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					Awards Ceremony Ideas

Mary Lou Vossler:
I provide certificates at our honors nights, display the STAR
projects that evening, present each member with a red rose and
give a wrap up about our years events and results.

Bev Wilcox:
I make my certificates and senior cards...cheaper that way. We
also crown a Miss FCCLA, Miss F, Miss C etc. and this award is
based on points received for various activities and projects.

Becky Adkisson:
I give certificates to all members but they are different
according to the level of participation. I have participant then
outstanding member and then top members get the STAR member
awards with a gold star from Awards Unlimited. I give newly
elected officers a rose after installation and we do the ribbon
ceremony too. I give my senior officers a gift of an FCCLA water
bottle and a pen/pencil set. The top members receive a medal for
member of the year and the outgoing president receives a plaque
with her name and year she served from Awards unlimited. Hope
this helps. I have found some really neat certificate paper in
Baudville magazine.

Sandy Schegg:
We make a Certificate of Participation very similar to the one
that they sell. I usually buy nice certificate paper and they
look great at very minimal cost. At our Installation is when we
hand out STAR awards from District and State. We also do a point
system and the top 3-4 members get their names engraved on a
plaque that stays in the FCS rm. Glad you emailed and asked I
need to get my plaque engraved!!

Ronita Jacobsen:
I give awards to those who have completed the STEP One project
(certificates); power of one (ribbon and certificate); we have a
"point system" and award a trophy titled "outstanding freshmen
FCCLA member"--sophomore, junior and seniors get trophies
also...Member with the most points gets the trophy---has the
greatest participation level. Give certificates for a "summer
incentive" trip....must be active a specific % of the time
(varies year to year although I like to keep it at a least 50%
participation level)....we then plan a "fun day out"---Grand
Island Water Park or Omaha to the Zoo or this year I think we are
going canoeing down the river at Valentine. I won't do an
overnight trip because of my own children at home. We do the
installation ceremony like they do at state--ribbon tying etc.
Next year I will implement the "senior cord"....seniors who meet
specific criteria will be allowed to wear the FCCLA cord at
graduation. Criteria is yet to be developed but permission has
been granted through administration.

Dixie Hanefeldt:
Our seniors receive one of the graduation cords and a gift like
you are suggesting, water bottle, etc . All members also get
highlighters or something along with the certificate of
participation. We also recognize point award winners with
medals, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Lee Ann Runyon:
We do an banquet and present certificates and have our
installation ceremony. We use chapter funds to purchase the 1st
year membership in Alumni and Assoc. for our seniors.

Wendie Meyer:
We made up a certificate that recognizes each member for the
number of years they have been in FCCLA.
My President also comes up with special awards each year, like
most enthusiastic member, best fundraiser, etc.
I have the CD with the chapter handbook on it and there are
several award ceremonies on that CD.

Denise Haag
When I was at Fairbury, we had a banquet at the end of the year,
invited parents, and I gave the following awards: We kept a
point chart, so we gave certificates and a gift for top point
getter from each class (Freshman, Soph., Jr., Sr.,). AT our last
regular meeting, the chapter members also voted on outstanding
member and outstanding new member (I typed ballots with the names
of everyone who qualified for each category who had earned at
least 50% of total possible points for the year). For this - I
ordered engraved acrylic paper weights from Awards Unlimited in
Lincoln (they have someone who works with FCCLA accounts, and
they are very efficient!!) I also order an engraved presidents
plaque (has a little gavel on it) for my outgoing President.
This is also easy to order from Awards Unlimited. For my senior
officers who are graduating - I order quote books from (they have a lot of neat gifts, but the quote
books became my special gift) - they are wonderful for college
papers, motivation etc.) I also gave roses out during the
initiation ceremony, sine it is the FCCLA flower.

Cheryl Gustafson:
We hold an annual Spring banquet. We recognize STAR participants
– they get their District medals and State Certificates at this
time. New officers get a red rose. We name an outstanding
member from each class and present a certificate and a rose. We
recognize 2 - 4 people as honorary members - certificate and
rose. We thank other adult helpers/supporters with a
certificate. All of our certificates are homemade. We get nice
paper from Wal-Mart or a specialty store. For any state or peer
officer who has served that year - we get a acrylic mini plaque
for around $10 from Awards Unlimited in Lincoln. It is about 2
1/2 inches wide by 6 inches long. It is engraved with their
name, the office, the FCCLA emblem and a etched rose. I know
some chapters do pins from a company called Anderson's, but this
gets costly and then you have to decide just what is going to be
given and all the criteria for it and then be able to justify it.
Our seniors receive a 5 x7 picture of the seniors and an
individual picture in a 8 x 10 mat board that they may place in a

Nancy Bartels:
I continue the traditions that were here when I started. Because
the red rose is the FCCLA symbol we hand them out. If I am cheap
I go to Hobby Lobby and some are fake, otherwise I try to hand
out real ones. Each Senior that has been in FCCLA all 4 years
gets one. We have an outstanding member from each class. We use
our points system and each one of them gets a rose. I also have
certificates of participation for every member, STAR awards, and
all of the new officers get one.

Lois Krohn;
We have a semi formal banquet coming up the last of April.
    -Our meal consists of the kitchen making the ham and potatoes
with the members bringing the side dishes which are assigned by
the alphabet in their invitation. Some times we have the main
entree catered and paid for by the chapter. We stopped the whole
catered meal because of the expense of the families. Because we
invite 8th graders that will be in high school next year plus
family, friends, etc. school board, administration and other
staff who want to
    -Seniors are honored with a gift that I find in a
catolog...last year it was a key chain plus a certificate
    -People who participate in STAR, if they go to State I give
them an acrylic trophy from Rixtine Awards in Lincoln. If they
did not amke it to
State I have them get a pin that is ordered.
    -We also have top fundraisers....they get a certfiicate and
also a gift card to a movie or a small pizza
    -We also keep track of points so there is usually a top
member in each class and they get a gift that is ordered out of a
    -Sometimes we have a guest speaker
    -Sometimes we have music being played on the piano
    -The FFA serves and cleans up and then we do the same for

Diana Brost
Here is what we do. I like your ideas about the FCCLA water
bottles, something that is FCCLA to remind them of their
involvement in the organization. We have an FCCLA banquet
towards the end of the school year. Members and their families
are invited. Members are assigned to bring a dessert, bread or
vegetable. We order a cooked and sliced roast from our local
meat market, FCS students peel potatoes and make mashed potatoes
and gravy during the school day. The girls wear their prom
dresses, (this is a good time to get another wear out of them)
and the boys wear business casual. The officers tell about the
chapter activities of the year. The Historian shows a power
point of the past year’s events. The president and vicepresident
hand out the STAR awards and certificates of membership (I just
use Microsoft Publisher and print them here at school). We have
installation of new officers—the candle ceremony. We give new
officers a $5 gift certificate to the local eatery. We previously
gave roses, but had several boys and I thought the food
certificates might go over better!! I personally buy a gift for
the senior members. Usually get them a set of plastic
dinnerware—(the colorful ones in the Walmart summer section) I
hope they get some good out of them when they go to college!!
This is the tradition that Mullen has had for many years, one
that I continued when I started teaching.

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