pack
of bars for only $12.50 or a Premium Full Size Warmer for only $17.50!

EVERYONE will receive FREE shipping as long as you collect $150 in orders.

The most important section in the catalog is pg.48-49...this is where you save money!!! If you have any
family or friends out of town, they can go to my website, and click "buy from
party" next to your name. All online orders will incur shipping charges ($5.00 on orders $50.00 & under;
orders over $50 are 10% of the subtotal). Online purchases count towards your party sales.

When collecting the orders, don't worry about the product codes. You can just use the names of the
products. (Sample order form shown below).

If the top portion of ALL the order forms is COMPLETELY filled out, you will receive a FREE gift!

1. Add up the products and write the amount in the subtotal line.
2. In the shipping line, write "FREE", and multiply your subtotal by your tax rate (7.75%).
    For example, $75.00 x 7.75%= $5.81 Total Amount Due: $80.81
3. In the sales tax line, write in the appropriate sales tax amount and add them together for the Total

I do accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Please have all checks payable to you & I will collect
ONE check from you or you can use your credit card. When accepting credit cards, it is VERY important
that you get the following:
1. The name that appears on the card.
2. Credit card #.
3. Billing Zip Code
4. Expiration Date
5. 3-digit code on the back of the card (4 digit code on front for AMEX)

 1. You can’t select a military warmer or college warmer in a combine & save. They must be purchased
separately because a portion of the proceeds is donated.
2. Every scent comes in a room spray and a scent circle. Select scents come in the scent paks, travel tins,
and fragrance foams. You can find the scents available in those three products on pgs. 46-47.
3. Every month we have a new scent and warmer that is not in the catalog. You can find those on the
“monthly specials” flyer inserted in each catalog. You can still purchase any of the previous warmers (on
the back of the flyer) at regular price.
4. In the combine & save packages, you can mix and match the scents that you want. They don’t have to
be all the same scent.
5. It is a good idea to suggest that they add a replacement bulb to their order for $1.00 (pg. 49), so they
will have one when it goes out. Also, the grab tabs (pg. 30) are a MUST have for the plugins. They make
changing the wax extremely easy.
I know your basket party is going to be GREAT! You will receive an additional half price item for every
person that books a party (home, basket or fundraiser) off of your party.

Please let me know if you need anything. My job is to make your party a success & help you earn the
MOST you can!

Scentsy Independent Consultant

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