; Aggregated Trading System - Patent 8112351
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Aggregated Trading System - Patent 8112351


FIELD OF INVENTION The present invention is related to a computer-based system for facilitating the trading of tradeable objects, and more particular, relates to a computer-based system for hosting a collection of one or more electronic exchanges.BACKGROUND At one time, there were only open-outcry exchanges where traders, or more specifically buyers and sellers, would come together to trade in person. With the advent of electronic trading, traders may participate at their client devices fromremote distances by communicating over physical networks with electronic exchanges that automatically match bids and offers. In particular, subscribing traders are connected to an exchange's electronic trading platform by way of a communication link and through an application program interface to facilitate real-time electronic messaging between themselves and theexchange. The electronic trading platform includes at least one electronic market, which is at the heart of the trading system for a particular market and handles the matching of bids and offers placed by the subscribing traders for that market. Theelectronic messaging includes market information that is sent from the electronic market to the traders. Once the traders receive market information, it may be displayed to them on their trading screens. Upon viewing the information, traders can takecertain actions including the actions of sending buy or sell orders to the electronic market, adjusting existing orders, deleting orders, or otherwise managing orders. Traders may also use software tools on their client devices to automate these andadditional actions. To set up an electronic exchange, one must generally get approval from a particular regulating commission. For example, in the field of futures, approval must come from the governmental authority known as the Commodity Futures TradingCommission (CFTC). An exchange may list one or more tradeable objects, but approval for each tradeable object must be given by t

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