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Yellow Diamonds Yellow Diamonds Yellow diamonds are


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									              Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are a variety of fancy color diamonds, a group of rare and
valuable diamonds numbering one out of every 10,000 diamonds found in
nature. Yellow diamonds are usually mined in South Africa and Australia, but
pale to vivid yellow diamonds can also be found in mines throughout the
world. The really large and vivid yellow diamonds are chiefly mined in South

The color of the yellow diamond results from the presence of nitrogen while
the diamond is being formed. Yellow diamond hues range from pale yellow, to
amber-yellow, to golden-brown-yellow, to vivid and pure yellow (frequently
called canary yellow diamonds). Gradations of yellow diamonds are based on
the diffusion of the yellow color within it, and a yellow diamond’s value
increases in accordance with its depth and brightness of color. Whereas white
diamonds are graded face-down, yellow diamonds are graded face-up. The
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) requires that canary yellow diamonds
be graded by consistency of color and color undertones as well. Like all
fancy color diamonds, the diamond cutter seeks to bring out the yellow
diamond’s brilliance and color during the cutting process.

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