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                                                                  7.2     APPENDIX 2


   Foundation          Population          Method(s) of Financing                      Governance                             Funding Priorities

                                                                             Independent, 14-member Board         a) Program focus: tobacco control, mental
                                                                             of Governance; 3 are politicians        health and wellbeing, physical activity.
Victorian HPF                                                                appointed by parliament –            b) Strategic development/advocacy focus:
(VicHealth, Aust.) - 4.9 million      * See note below                       significant delegation to CEO.          healthy eating, health inequalities.
Tobacco Act of                                                               Supported by standing                c) Other: strengthening collaborations,
1987                                                                         committees and Board-appointed          research and evaluation capacity,
                                                                             advisory panels for various action      supporting innovation.

* From its inception in 1987 until June 1992 VicHealth was funded by a hypothecated percentage of Victorian ad valorem tobacco franchise fees. Since 1992,
the annual amount allocated to the Foundation from tobacco franchise fees has been determined by the Treasurer.

In August 1997 the High Court of Australia invalidated State and Territory business franchise and licence fees, including tobacco fees. In order to maintain
the Foundation’s funding the Victorian Treasurer arranged for funds to be transferred from the Consolidated Fund, for the reminder of the 1997-98 year.

Since 1 July 1998, annual funding for the Foundation has been decided by the Treasurer, appropriated as part of Victoria’s annual budget within the
appropriation for the Department of Human Services. Funds transferred electronically in equal monthly installments to the Foundation. The health promotion
grant is recognized as revenue upon receipt. In 2002/03 the grant was $AUD 27 million.

                                                                                                                  Promotes health through a wide range of
Western Australian                                                           Independent Board- no political      settings and organizations including health,
HPF (Healthway,                       An appropriation from Treasury as      representation. Board makes final    sports, arts, racing, recreation, community,
Aust.) – Section 15   1.8 million     with VicHealth – $16-17 AD/year.       decisions. Advisory committees.      education and workplaces. Has a
of the Tobacco                                                                                                    comprehensive evaluation program that
Control Act of                                                                                                    covers health promotion programs, research
1991                                                                                                              and sponsorship.

   Foundation          Population            Method(s) of Financing                     Governance                            Funding Priorities

                                                                              Three governing bodies:
                                                                                                                   A three year program (2003-2005) with 3
                                                                              a) 13-member appointed Board         subject priorities and 3 target group
                                        Import tax on tobacco products –         meets 4 times/year; rules on      priorities in settings.
Austrian HPF                            Euro 7.25 million/year appropriated      grants > Euro 72,000, sets          Exercise
(FGO) - Health         8 million        from Treasury from fiscal                priorities and determines           Nutrition
Promotion Act of                        adjustments. A fixed amount that is      direction of the FGO.               Mental and emotional health
1998                                    reviewed every 4 years.               b) 7-member Project Advisory           Children and adolescents in non-school
                                                                                 Committee meets 4 times a            settings
                                                                                 year; gives advice on the           Employees at small and medium-sized
                                                                                 issues which are then                enterprises
                                                                                 decided by the Board.               Older people in rural and urban settings
                                                                              c) The Administrative Office.

                                                                                                                      Tobacco and alcohol control (priority)
                                                                              Two Boards appointed by the             Empowerment of civic movements that
Thai HPF                                                                      Executive Cabinet:                       lead to an improvement of wellbeing
(ThaiHealth,           61 million       2% surcharge tax on tobacco and        a) Board of 21 members, Prime          Healthy public policies
Thailand) – 2001                        alcohol taxes - $35 million USD           Minister is chair, Minister of      Issue-based programs
Health Promotion                                                                  Health is 1st VP                    Holistic settings approaches
Foundation Act                                                                 b) Evaluation Board of 7               Catalytic funding for projects that
                                                                                  members                              change public values, people’s
                                                                                                                       lifestyles and social environments.

ThaiHealth has divided their priorities into three areas:

a) Systems change – (20% of the budget). What can ThaiHealth do to have the greatest impact?
b) Healthy communities – (60 % of the budget). Demonstrate to society that health promotion can happen.
c) Social capital – (20 % of the budget). Supports the other two areas of focus and includes information systems, leadership and education, e.g., medical
   schools, public health training.

   Foundation           Population        Method(s) of Financing                       Governance                                Priorities

                                                                                                                Physical activity, nutrition, and relaxation;
                                                                             Financial supervision by           health and work; adolescents and young
HP Switzerland -                      Mandatory financing via health         government; content and program    adults. Also international affairs, policy
1996, Article 19 of     7.5 million   insurance levy of 2.4 Swiss Francs     decisions are made by a 17-        recommendations, education/training,
the Law on                            per person - $12 million USD           member appointed Council of the    quality of life in communities,
Sickness Insurance                                                           foundation; 9 member advisory      communication and information, public
                                                                             committee.                         campaigns and evaluation.

Health Promotion Switzerland has three overarching goals:

a) Empowerment – People put their own wellbeing into their own hands. Everybody knows his/her own health resources and promotes them. Also, actors in
   the environment nurture the principle of empowerment.
b) Coordination and cooperation – Various organizations and institutions coordinate their health promotion activities and implement joint actions.
c) Engagement – The development of the health system is undertaken in the spirit of health promotion and the politicians and decision-makers actively
   support related issues.

                                                              INHPF Associate Members

                                      Tobacco excise taxes are transferred   Financial supervision by the       Anti-smoking projects, training and
Korean HP Fund –                      to the National Health Promotion       Korean Institute for Health and    accreditation of health education; healthy
1995 - Established      45 million    Fund - $640 million USD/year           Social Affairs (KIHASA). 150 of    living and working conditions; public
under the National                    - 97% for national health insurance    the 250 Public Health Centres      education; research; HP in local health
Health Promotion                      - 3% or $19.2 million allocated to     receive funding to strengthen HP   centres.
Act                                       HP programs                        efforts.

                                      HP to be funded by dedicated taxes     Process is proceeding under a      HPF will strengthen tobacco control and
Malaysian HPF           20 million    on tobacco and alcohol. Initiated by   Project Manager, Legal Advisor     promote health; replace tobacco
Initiative – decision                 Cabinet (2002) on the advice of the    and Health Promoter.               sponsorship of sport, focus on cultural and
to establish a HPF                    Min. of Health to address smoking                                         HP activities.
made by Cabinet in                    among youth.

  Foundation        Population         Method(s) of Financing                       Governance                                  Priorities

                                                                                                               Specific focus is on tobacco issues – policy
                                                                         A non-government public service       development, scientific research,
Health 21                          Tax deductible donations.             corporation registered by the Court   postgraduate training for tobacco control
Foundation –        10.1 million   Program financing from national       of the City of Budapest in 1999       advocates. Education and public
Hungary - 1999                     and international agencies.                                                 information – with special focus on media
                                                                                                               advocacy; equity for disadvantaged
                                                                                                               populations – program financing.

                                                                         The National HP Forum Board is        Main issues are: poverty that exposes
                                   Discussions for possible funding of   the lead agency in the movement       people to social and infectious illness, e.g.,
South African HPF   44.4 million   A Health Promotion Foundation are     to establish a HPF. This is a civil   TB, HIV and AIDS, cholera. Alcohol and
                                   currently underway.                   society organization supported by     substance abuse, high levels of intentional
                                                                         National Dept. of Health and the      and unintentional injuries, chronic and
                                                                         WHO.                                  non-communicable diseases.

                                                                                                               Improve public health in Poland through
                                                                                                               reducing premature mortality of Polish
                                                                                                               population. Areas of focus:
                                                                                                                smoking prevention/ cessation (i.e. the
                                                                         Civil society organization              Great Polish Smoke-out campaign,
                                   Non-profit organization donated       registered by the Warsaw Court in       school and community based smoking
Polish HPF          38.6 million   and funded from grant applications    1991 and governed by the HPF            and ETS prevention programs for adults
                                                                         Board and President. On-going           and children, treatment of tobacco
                                                                         tasks led by Director General and       dependence)
                                                                         Research Director.                     healthy eating (population-based
                                                                                                                 programs on 5 a day fruit and vegetables
                                                                                                                 and fat education)
                                                                                                                health education and promotion,
                                                                                                                 lobbying for comprehensive public
                                                                                                                 health legislative measures, research on
                                                                                                                 above topics.

   Foundation         Population        Method(s) of Financing                     Governance                            Funding Priorities

                                                                                                             Promotes health through a wide range of
ACT HP Board         .3 million    An appropriation from Treasury as     Independent Board- no political     settings and organizations including health,
(Healthpact,                       with Vic Health – $2.4 million per    representation. Board makes final   sports, arts, recreation, community,
Canberra, Aust.)                   year (indexed).                       decisions. Advisory committees.     education and workplaces. Has a
                                                                                                             comprehensive evaluation program and has
                                                                                                             established the Healthpact Research Centre
                                                                                                             for Health Promotion and Wellbeing ACT

                                                                                                           a) Establish a Health Promotion
                                                                                                              Foundation that funds health
                                                                                                              promotion initiatives from a grassroots
                                                                                                              leadership perspective.
BC Coalition for                   Project funding and grants provided   A voluntary, nonprofit society –  b) Increase the profile of health
Health Promotion     4.1 million   by the Vancouver Island Health        6 - member Board of Directors and    promotion through conferences,
(British Columbia,                 Authority (VIHA), Canadian Rural      a Core Team of 15 people.            workshops, community development,
Canada)                            Partnership - Agriculture and Agri-                                        research, presentations, networking and
                                   Food Canada and Health Canada.                                             website communications.
                                                                                                           c) Encourage an approach to current
                                                                                                              funding practices that communities
                                                                                                              find to be more fair, equitable and
                                                                                                              responsive to their strengths and
                                                                                                           d) Support community infrastructure
                                                                                                              across British Columbia by providing
                                                                                                              information, educational opportunities,
                                                                                                              peer support and mentorship.


VicHealth:                             Healthway:
Health 21 Foundation (Hungary):   Austrian HPF:
ThaiHealth:                                 Health Promotion Switzerland:
BC Coalition for Health Promotion:          Health Promotion Foundation (Poland):


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