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Simple Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

Home improvement doesn't have to mean a huge costly renovation project. You can take
a few simple steps to making your home look new and inspired. The tips below will
not only increase your home's value, but give it a boost of personality. Follow the
steps described in this article and you are sure to feel the joy of having an
updated home.

Your walls can really set the mood for your room's interior. Adding a fresh coat of
paint once a year can remove mold and mildew, as well give your room a clean
feeling. Consider stenciling designs on your wall or painting a wall mural to give
your room the ultimate boost of personality.

Carpeting can make a home look worn or outdated. Consider how many stains are on
your current carpet and what condition your fibers are in. Chances are that most
people would say that they have had the same carpet for years and there are
discolorations and stains. Throw out your old carpet and install a new one. Choose
dark shades to prolong life and shampoo your carpet once a month to remove
allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites.

There is no shame in having vinyl window blinds, but keep in mind that they should
be replaced every few months. Vinyl collects dust and grime that can become caked
after a while. They are cheap enough to replace and give your room a fresh feeling
that you would get from a thorough spring cleaning.

Don't throw out your old couch or chairs! You don't need to reupholster them to give
them a makeover. Purchase slipcovers in an appropriate size and color to give them
an instant facelift. Slipcovers are quite affordable and can be purchased at most
home decorating stores.

Opt for replacing your light fixtures. They are the perfect magnet for dust, bugs
and allergens. Purchase something that is easy to keep clean and looks pleasing to
the eye. There are plenty of simple light fixtures that can make your home look eye

Choose to upgrade your kitchen sink. A new stainless steel kitchen sink with a new
faucet installed can be the perfect focal point for your kitchen. This is probably
the sink you use the most in your home, so be kind and give it some life. New sinks
are much easier to clean and eliminate any growing bacteria.

If you have an old fashioned home and savor the look of wallpaper on your walls,
make sure that you change them accordingly. Wallpaper that isn't treated or removed
in years can hide mold and allergens. Remove your current wallpaper and install
something new and exciting. This not only gives you a healthier living environment,
but updates your room.

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Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options, but with use, it is also
one of the most vulnerable. This type of flooring can make your home look cheap if
installed incorrectly or become an eyesore with use. Make sure to replace your
laminate flooring as needed or once a year to give your area new look.

Following the simple guidelines outlined above can make you feel like your home is
new. These ideas don't require a lot of knowledge and can be completed in a
weekend's worth of time. Add value to your home and practice cost effective home
decorating in a few simple steps.

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