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									  Volume 22, Issue 12

  November 17, 2003
                                    PROLIFIC REPORTER
                                                      Seattle University School of Law

                                WSBA President Ron Ward To Speak At Law School
                               By David Ko
                                                                the projects of San Fran-
                                       This Wednesday           cisco, Mr. Ward under-
                               afternoon at noon, the final     stands what its like to be
                               engagement of the SBA            on the lower tiers of soci-
                               Speaker Series for the se-       ety. He grew up sharing a
                               mester will feature the          tiny ghetto apartment with
                               President of the Washing-        11 others as the eldest son
                               ton State Bar Association,       and often saw neighbors
                               Ronald Ward. Mr. Ward,           unfairly evicted and friends
Inside Today’s PR:             who was recently sworn in        and relatives thrown in jail.
                               as the first African-            Consequently, he pursued a
                               American president in the        career in law not only to         ugly jokes, are leaders,
Career Crossings          3    114 year history of the          improve his economic              advocates, guardians and
By Career Services             WSBA, hopes to utilize his       situation, but more impor-        teachers who overwhelm-
                               position to encourage the        tantly to make a difference       ingly render service to
                               notion that attorneys have       and do a greater good for
Northwest Harvest…        5                                                                       society,” Mr. Ward says.
By Sarah Leyrer                both a privilege and a re-       the community.
                               sponsibility to the greater               “Lawyers, despite
                               community. Being from            all the mean-spirited and         ( cont. on p.5, See Ward )
A Book Review             7
By Steven Quesinberry
                               The 11th Annual PILF Auction Set For This Saturday
PILF Auction Items        8    By Cynthia Buhr                  pedition, accompanied by the      take part in the live and si-
By Cynthia Buhr                                                 sounds of Northern Soul. The      lent auctions. If you have
                               The Public Interest Law          theme for this year’s auction     ever made a bid on E-Bay or
                               Foundation will be holding its   will have you tasting a variety   have ever wanted to, you
Letters to the Editor     12   11th Annual Auction on Satur-    of German delights, sipping       will not want to miss this
By Maegan Hall and             day, November 22nd. All are      fine wine, and gulping superb     event. Professors DeLong
By ‘Puzzled 3L’                invited to take part in this     ales. All the while, you will     and Ainsworth will be auc-
                               extraordinary event.     This    be entertained with the           tioning off items ranging
Sports Talk 101:          14   year’s auction will include      smooth sounds of Sunshine         from dinner with your favor-
Apple Cup Special              dinner, drinks, and entertain-   and Django-whom you may           ite professor, to a sailing trip
By Steve Diaz                  ment along with a live and       have heard playing at Kin-        with Dean Hasl, to a com-
                               silent auction.                  cora’s on Capitol Hill during     plete detail of your car. If
                                                                their Soul-cial night.            the live auction is not your
BLSA Speaker Tony Miles   16   With the purchase of a $15
By BLSA                        ticket you will be given the     Additionally, every person        ( continued on page 8 with
                               experience of a Bavarian ex-     in attendance will be able to     more PILF information )
Page 2                                                                                    PROLIFIC REPORTER

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Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                     Page 3

                  Career Crossings : A Column by Career Services
 Q:     I’m a 1L and I’m worried that if I don’t do       when hiring regardless of your grades.
        well on my first exams that my legal career              And finally, remember the old saw: Stu-
        is going to be over, is this true?                dents who get A’s will be professors, B’s will be
                                                          judges and C’s are the members of the Bar.
 A:      Well, it is true that first year grades are
 very important for certain employers: big firms
 and some boutique firms made up of former big            Q:     I’m a 3L and I’m wondering how to put my
 firm lawyers. However, only 10% of all the law-                 clinic and externship down on my resume,
 yers in the U.S. graduated in the top 10% of their              where does it go?
 class. Which means that the vast majority of law-
 yers practicing did not do all that well their first     A:      Many people forget or do not know how to
 year, tanked a couple of classes or had personal         handle these experiences. These do belong on
 or health issues prevent them from doing as well         your resume, and I would suggest putting them
 as they might have. In fact, a high class rank can       under the “Experience” section of your resume.
 be a detriment when you are applying to work for         This is why using “Experience” rather than
 lawyers who probably (most likely) were in the           “Professional Experience” as your heading is im-
 90% of lawyers who were not at the top of their          portant, you can stretch “Experience” to include all
 class.                                                   the various legal experiences that you have during
                                                          law school. So, what format? For the clinic, use
         Let’s assume that your grades put you            the name of the Clinic: The Ronald A. Peterson
 somewhere in the middle or below (or higher, but         Law Clinic, your job description would be the
 not in the magic circle), what can you do to over-       name of the program, e.g., Law Practice Clinic,
 come this “problem.” Well, grades are really only        then on the next line launch into a description of
 a proxy for your ability as a lawyer. If you can dis-    the work you undertook, e.g., Represented juve-
 tinguish yourself in other ways, you can demon-          nile defendant, etc.. For your externship, include
 strate your abilities for real, not by proxy. So, vol-   the name of the sponsoring organization, your job
 unteer (I know you hear this a lot, but it is truly an   title would be Extern or Legal Extern, then a de-
 excellent way to gain experience, contacts and           scription of your work.
 references which will help you later), work for an               You have gained valuable legal experience
 attorney (check the job postings frequently, they        from participating in a clinic or externship, don’t
 can change every day), engage yourself in the law        forget to give yourself the credit on your resume.
 school by joining an organization or competing in
 a Moot Court or DR competition, or become a
 leader at the law school (SBA, leadership position       Career Crossing appears every other week.
 in an organization, Moot Court Board, ADR                Please send your questions to lawca-
 Board). Leadership, commitment, enthusiasm,     and we will do our best to an-
 these are the qualities that all lawyers look for        swer them.


                                         RON WARD
             NOVEMBER 19, 2003 AT NOON IN THE COURTROOM.
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                                  Page 5

             Northwest Harvest Food Drive and Benefit Concert
By Sarah Leyrer                          dent organizations have banded to-         be only $7, which includes a free drink
                                         gether to raise food and money for         (beer or well) and a raffle ticket. They
         The holidays can be tough,      Northwest Harvest. We need your            will be sold on the courtyard level
especially if you’re a stressed-out      help. Beginning Monday, November           starting the 17th on a will-call basis.
law student. However, pry your           17th, there will be a food drive com-      This means your name will be put on a
thoughts away from your classes for      petition between the 1L’s, 2L’s,           list and given to the Catwalk, so don’t
a moment and imagine you live on         3/4L’s, and the staff/faculty/             forget your ID the day of the show.
the street, or maybe you’re lucky        administration. There will be dona-        Tickets for the general public may be
enough to have a place to live but       tion bins on the Courtyard level for       purchased in advance at
you can’t afford heat.        Getting    the students and in the faculty offices for $10. At the
enough to eat is a struggle, and you     for the faculty. Please donate only        door, tickets will be $12, or $10 with a
find yourself (and maybe your kids)      non-perishable food items. We’ll be        food donation.
going hungry more often than not.        tallying up the donations every night.              All proceeds from the concert
Fall and winter are especially hard if   Watch the count to see which group         will go to Northwest Harvest, so en-
this is your life.                       is the most generous and caring. ☺         courage everyone you know to attend!
         Northwest Harvest is a great             The food drive will last until    Let’s see how much SULaw can give
local non-profit that helps people in    Tuesday, November 25th, and will           back to our community!
these and other difficult situations.    culminate in a benefit concert held at              Thanks to all who donated
The charity is the only statewide        the Catwalk Club in Pioneer square         their time and service, including the
hunger relief agency in Washington.      (172 S. Washington). The doors             Catwalk, the bands and the dancers,
The organization does not receive        open at 8 p.m. There will be three         and to all the sponsoring organizations:
any government funding; it relies        local bands playing: the Soul Pistols      The Student Bar Association, Interna-
solely on donations. It supplies food    Rhythm and Blues Showband and              tional Law Society, Environmental
without fees of any kind to over 300     Revue, the Artichoke Project, and          Law Society, South Asian Law Stu-
food banks and meal programs             Six Select. Between sets, enjoy the        dents, American Civil Liberties Union,
throughout the state. More than half     lovely go-go dancing of the GET            Federalist Society, American Constitu-
of the people served by Northwest        SMART! Girls.                              tion Society, American Bar Associa-
Harvest are children and the elderly.             The concert is open to the        tion – Law Students Division, Young
         Here’s where you come in.       general public, but SU students will       Democrats, Labor and Employment
The SBA and many other SUL stu-          get a great deal. Student tickets will     Law Association, and OutLaws.

                                          going through the education system,        lives, to reach these shores.”
Ward, continued from page 1.              Ward also served the United States                  However, one of the over-
                                          in the Vietnam War.       In addition      arching concerns of many current law
        As a result, Ward hopes to
                                          to his role as president of the            students and younger practicing attor-
challenge the attorneys of Washing-
                                          WSBA, Ward also plays a very ac-           neys is to make money and pay off
ton to make a difference. “I ask
                                          tive role serving on the Trial Law-        their high student loans. Further,
them a question,” Ward says, “Will
                                          yer’s Association, which was where         Ward’s principal aim is to create ave-
you look in the mirror at the end of
                                          he was able to truly develop his pas-      nues and incentives for current stu-
your career and ask, ‘Did I just make
                                          sion for what he hopes to do as            dents and attorneys to trade off debt
a buck, or did I make a difference?’”
                                          president of the WSBA- provide             for legal service to those who cannot
Currently, Ward is a very successful
                                          help for those who need it the most.       afford it. As president of the WSBA,
personal injury lawyer at Levinson
                                                   “Legal service is not meant       he knows that realistically he will not
Friedman in downtown Seattle. He
                                          to be a privilege of the well-to-do; it    be able to have a permanent system
graduated from Hastings College of
                                          is a right of all," he said. "It's an      set in place before his two year term
Law in San Francisco after obtaining
                                          underpinning of democracy and              is done, but he recognizes that the ball
his undergraduate degree from San
                                          among the things that make people          must start rolling, and he plans to be
Francisco State University. Prior to
                                          risk everything, even their very           the one to set the ball in motion.
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                                          Page 7

                                   A Book Review by Steven Quesinberry
                                             I Retired at Fifty”, which is, unfortu-      Have you ever heard about a Department
WAR IS A RACKET –                            nately, not published in War Is A Racket.    of Peace? Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the
by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler                                                    vegetarian, progressive Democratic candi-
(2003 – Feral House) - $9.95                 I became interested in General Butler        date for President, presented his idea for a
                                             after reading the following excerpt from a   Department of Peace a few years ago and
          There is no use kidding our-       speech he gave during the 1930’s (by the     many liberals and conservatives have
selves any longer. The cause of the al-      way, this speech is not in the book):        ridiculed this concept. Have you heard
lies is lost. We now owe you (American                                                    about an “Amendment for Peace” to the
bankers, American munitions makers,                 I helped make Mexico, espe-           U.S. Constitution? Well, this is not the
American manufacturers, American                cially Tampico, safe for American         idea of some wacky, vegetable eating,
speculators, American exporters) five or        oil interests in 1914. I helped make      Birkenstock-wearing, Grateful Dead-
six billion dollars. If we lose (and with-      Haiti and Cuba a decent place for         listening pseudo-hippie – this is the idea
out the help of the United States we must       the National City Bank boys to            of Brigadier General Smedley Butler. His
lose) we, England, France, and Italy,           collect revenues in. I helped in the      “Amendment for Peace” to the US Con-
cannot pay back this money…and Ger-             raping of half a dozen Central            stitution would include provisions that the
many won’t.                                     American republics for the benefits       navy would not be able to sail more than
                                                of Wall Street. The record of rack-       500 miles off the coast of the US (except
This is how Brigadier General Smedley           eteering is long. I helped purify
Butler simplifies the arguments made to                                                   on an errand of mercy) and that soldiers
                                                Nicaragua for the international           in land forces would not be sent abroad
the President of the United States on the       banking house of Brown Brothers
eve of U.S. entrance into World War I.                                                    “for any reason whatsoever.” General
                                                in 1909-1912. I brought light to the      Butler’s fear, based on his experience as a
Whether or not one believes Butler’s            Dominican Republic for American
particular rendition of history, many                                                     soldier, was that the armed forces could
                                                sugar interests in 1916. In China I       be used at the whim of the economic and
historians do agree that financial reasons      helped to see to it that Standard Oil
were instrumental in pushing the United                                                   political elite of the United States. Al-
                                                went its way unmolested.                  though he wanted to have a strong mili-
States into the First World War. General
Butler was disgusted by what he saw as       After he retired, General Butler became a    tary, he believed that the military should
a perversion of the traditions of the        well-known anti-imperialist speaker and      be used to defend the land of the United
United States and the manipulation of        political figure. From War Is A Racket,      States and its people, not the economic
the public which caused the United           one can learn more about General But-        interests of companies overseas.
States to send its young men to fight and    ler’s ideas and his role in history. In      One could say that General Butler’s
die in foreign lands. Butler’s short book    “Who Makes the Profits?” Butler con-         words ring hollow today in light of glob-
of essays, War Is A Racket, originally       nects the economic dots from 1910 to         alization and the threats to democracy and
published in 1939, brings together some      1918 and rails against industry for profi-   the United States because of Terrorism.
of his best and most provocative work        teering while soldiers were dying during     However, before discounting Butler’s
and many of the themes he wrote about        World War I. Some of the other essays in     thoughts and words, we should remember
then, war profiteering, a (nascent) mili-    the collection are titled, “Who Pays the     that the war he criticized the most, World
tary-industrial complex, and the corrup-     Bills?”, “War is a Racket”, “How to          War I, was ostensibly caused by terrorists
tion of democracy, are still relevant now.   Smash this Racket!”, “To Hell with War”,     and was fought as the “war to end all
                                             and “Common Sense Neutrality”. Were          wars” and the “war to make the world
Although he was never a pacifist, Gen-       Butler alive and writing today, it would
eral Butler became an ardent isolationist                                                 safe for democracy.” The current rhetoric
                                             not be difficult to substitute the name      in the war on terror has parallels to the
and anti-imperialist by the time of his      Halliburton or Bechtel, in place of du
death in 1940. Smedley Butler, who is                                                     World War I and Butler’s era.
                                             Pont or Bethlehem Steel in the same po-
known to many that have served in the        lemics he wrote over seventy years ago.      Although I have never served in the
Armed Forces, is perhaps the most deco-                                                   Armed Forces, members of my family
rated Marine in the entire history of the     I was also surprised to learn about Gen-    have since the Revolutionary War and I
Marine Corps. He served for 34 years         eral Butler’s involvement in thwarting a     have a great deal of respect for military
and won two Congressional Medals of          fascist plot to overthrow Franklin Delano    service and ideals. Brigadier General
Honor during that time (along with many      Roosevelt. It seems that a few business-     Smedley Butler is a hero and an icono-
other awards and honors). He also spent      men thought General Butler would be a        clast. His ideas and admonitions should
time in Cuba, Haiti, China, Puerto Rico,     good leader and tried to entice him into     be read and taken into account by those
and many other places from 1898 until        their machinations; Butler would have        alive today. War was a racket, is a racket
he retired from military service. Soon       nothing to do with it and the entire plot    and will be a racket.
after he retired, he published an essay      was subsequently covered up by the press
titled, “To Hell with the Admirals! Why      and Congress.
Page 8                                                                                            PROLIFIC REPORTER

   A Random Selection of Items From The Upcoming 2003 Fall PILF Auction
 By Cynthia Buhr                                      Estimated value: $239.00.

 *Professors Oltman, DeLong, and Rideout: Here is              *Professor Mitchell An afternoon of water skiing,
 your chance to play poker with these competitive card         wakeboarding and inner-tubing on Lake Smamish for
 playing professors! This is a poker game for up to four       up to eight, followed by a barb-b-q. Estimated value:
 students, 50 cent limit, dealer’s choice, with $10 per stu-   Priceless.
 dent in chips. Appropriate refreshments will be served.       *Seattle Supersonics – Supersonics fan? We have
 Estimated value: Priceless.                                   just the thing for you! An autographed basketball,
 * Barbri: Want some extra special help reviewing for          signed by all players!
 the bar? Get a Washington Barbri review course! Stu-          *Dean Hasl and Julie Hasl Want to go sailing with
 dents must pay $125 refundable book deposit and tax.          our very own award-winning Dean? Enjoy an excur-
 Students already enrolled may receive the value of their      sion for 8, with dinner & drinks on Hasl Free, a 40’
 current price. Estimated value: $1250- $1650.                 J120 racer-cruiser sailboat on Puget sound, at a time
 *Professor Testy Come to a dinner party in a private          to be agreed upon. Estimated value: priceless.
 dining room at Wild Ginger with none other than the bril-     *Anne Enquist Dinner for two (arrange rest. with
 liant and entertaining Professor Kellye Testy! Professor      anne) and Mariners tickets for 2 (arrange which game
 Testy will accommodate up to 14 students! Estimated           with Ms. Enquist); Estimated value: priceless.
 value: Priceless.
 *Seattle Symphony is pleased to donate two tickets to a
 2003-2004 performance. Classical, Seattle pops, concerts
 for young people, holiday festival, Lily Tomlin, Ray                    PILF continued from the cover

 Charles and more. With new commissions by six great
 composers, as well as retrospective of works championed       cup of tea, the silent auction will give you an opportu-
 throughout our hundred years, we hope you will join us        nity to view auction items in a relaxed way and then
 during our Centennial Season. Estimated value: $80            attempt to offer the winning bid.
 * Professor Carter & Jenny Nixon. One half day rock-           You do not want to miss this opportunity to interact
 climbing trip to exit 38 (for beginner or beyond). Will        with your fellow students and professors in a very
 schedule independently with buyer.         Post-climbing       relaxed environment.
 malted beverages. Most equipment provided--will make
 arrangements to rent any equipment that’s not. Estimated       TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW ON THE
 value: priceless.                                              COURT LEVEL. There will only be a limited
 *Karen’s Floral Boutique (Kahului, HI) A dozen as-             number of tickets on sale so do not wait until the
 sorted Hawaiian, tropical flowers w/greens (known as           last minute. Tickets are $15 per person. With finals
 “the Exotic Princess”), shipped to anywhere in the U.S.        and deadlines closing in, take this opportunity to
 Expires in one year from the date of the auction. Esti-        enjoy the law school experience at its best. This is
 mated value: $55, including shipping.                          a Dress-To-Impress event. If you have any ques-
                                                                tions feel free to ask any PILF member selling tick-
 *Professor Skover Take a 1 hour vocal lesson with this         ets or shoot us an email at If
 dynamic and highly vocal professor, formerly a profes-         you are interested in going to the auction for free,
 sional singer. Also, enjoy dessert & coffee/tea afterward.     speak with a PILF member selling tickets about the
 Estimated value: priceless.                                    volunteer opportunities that are available.
 * The Chrysalis Inn & Spa Enjoy one night in a deluxe
 corner-suite overlooking Bellingham bay and the San            This is the event of the year that you do not want to
 Juan Islands. Morning breakfast buffet served in FINO          miss. We hope to see you there!!
 overlooking B’ham Bay. Underground parking included.
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                   Page 9

                 The 11th Annual PILF Auction
                      Date:       Saturday, Nov. 22nd
                      Time:       Doors open at 6:30
                      Location:   Campion Ballroom

                       The BIG event of the year!
        Dinner, drinks, entertainment, and a live & silent auction!

              Buy your tickets now and join professors, staff,
            classmates, alumni, and the Seattle law community
               in supporting LRAP and public interest law.
Page 10                                                                                                PROLIFIC REPORTER

                   The following lectures are provided to all interested Bar/Bri students for law studies
                     and early Bar Exam preparation and to help students prepare for final exams.
                  Lectures are open to Bar/Bri members only, unless otherwise indicated.
          If you cannot attend the lecture, an audio version may be available through our virtual lecture hall on the web.
            If your membership is current, you can access the Virtual Lecture Hall at
                If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Bar/Bri Rep or call the office at (206) 329-5250.
                      Please see detailed syllabus on reverse for breakdown of lecture
                DATE                                  SUBJECTS                                      TIME
            November                               Professor Freer                               3:30 pm –
               19                                    Room 312                                     7:00 pm
                                 Engineering Bldg Across from the Law School
                                           Criminal Procedure
            November                           Professor Whitebread                              10:00 am-
               23                                   Room 312                                      1:00 pm
                                 Engineering Bldg Across from the Law School
                                               Civil Procedure
            November                               Professor Freer                                9:00 am-
               23                                    Room 311                                     6:00 pm
                                                                                                (Includes 1 hour
                                 Engineering Bldg Across from the Law School                      lunch break)

                                          Secured Transaction
            November                               Professor Delong
               24                              Wycoff Auditorium                                 5:00 pm-
                                 Engineering Bldg Across from the Law School                     7:30 pm
                                           BAR REVIEW LECTURE
             December                           Professor Testy
                5                              Wycoff Auditorium                                 12:00 pm-
                                 Engineering Bldg Across from the Law School                      2:00 pm
                                          OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                           Page 11

Professor Rich Freer

                              *In Personam Jurisdiction *Constitutional Test *Statutory Test
HOUR 2                  PERSONAL JURISDICTION (con’t)
                              *In Rem and Quasi-in-Rem Jurisdiction
                II.     NOTICE
                              *Rules for Service of Process *Constitutional Requirements
                              *Diversity of Citizenship *Complete Diversity
                              *Citizenship of various parties *Amount in Controversy
HOUR 3                  SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION (con’t)
                              *Federal Question *Supplemental Jurisdiction *Removal
                IV.     VENUE
                              *Basic Rules *Transfer of Venue *Forum Non Conveniens
                V.      THE ERIE DOCTRINE
                              *Hanna v. Plumer *Erie Cases
                              *Rule 12 and Waiver
HOUR 4          VII.    PLEADINGS
                              *Rule 11 *Complaint *Defensive Response *Amendments
                              *Claim Joinder by Plaintiff *Claim Joinder by Defendant
                                     (Counterclaims *Cross-Claims)
HOUR 5          VIII.   JOINDER (cont’d)
                              *Proper Parties *Necessary and Indispensable Parties *Impleader
                              *Intervention *Interpleader *Class Action
                IX.     DISCOVERY
                              *Required Disclosures *Discovery Tools *Scope of Discovery *Relevance
HOUR 6                  DISCOVERY (cont’d)
                              *Work Product
                X.      PRE-TRIAL ADJUDICATION
                              *12(b)(6) and Summary Judgment
                XI.     TRIAL AND MOTIONS
                              *Right to Jury Trial *Peremptory Challenges *Post-Trial Motions
                              *JMOL *Renewed JMOL *New Trial
                XII.    APPEAL
                              *Final Judgment Rule
                              *Claim Preclusion (Res Judicata)
HOUR 7                  PRECLUSION DOCTRINES (con’t)
                              *Issue Preclusion *Collateral Estoppel
Page 12                                                                                                     PROLIFIC REPORTER

                                    Letters To The Editor
 A STUDENT’S VIEW OF THE                        puzzle in their weekly newspaper.          make this a happy time for you. I feel
 CROSSWORD PUZZLE PROBLEM                          But how do we solve a problem as        such anger in your correspondence to
                                                large as this one? Here are some pos-      the students, and I hope that this year
 Dear Frank Jastrzembski, PR Editor,            sible solutions:                           is one that you can look back on
                                                                                           fondly and proudly.
    I feel compelled to write you regard-       • Let the single editor of the student
 ing your response to emails requesting           run and submission based newspa-         Maegan Hall
 the return of the crossword puzzle. First        per control the publication each         3L
 of all, if students are indeed reading this      student pays for through their con-
 in a copy of the PR, I must thank you for        tributions to the SBA. Personally, I
 publishing it. It seems my numerous              don’t like this one so much…
 requests to publish letters to the editor      • Format the articles in the PR to         Comments from the Editor,
 went overlooked. Hopefully the same              accommodate for a half page cross-           Dear Ms. Hall, thank you for
 will not occur with this article.                word puzzle. I feel that this option     sharing your viewpoints concern-
                                                  is very reasonable. As some might        ing the PR. You raise some inter-
     Students at Seattle University School        recognize, I participated in the de-     esting issues in the body of your
 of Law enjoy crossword puzzles. Many,            sign of the PR at the beginning of       letter. I write only to address one
 if not most, of the students who read the        the school year and was able to          sentence:
 Prolific Reporter partake in this pastime.       incorporate the crossword puzzle
 In a clear and concise manner, here are          with little or no trouble.                 Re: “It seems my numerous
 the problems as I see them:                    • Get the PR online! Publishing the        requests to publish letters to
                                                  crossword and having an online           the editor went overlooked.”
  • Students enjoy the crossword puz-             version for students to work on
    zles and you removed them from the            would diminish your recycling                Prior to this letter you have
    paper.                                        worries.                                 submitted exactly one ‘letter to the
  • You did not consult with the stu-                                                      editor’, just last week. It was a
    dents/audience of your SBA publi-              On a personal level, I want to clar-    brief 3 sentences, and like this
    cation before removing the puzzles          ify that my involvement in the cross-      letter, related to the PR and its
    they enjoy.                                 word revolution is simply out of con-      Editor.     The content was fine.
  • Despite numerous inquiries regard-          cern for the PR and the students at        However, I immediately expressed
    ing the crossword puzzle, you still         SU Law. It has been implied that this      to you a concern about publishing
    refuse to publish one.                      issue has arisen out of personal issues    an anonymous letter about the PR
  • You use inadequate excuses in re-           between students at this school. I         by someone who was formerly on
    sponse to student inquires                  believe the crossword puzzle is being      the PR staff. I asked you to
    (Examples: limited budget and               used as an example of the student’s        choose between listing your name
    space). You have yet to explain the         voices not being heard. Although the       or giving me time to consult with a
    limited budget that the PR suffers          students are not allowed to vote on        qualified person possessing ex-
    from, and your limited space excuse         the Communications Director/PR             perience in the editorial field. I
    in hard to believe when you find            Editor, I think we would all be com-       relayed that it has been my experi-
    enough space for pages of response          forted if we knew that the director of     ence to see editors alert readers
    to the limited space instead of pub-        a student submission based newspa-         when the author of a ‘letter to the
    lishing a puzzle that would take up         per published for the students that is     editor’ has what may be a relevant
    less than a half page.                      run off of student funds is listening to   connection to the content of the
                                                what the students are interested in        letter. In my email to you, I prom-
     Crosswords convey to the public            reading.                                   ised to share my findings within
  that our law school, while highly intel-                                                 one week, or print your letter as
  lectual, can find ways to relax and have         Thank you for the opportunity to        submitted.
  fun. While many crosswords exist for         share my thoughts on this issue with            Therefore, I believe it is mis-
  our own personal use outside of school,      the readers of the PR. We are all           leading and factually incorrect to
  what better way to get more students to      adults and I hope that this issue is        state “It seems my numerous re-
  read the PR? If discussing conformity        dealt with in an adult manner. I would      quests to publish letters to the edi-
  (or lack of), even legal institutions as     hope your 2nd year at law school and        tor went overlooked.”
  prestigious as Yale include a crossword      position as editor of the PR would
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                               Page 13

                               Letters To The Editor
          What a shocking front page headline we had           NY Times purely for the crossword and yet, it is still a
 last week in the PR, “Removal of Puzzle Prompts Cross         respectable, well-rounded newspaper.
 Words to the PR Editor”. Only worthy of the front page                 Out of a mixture of curiosity and procrastina-
 was the appalling problem weighing heavily on SU stu-         tion, I wrote the PR to find out where the crossword
 dents minds, the absence of the crossword puzzle from         went. I was informed that the crossword was low on
 the PR. Now I find all of this quite amusing even though      the priority list but “if more people contact the PR wish-
 I am the one who initially requested the return of the        ing to see the crossword puzzles return, you may see a
 crossword. I had always dreamed of making the head-           more favorable outcome.” But how many would create
 line in a newspaper but not quite like this. A friend sug-    a favorable outcome? A few days later I asked what
 gested that this might be my defining moment in law           that magic number might be. As it turns out, three re-
 school. Well, for an unthinkable amount of law school         sponses were not enough but fifty might be, no bright
 debt, I certainly hope not.                                   line rule you understand.
          As I sat in the library a few weeks back, tired of            At this point, I should have conceded defeat
 internet surfing, not in the mood to chat on IM, procrasti-   and began the healing process. However, the past
 nating the 30 pages I needed to read for class and find-      editors of the PR had no issues putting the crossword
 ing my mind wandering to complete idleness, it hit me.        in the PR, why all the fuss now? The two biggest con-
 What the hell happened to the crossword puzzle? It is         cerns seem to be recycling and space in the PR. First,
 these idle library times right before I am really going to    crossworders can be green too. May I suggest a kindly
 catch up in all my classes, who knows, maybe even             reminder at the bottom of the page, “please recycle.”
 read ahead that I reach for the crossword. Just a few         Second, in almost every issue large general announce-
 minutes of procrastination. It has been in the PR for the     ments could have easily fit onto half a page with the
 last two years that I have been here, most likely longer,     crossword on the other half.
 and then disappeared this semester.                                    It has been suggested that the crossword
          Now I can sympathize with the editor for trying      should not be included because it is not law school re-
 to put a new face on the PR, to make it a more serious        lated. Although it may not be directly related, neither
 paper. But now the PR has gone to the other extreme.          are other items submitted to the PR, such as the sports
 While packed together with articles of serious content        page. This goes back to putting a little bit more bal-
 ranging from professor interviews to political issues,        ance in our life. In fact, through less than six degrees
 where is the entertainment? Where is the balance?             of separation, crosswords relieve stress caused by law
          We are told in law school to strive for balance.     school for some students. Not to mention other prestig-
 If not, we have a greater chance to end up as divorced        ious law schools include crosswords in their publica-
 depressed alcoholics. Yet, we cannot find that balance        tions along with other articles non-law school related,
 in our own school newspaper. The editor is appalled           such as movie reviews and “Ask Amanda,” Harvard’s
 that a student would grab the PR purely for the cross-        The Record’s version of Dear Abby.
 word. Why? Because the student is not trying to cram                   I hope that we can strive for similar diversity in
 more into his or her already content overloaded brain?        our publication.
 He should not be offended. Plenty of people grab the                                      -Puzzled 3L

           Got Something to Say about Environmental Issues?
                                Seattle University’s Environmental Law Society

                          Invites You to Submit an Article for the
                                 Spring 2004 ELS Journal
                  Please contact the ELS submissions committee at
                                with any questions, submissions, or ideas.
Page 14                                                                                                       PROLIFIC REPORTER

   SPORTS TALK 101: Apple Cup Brings Out Student’s... Core Values
By Steve Diaz                                 The Apple Cup Brief                           Champs last season. Was it a miniatur-
                                              Okay, here is the breakdown on the Ap-        ized bronze statute of Rick Neuheisel
Well here it is folks, the PR’s second        ple Cup series as of late. The Huskies        rolling dice at the craps tables at the Em-
annual Apple Cup preview special edi-         have won the last five. The last time the     erald Queen Casino? No matter, just be
tion of Sports Talk 101! In all fairness if   Cougs beat the Huskies was in 1997            aware that this precious title is at stake
the “special edition” of this column          when the Cougars beat the dogs 42-35 in       again this year.
sucks it’s not my fault; I graduated from     Husky Stadium to clinch the PAC 10            As for the Cougs, not winning an Apple
Washington State. So what can you ex-         title and their first Rose Bowl birth in 67   Cup in 5 years is a bitter pill to swallow,
pect from this year’s “special edition?”      years. Ironically the Cougs have actu-        especially when one considers that for
Well here is a little run down: a break-      ally been ranked in the top 10 the last       the last 3 seasons there are only 5 teams
down of both teams, the top 4 Apple           two years and were ranked number 3 in         in the entire country with better win-loss
Cups your humble sports writer remem-         the country last year when they lost in       records than Washington State. Add this
bers (ke y word there being                   the 29-26 triple overtime thriller. The       to the fact that since the end of the 2000
“remembers”), a prognostication of who        Huskies have a lot at stake this year. (No    season, the Huskies have an overall re-
the possible winner may be, and, of           really, they do.) The dogs are trying to      cord of 21-16, whereas the Cougs are
course, some friendly Husky and Cougar        avoid their first losing season in more       29-7 during that same time period and
jokes. Now as we are all aware, the           than a quarter century. With the loss at      are on the verge of their third consecu-
Huskies have struggled a bit this season,     Cal last weekend the Huskies are now 5-       tive 10-win season. Just based on the
while at the same time the Cougs have         6 and need this win to break even and         numbers it appears the power base in
shined. But don’t let that trivial fact       thereby avoid a losing season. (Funny         football has shifted to the eastside of the
upset all you Husky alums out there too       how that works isn’t it?) Furthermore, if     mountains. Unfortunately for the Cougs,
much. After all, some of those alums are      the Huskies get their sixth win they be-      however, all of their recent success has
probably reveling at the lack of success      come bowl eligible. Also, the Montlake        not led to an Apple Cup win in some
the UW has had this year because some-        monsters are on the verge of defending        time. Is that likely to change this
where inside there are still hard feelings    their vaunted and cherished title of          week??? Let’s take a look at the two
over not getting admitted to UW’s law         “Northwest Champions.” I am curious           teams seasons’ to this point to see if we
school. And on that note, let the smack       what sort of a trophy the dogs won for        can answer that question.
talking begin…                                being self-anointed as Northwest              ( continued on the next page )

              The Entertainment and Sports Law Association
                                                 proudly sponsors

                          The Art Law Panel
                              When: November 20, 2003 at 6 PM
                                          Where: the 2nd floor gallery
                                                Food will be provided

                   The panel will consist of lawyers and others who deal with art law
                      within their professions. Come prepared to ask questions!
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                                       Page 15

       SPORTS TALK 101 continues to celebrate the Apple Cup
 The Teams…
 University of Washington Huskies (5-6 overall, 3-4 PAC 10)
 After being picked by many sportswriters around the country to win the PAC 10 this season, the Huskies have failed
 to live up to their lofty expectations. In fact, a certain sportswriter here at this school also picked them as PAC 10
 champs. The season has been filled with injuries to key players, but as any coach will tell you that is football and
 the great teams adjust and overcome. What seems to have plagued the Huskies the most this season is their ten-
 dency to play down to the level of their competition. This point was glaringly apparent in losses to Arizona and
 Nevada. Nonetheless, the Huskies have shown tremendous promise of what might have been in wins over Oregon
 and Oregon State. Overall, inconsistent play at the one position that matters most, the Quarterback position, has
 been the Achilles heel of the dogs and as Cody Picket goes so goes the dogs. Here is a brief synopsis of the Hus-

 kies’ season. (PAC 10 Games in Bold)

 Opponent                   Result                     Record (Wins-Losses)
 At Ohio State              28-9 Loss                  0-1     Tough opener vs. National Champs.
 Indiana                    38-13 Win                  1-1     Not so sure UW could beat their hoop team.

 Idaho                      45-14 Win                  2-1     Idaho has won 4 games the past 3 seasons.
 Stanford                   28-17 Win                  3-1     At 3-1 the year had so much promise.
 At UCLA                    46-16 Loss                 3-2     Huskies led 16-7 at halftime.
 Nevada                     28-17 Loss                 3-3     OUCH! Enough said.
 At Oregon State            38-17 Win                  4-3     1st step of defending NW Champ. complete.
 USC                        43-23 Loss                 4-4     For the record, USC is good.

 Oregon                     42-10 Win                  5-4     So much for Neuheisel wearing a UO cap.
 At Arizona                 27-22 Loss                 5-5     See Nevada comment above.
 At California              54-7 Loss                  5-6     Don’t feel too bad, Cal beat USC too.
 Washington State                                              ???????

 The Washington State University (9-2 overall, 6-1 PAC 10)
 Well, the Cougs weren’t picked by anyone to repeat as conference champions this year. In fact, the west coast me-
 dia picked them 7th out of 10 teams. (I personally picked them 3rd) How have they done to this point? Let’s see,
 they are one win from capturing their second PAC 10 title in as many years. That is correct, if they win out they
 will at worst share the conference championship with USC. Aside from an overtime loss at Notre Dame early in the
 year and a lackluster performance vs. USC, the Cougs have exceeded all expectations and given football fans from
 the state of Washington something to cheer for. After losing their All-American quarterback, defensive tackle, and

 cornerback to the draft and graduation, the Cougs have reloaded in a big way. The cornerstone of this team has
 been the defense, which leads the PAC 10 in nearly every statistical category. An offense that is efficient, but not
 spectacular has done just enough to not lose games for the Cougs this year. Not many people would have believed
 that the Cougs would be ranked in the top 8 in the country heading into this year’s Apple Cup.

 Opponent                   Result                Record (Wins-Losses)

 Idaho                      25-0 Win              1-0     Playing in Seahawks Stadium is always nice
 At Notre Dame              29-26 Loss            1-1     How did they lose to Notre Dame again?
 At Colorado                47-26 Win             2-1     So much for the powerful Big 12 North.
 New Mexico                 23-13 Win             3-1     The Lobos were a worthy adversary.
 At Oregon                  55-16 Win             4-1     How did these guys beat Michigan?
 Arizona                    30-7 Win              5-1     A win on homecoming! Hella Cool!

 At Stanford                24-14 Win             6-1     Yawn.
 Oregon State               36-30 Win             7-1     Coolest mascot in the PAC 10. Go Beavers!
 At USC                     43-16 Loss            7-2     Did I mention these guys were good?
 UCLA                       31-13 Win             8-2     What is a Bruin anyway?
 Arizona State              34-19 Win             9-2     One win away from 3rd 10 win season.
 At Washington                                    ??????
                            (SPORTS TALK 101 continues on the next page)
Page 16                                                                                                    PROLIFIC REPORTER

   SPORTS TALK 101                           in 67 years and you earn a share of the
                                             PAC 10 title. Lose, and hello Sun Bowl.
                                                                                         would go off for 23 more points on the
                                                                                         snow covered field. The snow was so
                                             WSU’s Chris Jackson stated before the       dense and the Cougs were having so
Top Four Apple Cups (that I remem-           game that the Cougs would drop 40 on        much fun, that the heralded WSU run-
ber)                                         the dogs in their own doghouse, more        ning back Shambe Wright-Fair fell flat
There have been many great Apple Cup         commonly known as Husky Stadium.            on his back in the end zone after scoring
games over the years, but not every one      Jackson and the Cougs lived up to their     yet another touchdown and began mak-
of them can make it into the coveted         promise as Jackson caught 3 touchdown       ing snow angels in the Martin Stadium
Sports Talk top four. The following are      passes on the day. This truly was a great   turf. No one will forget this Apple Cup,
the top four Apple Cup games that I re-      Apple Cup simply because the amount         in fact, it is legendary.
member. (For instance, I do not remem-       of pressure the Cougs overcame in get-
ber the 2000 Apple Cup wherein the                                                       #1
                                             ting the win. As for me personally, a
Huskies beat the holy living (fill in your                                               1982 WSU 21-UW 20 in Pullman
                                             student at WSU at the time, there was
own word here) out of the Cougs by the                                                   Washington State holds the title of the
                                             nothing like storming another teams’
score of 51-3. This is not to say that I                                                 biggest upset in the history of the series
                                             field after the game in which you have
wasn’t at the game (worst 40 bucks I                                                     with a 21-20 win in 1982. The Cougars,
                                             just won. Especially when you know
ever spent). Nor is it to say that I don’t                                               who came into the game 2-7-1, were a
                                             you will be partying like a rock star in
remember reading about the game. I                                                       17-point underdog against the Huskies,
                                             Pasadena for the holidays. That was my
mean to say that I do not remember the                                                   who came in 9-1, ranked No. 5 in the
                                             first and last trip to Husky stadium be-
game after about the first quarter for                                                   country and needing only to beat WSU
                                             cause I know in my heart of hearts that
reasons that are obvious to fellow WSU                                                   to go to their third straight Rose Bowl.
                                             no memory could possibly top the state
grads.                                                                                   But alas, Washington missed a field goal
                                             of euphoria WSU students, players, and
                                                                                         from 33 yards out with 4 minutes to play
#4                                           fans all experienced on that victorious
                                                                                         to propel the Cougs to the greatest Apple
2002 UW 29-WSU 26 (3OT) in Pull-             day.
                                                                                         Cup victory I remember, while simulta-
man                                          #2                                          neously knocking the dogs out of the
3rd ranked Washington State took on          1992 WSU 42-UW 23 in Pullman                Rose Bowl. The game that year was the
unranked University of Washington in a       Nobody who was at Pullman's Martin          first played in Pullman since 1954. In
game with a Rose Bowl birth on the line      Stadium that day, Nov. 21, 1992, will       between, WSU home games in the series
for the Cougs. The game started out          ever forget it. The Apple Cup drips with    were played at Joe Albi Stadium in Spo-
inauspicious enough. The Cougs score         lore, but it is quite possible there has    kane. This is the infamous game where
on their second possession and lead 17-7     never been another game in the Wash-        afterward the crazed WSU students
at the half. If the following game will be   ington-Washington State series so           stormed the field, tore down the goal-
referred to as the game with “the catch”     imbedded in the collective memory. This     posts, and marched them through down-
this game is famous for “the injury.”        was the day weather interceded, wrap-       town Pullman. Unfortunately in the
Late in the 3rd quarter with WSU lead-       ping a football game in its arms and        process they destroyed the windows of
ing, the greatest quarterback in WSU         shaking it violently. It is now just re-    several downtown businesses and the
history Jason Gesser goes down with a        ferred to as “The Snow Bowl.” It is also    goalposts at Martin Stadium have not
high ankle sprain and is done for the        the game that involves a play to which      been torn down since. (Mostly because
game. Enter Matt Kegel. 5 completions,       WSU fans collectively refer to as “the      the Martin Stadium posts are now
one interception, and three overtimes        catch.” At the 44-yard line, Drew           mounted on a double standards and are
later the result was a 3 point overtime      Bledsoe retreated, looked downfield into    cemented 14 feet into the ground.)
loss. The national championship aspira-      an endless sea of snowflakes and cocked
tions of the Cougars were dashed, but                                                    Cougar/Husky Banter…
                                             his arm. He unloaded and launched a
former head coach Mike Price rallied his                                                 Cougars Joke
                                             missile downfield, a missile that was
troops and the Cougs clinched a Rose                                                     Last night there was a fire at the WSU
                                             barely visible through the drifting snow.
Bowl birth two weeks later against                                                       library. They lost 20 books to the flames.
                                             Two Washington State teammates, C.J.
UCLA. Overall, I have never attended a                                                   The worst part was that 15 of them had-
                                             Davis and Philip Bobo, seemed to be
game with as much drama and it was one                                                   n't been colored in yet.
                                             running symmetrical routes that would
of the greatest Apple Cups ever.                                                         Huskies Joke
                                             bring them to the exact same destination,
                                                                                         Q: What do Huskies use for birth con-
#3                                           at a snowbank in the end zone. Davis
1997 WSU 42-UW 35 in Husky Sta-              stretched for the football, came down
                                                                                         A: Their personalities
dium                                         and had nothing but air. He looked up,
                                                                                         Cougars joke
The mission in this one was simple.          dazed, to see Bobo clutching the ball.
                                                                                         A man died and found himself in hell
Win and you go to your first Rose Bowl       Touchdown Cougs! After this the Cougs
                                                                                         where he saw a Coug he had known
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                                       Page 17

when he was alive. The Coug was with
one of the most beautiful women the
man had ever seen. The devil ap-
proached, and the man asked why the
Coug had such an attractive woman on
his arm. The devil was incensed: "How
                                                               Z|yà WÜ|äx
dare you question that woman's punish-
                                                             Sponsored by Phi Alpha Delta
Huskies joke
A ventriloquist works a show in Seattle,
and a Husky in the audience stands up
and yells. "Hey, you've been making
smart-aleck remarks about us Huskies
being stupid all night long. We're not all
stupid, you know!"
"Relax," says the ventriloquist. "They're
just jokes."
"I'm not talking to you," the Husky re-
plies. "I'm talking to that little guy sitting
on your knee!"
Cougars joke
Q: What do you call a beautiful woman
on a Cougar's arm?
                                                           Make this Holiday Special
A: A tattoo.                                               for someone by donating
Huskies joke
Q: Why can't Huskies dial 911?                             new unwrapped gifts for
A: They can't find the eleven on the
phone!                                                       women and children.
And Finally…                                        Please place all donations in the boxes located on the
At this point I know you are totally ex-
hausted from reading so I will make the            court level and by Sidebar Nov. 17th through Dec. 5th.
prediction section of this column short
and to the point. After last year’s Apple
Cup I learned a valuable lesson: do not
                                                                    All gifts will go to the
underestimate the Huskies, even if they                          Women’s and Children’s Shelter
are having a down year. That being said,
the question is will the Cougars take the
Huskies seriously?        Answer: damn
straight they will. In fact, they have lit-
tle choice; the Huskies are fighting to          many years. (Yes, they would still be Co-    happened. Can lighting strike again?
keep their streak of non-losing seasons          Champs even though they lost to USC          Who knows? But the one thing both
alive and possibly for a spot in a bowl          because the PAC 10 awards co-                teams have had in common this year is
game. The Cougs on the other hand are            champions if the top teams have the same     that they have played well in big
odds on favorites to land in the Rose            conference records.) So what will happen     games. As such, this one should be a
Bowl for the second straight year. Actu-         Saturday? Well, the WSU defense will         dandy. Be sure to watch, it will be
ally, no team has gone to back to back           have another solid effort that much is a     televised at 3:30 pm Saturday on Fox
Rose Bowl since the Huskies did it in the        no-brainer. But, will the offense be there   Sports Northwest. Oh, and in case you
early 90’s. As such, it would speak vol-         to complement it? What about the Hus-        wanted to save three hours of your
umes to what WSU football has                    kies? Will Cody Pickett recapture last       time here is the outcome…The Wash-
achieved in the last few years if they           season’s form and lead the dogs to a vic-    ington State University Cougars 27,
could repeat as PAC 10 champs and go             tory? I predicted a blowout victory for      Washington Huskies 21. So let it be
to the Rose Bowl for a second time in as         the Cougs last year and we all know what     written, so let it be done.
Page 18                                                                              PROLIFIC REPORTER

 Due to the stink, stench, and signs of plant          To answer the unspoken question: Yes, if there
 growth in the student refrigerator, on Novem-         is unidentifiable food in a Tupperware con-
 ber 21st, all such biology projects (funky food)      tainer, the container will be tossed, too.
 will be removed and disposed of accordingly.
                                                       Al Treacy
 If you have anything of value, i.e., Tupperware       SBA, House and Library
 or food, please remove it before Friday, the 21st.

     FREE ABA-LSD/SBA Social
                 November 20th, 2003
                 Bannan arboretum
                  6:00pm – 10:00pm

    Please join the American Bar Association/Law
    Student Division and the Student Bar Associa-
    tion in a free social to celebrate the winding
    down of Fall Semester. There will be no ad-                  November Social
    mission fee for this event. Alcoholic and non-
    alcoholic beverages, as well as food will be                    at Mamey’s
    available. With music to get your groove on,
    ambient lighting, and an arboretum full of
                                                                2620 Alki Ave SW
    plants, you will definitely have the opportunity        Live Music and Cuban Food
    to forget about the ominous finals looming
    dark on the horizon. Have a drink! It’s on              Friday the 21st at 6:30 P.M.
      Bannan Hall is located directly across
      from Sullivan Hall, and the entrance
      to the social will be located on the
      northeast side of the building, across
      the street from the bookstore. Just
      look for the glass corner of the build-
      ing (with a security guard outside at
      the door).
Volume 22, Issue 12                                                                                       Page 19

         Career Services (CS)                                 FINANCIAL AID INFO
   Wednesday, November 19 at 4:30 in the second             Scholarship Notices
   floor gallery: Diversity reception sponsored by the      Korean American Bar Association of WA has
   Washington State Trial Lawyers Association               two $1000 scholarships available to first year law
   (WSTLA). WSTLA is a voluntary association of lawyers     students attending a law school in the state of WA.
   who represent injured individuals. This event will in-   Applicants will be judged on community service,
   clude a panel of WSTLA attorneys who will talk about     particularly to the Korean/Korean American com-
   the work that they do. All students are welcome and      munity (you need not be of Korean ethnicity to
   students of color are encouraged to attend. Refresh-     apply), academic achievement (no minimum GPA
   ments will be served.                                    required), essay, work experience, activities and
                                                            goals. Please see our office for the application.
   Every day, all the time in CS: eAttorney passwords       Deadline is December 1, 2003.
   are now available for all students, including 1L. You    WA State Hispanic Bar Association provides a
   need to stop by CS to get yours--sorry, this offer not   scholarship (amount to be determined) to one law
   good via email.                                          student from each of the law schools within Wash-
                                                            ington State. The scholarship is based on leader-
                                                            ship and a personal essay. Please see the Office
                                                            of Financial Aid for application information. Dead-
                                                            line is December 1, 2003.
                  Help Wanted                               Previously announced scholarships
                                                            King County WA Women Lawyers announces a
                                                            $1000 scholarship to a female student from SU
         RESEARCH ASSISTANT WANTED                          Law School who is a 2L or 3L in good standing.
            for Professor Marilyn Berger.                   More information is available in our office. Dead-
                                                            line is November 20, 2003.
   RA will be doing research for a documentary film         Earthjustice offers the Rick Sutherland Fellow-
                                                            ship Fund to lawyers who have graduated within
   project. Internet abilities of primary importance;       the last three years who are employed in an envi-
   no film experience necessary .It is an exciting op-      ronmentally oriented non-profit organization, have
                                                            significant loan debt and financial need. The fel-
   portunity. I would like a commitment for Spring          lowship is a two year grant of up to $12,000 annu-
   2004 – August 2004 or longer. I would like to            ally. Please see or the Office
                                                            of Financial Aid for more information. Deadline is
   schedule interviews prior to Thanksgiving. Please        November 30, 2003
   submit your resume with one professorial refer-
                                                            Other Scholarships - Please refer to the Financial
   ence, telephone number, and email address to Lau-        Aid web site under Important Dates (http://
   rie Sleeper (4th Floor secretarial station; or email for more
                                                            outside scholarship opportunities and other perti-
   her with these attachments        nent financial aid information.
                  The          SULLIVAN
      For the most up-to-date list of events go to
 11/17 - 11/25    all day Northwest Harvest Food Drive                                          C level

 Tu       11/18   11am    ARC Orientation Workshop Section B                                    109
                  12pm    LELA General Meeting                                                  329
                  12pm    Christian Legal Society Meeting                                       C7

                  12pm    Young Democrats Meeting                                               C1
                  5pm     Moot Court Board Meeting                                              327
                  5.5pm   DR Regional Mock Mediation                                            328
                  6pm     BLSA Speaker Series: Mr. Tony Miles of Preston Gates Ellis            C7

 W        11/19   10am
                          ARC Orientation Workshop Section C
                          SBA Speaker Series: Ron Ward, WSBA President
                          Wednesdays with CS
                                                                                                C level
                  4.5pm   WSTLA Diversity Reception                                             2nd Floor

 Th       11/20   12pm
                          BLSA General Meeting
                          ARC Orientation Workshop Section A
                          BLSA General Meeting
                  7.5pm   ARC Orientation Workshop Section E                                    110
 F        11/21   5pm     In-House Client Counseling Competition
                  5.5pm   Intellectual Property Law Competition

 Sa       11/22   6pm     PILF Auction                                               Campion Ballroom

Attorney In Michigan Affirmative Action Cases To Speak on Tuesday
   The Black Law Stu-          and the University of Michi-   received the Dores
dents      Association         gan Law School’s admis-        McCree and Jane L.
Speaker Series presents        sions policies.                Mixer awards for
guest speaker Mr. An-             He has been recognized      his contributions to
thony R. Miles.                for his dedication to pro      the law school com-
                               bono and public service,       munity and service
   Mr. Miles is an associ-
                               and his contributions to the   in the public inter-
ate in the Seattle office of
                               professional community by      est.
Preston Gates & Ellis LLP.
                               the Loren Miller Bar Asso-
He recently served as                                            The event is
                               ciation and the Washington
counsel of record for 112                                     sponsored by the
                               State Bar association
Members of Congress and                                       Black Law Students
                               Young Lawyers Division.
the Mayor of the City of                                      Association.     Mr.
Detroit in filing a brief         Mr. Miles received his      Miles will be speak-
amicus curiae in Grutter       J.D. from the University of    ing from 6-7p.m.
v. Bollinger and Gratz v.      Michigan Law School in         this Tuesday in
Bollinger, the affirmative     1999 and was Editor-in-        room C7.
action cases involving the     Chief of the Michigan Jour-
                                                                    [Editor’s note: The information above was taken from
University of Michigan         nal of Race & Law. He also           a flyer posted in Sullivan Hall advertising this event . ]

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