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Tips For Adding Life To Your Walls

Walls in a home are more than just something that divides up the spaces of your
home, they provide the backdrop to some of your belongings. Adding some life to your
walls can be quick and simple to do, and will change the overall feel of the rooms
of your home. Read on for a few tips for adding life to your walls.

Stencils can be use to create a border or an accent to   your walls. There are many
different styles of borders to choose from, but if you   cannot find one that you
like, you can easily make one of your own. You can use   the design on your favorite
throw pillows to for your stencil design by tracing it   onto a thin piece of clear
plastic and carefully cutting the pattern out.

Wallpaper is another great way to add life to your walls. You can use wallpaper
borders or full sheets on your walls. Add an accent wall to a room, or create a
border that makes its way around the entire room.

Ceramic tile is yet another great way to liven up the walls of the home. You can use
it in many ways. Install the tile on a complete wall, or just add a couple here and
there as if they are fixed artwork in the room.

Fabric can also be used to liven up boring walls. It can be attached to the walls
rather easily and with the vast array of fabrics available, your options are nearly
unlimited. Fabric on walls is a great option for very large rooms, as it will not
only add color to the room, but it will also cut down on the echos that are heard in
the space.

Vinyl decals are available through many websites these days. You can choose from
already designed decals, or you can create a design of your very own and have them
produce it for you. They are then quickly applied to the wall, and can be removed at
any point in time without damaging the walls in any way.

Even if you are not an artist, you can paint a mural on your wall using a projector
to shine an image on the wall that you just have to trace and paint. You may just
surprise yourself with how well this can turn out when doing it on your own. There
is also the option of hiring someone to paint a mural on the wall, but this will
come with a price tag.

Crown moldings can really change the look of the room. It is relatively easy to
install, but if you do not feel confident enough to take on the project, a
contractor could have it done in less than a day in most cases. This molding will
not only add a great look to your home, it will increase the value if the day comes
when you decide to sell your home.

As you can see, the work that can be done on your walls is more than just picking
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out a nice paint color. In as little as a weekend, you can give your walls an
overhaul and be quite pleased with the results.

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