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Make The Exterior Of Your Home Look Its Best With These Easy Tips

When people drive by your home or visit your home, they are sure to notice its curb
appeal. The impression your home gives to others may be their first impression of
you, so it's important that your home look its best. Follow these simple tips to
beautify your home with ease.

Keep your shrubbery, trees and bushes looking their best by giving them a thorough
trimming in the fall and the spring and keeping up with renegade branches throughout
the year. Just taking a stroll around your yard with a pair of clippers weekly can
make a big difference in the appearance of your trees and bushes.

Keep your siding, porches and   decks clean and tidy by using a power washer at least
once per season. If you don't   want to invest in purchasing a power scrubber
yourself, you can rent one at   a local rental center, or you might want to share the
cost of purchasing one with a   neighbor.

You can perk up the appearance of your entire house by keeping your trim and doors
freshly painted. Adding attractive door decorations to be changed with the seasons
is also a nice touch.

You can purchase easy-to-install solar lights to light   up your pathways and stairs
for a very reasonable price. This type of lighting can   be purchased at any garden
center for an affordable price. Mounted on stakes, you   simply push the individual
lights into the ground where you want them positioned,   and let them soak up the sun
for well lit paths and stairways at night.

Be sure your welcome mat looks welcoming! Don't leave a shabby, dirty, scraggly
welcome mat lying on your front porch. Be sure that the mat you have is clean, and
when it becomes too old or damaged, be sure to replace it.

Don't let your shingles and gutters get out of control! Take a stroll around your
house every week and look up at your gutters and shingles. If you notice loose
shingles or wobbly gutters, get out your ladder and repair them right away. If you
keep up with them, it will be easy to keep them in good repair.

Fix damaged steps and walkways right away. Whenever you notice a rough spot in your
path, on your steps or on your porch, be sure to repair it or have it repaired as
quickly as possible. If you are not able to fix the tripping hazard immediately, be
sure to mark it clearly to avoid injury to yourself or your guests.

Keep the area under bushes and in your flower beds attractive and weed free by
keeping a fresh cover of mulch over the soil. This will discourage weed growth and
retain moisture to keep your plants and shrubbery healthy and happy.

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If you have natural wooden decks and porches, be sure to keep their surfaces
waterproofed with a high quality exterior stain and sealant. By keeping the wood
sealed against the weather, you can extend its life and keep it looking beautiful.

Check all metal fittings and frames for rust, and remove it as quickly as you see
it. Keep steel wool and a rust remover on hand to clean rust away quickly. Treat all
metal surfaces with the rust proof paint at least once a year.

Keep on top of these little jobs to have a home you can feel proud of and enjoy
showing off to your friends and family. By making a weekly inspection of your home's
exterior and attending to small maintenance projects as they occur, you can keep
your home looking spic and span all year round with very little effort.

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