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Tips to Boost Your Homes Market Value

Many people do home improvement projects to make their home more comfortable;
however, any home improvement project should also be viewed as a way to add profit
to the home's re-sale value. The tips found in this article will show you how to add
maximum value to your home.

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by updating your counter tops.
Although solid surface counter tops such as granite or sandstone will add the most
value, new laminate counter tops will improve re-sale value especially if your
current counter tops are dated.

Adding a room on to your house not only makes the house more roomy and enjoyable,
but it also add a lot of bang for your buck. For example, a game room or a study is
shown to increase home value and a buyer's interest. Another addition that can
greatly increase sales price is a master suite. A master suite normally includes a
large bedroom, a dressing room and a luxurious bathroom.

Curb appeal is king when marketing your home to prospective home buyers. One easy
way to increase curb appeal is to landscape your yard. Adding a few flowering trees,
ornamental grasses or perennial flowers and bushes. A water feature such as a pond,
fountain or swimming pool will beckon buyers with thoughts of relaxation and

Utility bills are normally asked about when a buyer   is seriously considering
purchasing your home. Therefore, it is advisable to   have today's insulated windows
and doors. Although window and door replacement can   be quite expensive, the benefits
and cuts in utility bills will make this investment   worthwhile whether you plan to
remain in your home or you decide to sell it.

Heating and cooling units or whole house fans add value to your home as well as
comfort. In more cooler climates a central heating and cooling is the optimum
choice, but in more temperate climates where heating is normally unnecessary a whole
house fan or a central air conditioning unit is the best choice.

To update your home easily, change out your light fixtures. Replace out-dated
fixtures with lighting that matches your interior design. Most lighting fixtures can
be changed out inexpensively.

One of the leading home improvement projects that add capital to your sales price or
home's value is replacing out-dated flooring. Flooring options include hardwood
flooring, Berber carpeting or ceramic tiles. Each type of floors have benefits and
well as cons. For example, hardwood floors are expensive, but they are very durable.
They are an investment that will last a lifetime. Carpeting softens areas, but will
also need replaced as the carpet wears or becomes stained.

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Most of the home improvement tips and techniques listed in this article are
expensive. They can boost not only the marketability of your home, but they can also
increase the comfort of your home. Take these tips and incorporate them into your
home maintenance plans to increase your home's market price as well as your home's
comfort level.

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