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12 Keys to Success


									                                     12 Keys to Success

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                                     The Millionaire Secrets
                                       © Copyright 2007
             12 Keys to Success

12 Keys to Success

     Brought to you by Shawn Lim
      From The Millionaire Secrets

             The Millionaire Secrets
               © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success


Dear SUCCESS Seeker,

It is great to see you here. First, I know that you are so addicted to success.
You want to achieve your dreams and your goals in your life, and that is the
reason you downloaded this report, 12 Keys to Success.

For over the years, people are constantly looking for ways to become
successful in their life. They somehow believe that there is a ‘secret’ they can
follow through to achieve the things that they wanted in their life.

So the first thing that I would like you to understand before you go into the
meat of this report is to understand that…

                       “Success Require No Secrets”

Yes, if you are looking for ‘shortcuts’ to success, you should stop reading right
now because this report is not about bringing instant success to you. It is sad
to tell you that you cannot achieve what you want by just SIMPLY READING
this report (although I hope that it can ^_^).

A lot of people seem to NOT understand that success require no secrets. They
still somehow believe that there is a magical button that once they pushed it,
they will achieve whatever they want in their life.

Success will not come automatically, it is not like one day you wake up and you
have a BMW in your garage. It is not like one day you wake up and you found
that you have lost 10 pounds. It is not like one day you wake up and you have
a million dollar in your bank account.

To achieve the things that you wanted the most in your life, it requires hard
work and smart work. Not secrets or shortcuts.

Therefore, make sure that you accept the truth that success can be yours as

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                   12 Keys to Success

long as you put in real effort to achieve it.

I would like to tell you a phrase, it sounds like this, “Knowing others is
intelligent, knowing your own self is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength,
mastering your own self is true power!”

So what does this phrase means? It means that if you want to achieve massive
success in your life, then you will have to start from yourself, start to master
yourself. Every successful person knows this, “Self conqueror, it is the
greatest conqueror”. You have no choice but to master yourself in order to
achieve what you want in your life.

In fact, you have taken the first step. You have downloaded this report and
actually read it. Don’t underestimate this. 50 percent of people who come
across this report do not download it. Why? Simply because they have a
skeptical mindset. “Ah, another promotional report” they said.

Then for those who downloaded this report, another 50 percent of them will not
read it. They will just download it and thought that they can achieve whatever
they want by just doing so!

So, I would like to say, congrats, but the road to success is still a long way.

Today, your biggest competitors are not company A or company B, the greatest
competitor is you, yourself. If you fail to achieve success, it is not because of
the economy, it is not because of the extreme competition, it is because of
you. Just like if you move slower than others, it is not because of others are
moving faster than you, it is because you move slower than them.

Success will not fall from the sky; you will have to decide to achieve it. You can
choose to be hard working or you can choose to be lazy, you can choose to
give up or you can choose to strive for success again, it is all in your hand. The
moment you fall down, you can choose to wake up or you can choose to stay
there. If you are very successful today, it is because you choose to be.

So you see now, success is about making the right choices in your life. How

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
                                     © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success

can you make the right choice in your life? By mastering yourself.

You must learn how to master yourself and learn how to make the right
decisions for success. You must understand this, to be successful is not an
easy task, and it can be difficult if you don’t have the commitment and
determination. The reason you want to achieve success is not because of
others, it is for yourself.

A lot of people are giving excuses in achieving success. I don’t care what kind
of success you are looking for, it can be your financial goals, your time freedom,
or maybe you want to have a great family or you want to have a slim body.
Don’t give excuses; put all the blame and responsibility on yourself.

The moment you see someone who is very successful, do you think that he or
she is just plain lucky? Not at all, it is because he or she is very hard working
and have a lot of determination.

What I wanted to say here is this, “What you are today, it is because of what
you were yesterday”. So if you see someone who is successful, it is because
he or she has been taking massive actions for the last 5 years, or maybe even
10 years. Success will never come overnight. Remember, success is a
process, not a destination.

Like what I mentioned above, there are no shortcuts to success. However,
there is a set of keys, which you can use to unlock the door to your success.

And I called them, ‘The 12 Keys to Success’.

I hope that these 12 keys can help you to achieve further success. All the keys
here have equal importance. It doesn’t mean that the first key is the most
important key. The order of how the keys come to you is not the point. Every
single key has its own function, which is to unlock the door to your success.

You will find these keys helpful in your life, put them into good use. The
moment you discovered these keys, keep them in your pocket, use them when
necessary, and use them in your life.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                              12 Keys to Success

To Your Success,
Shawn Lim

So are you ready to discover the Keys to Success?
Here we go…

                              The Millionaire Secrets
                                © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success

                     KEY #1 – Never Gives Up

This is a very crucial key for you if you want to succeed. No matter in your
career or in your life, success will never come automatically. You must never
give up if you desire for success. If you insist, keep on your hard work, in the
end, the wealth will be yours, prosperity will be yours. You must know that this
is the spirit that you need to succeed in your life.

Allow me to give you an example here. If you took a hammer, and hit the wall
inside a house. What will happen? Nothing will happen, what you will get is just
a loud “bang!” But what if you keep on hitting and hitting the very same wall?
You will get a huge hole in the end; you can even make the whole house
collapse with just a hammer. Therefore you see, many things which seem like
impossible to happen. But if we keep on working on it without giving up, you
will find that we can actually create something impossible.

Look around you; do you have any friends who are very rich and successful?
Let me tells you, if you have this kind of friend, they must be very hard working.
And you know what, they’ve been hard working for many years, maybe they’ve
been very hard working for 10 or 20 years. However, if you are very lazy, the
whole story will be different. If you are lazy for just one day, it is ok.

But if you keep on your laziness for 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5
years and so on. Your laziness will become a massive destructive force which
tends to destroy your life. If you see someone who lives a frustrated live, poor,
this is maybe he or she is lazy. But let me remind you, this person is not only
lazy for a few days, maybe he or she had been lazy for 10 or 20 years.

Every successful people out there face a lot of ups and downs in their route to
success. But they insist and keep moving on. They turn the destructive force
into energy and inspire them to keep moving on. Like what I mentioned just
now, success will never come automatically. You will need to face many
problems and challenges before you reach your target. Just like climbing a
mountain, you will need to cross all the obstacles and climb all the way before
you can eventually reach the top.

Actually I’m very impressed with those who had created amazing results in
their life. A lot of people who pursue for success give up in the end. And they

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                   12 Keys to Success

waste a lot of their precious time the moment they give up. Why did I say so?
Let me gives you a metaphor.

Imagine that there is a stone in front of you. You keep on hitting it until it breaks.
If the stone breaks after you hit it for the 99 times, do you think that it is the
99th times that make the stone breaks? Absolutely not! The 1st to the 98th
times do contribute to break that stone. Well, this is what happens in real life.
Many people hit the stone until half way, say 50th times and they found that the
stone is not breaking, they give up and stop hitting it. What they do then is that
they search for other stone and hit it again. They keep on hitting and hitting,
again, the stone never break and they give up again. So you see, they’ve
wasted the time and energy of hitting the first 50th times and get no result.

A quitter will never win and a winner will never quit. Look at Thomas
Edison, how many times did he fail? Some people say that he failed more than
10,000 times before he invented the light bulb. If he gives up, his name will
never be known today. The thing here is that, he fails 10,000 times just to find
out how light can be emitted. If he never fails before, it is impossible for him to
know which material works and which doesn’t. The same goes to you, the
reason for you to fail is to find out how to become more successful.

Well, don’t worry if you fail, because nobody will remember about your failures
after you succeed. Don’t believe in me? Look back at Thomas Edison, what
will you think about him the moment you heard his name? I’m sure that you will
think of that he is a great man; he is a very successful person who invented the
light bulb. So you see, you are not going to think about his failure, like he had
failed 10,000 times.

The same goes to Donald Trump, the moment you hear his name, the first
thing comes into your mind is that he is a real estate billionaire; he made his
fortune with properties. You are not going to think that he is someone who
once bankrupted and owed millions of dollars. Actually, Donald Trump’s failure
even becomes the inspiration story for many people. This is the same as
Thomas Edison, his 10,000 times failures become the motivation for many

Every successful people were once a failing person, but they did not give up
and they know exactly that if they continued, they will achieve success, and
they did. Therefore, it does not matter if you fail today, people will not

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
                                     © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success

remember about your failure after you have succeeded. I hope that you can
understand what I’m trying to say here. Always remember, if you want success,
then there will be no giving up in your dictionary. There is no failure in this
world; people fail only because they give up. So keep this key in your pocket
today and use it to unlock the door to your success.

               KEY #2 – Control Your Emotion

Now, here is the second key that you will need if you desire for success. All the
12 Keys to Success are equally important, the order of how all the keys are
sorted is not important here. All of the 12 keys are crucial and you must have
them all!

Are emotions important to us? Indeed. All of our work will be influenced by our
emotions. So what if you’re in a bad emotion? Do you think that you can deliver
a perfect job if your emotion is bad at that time? If you want success, especially
for businessman, then you will need to learn how to control their emotions.
This is because they need to deal with people all the time to have your
business done. If you don’t control your emotions, it is impossible to get your
business deals in a nice and perfect way. Another great example is for network
marketers. Every network marketers need to contact with their members all the
time. So if they cannot control their emotions, all their members will leave them

You need to feel happy all the time. You need to feel positive all the time. Let
me give you an example here of how important controlling your emotions can
be. There is a father, who works in an insurance firm. One day he had been
fired from his company. So he is in a very bad mood. When driving home, the
traffic jams. He is so angry and keeps on sounding horns. Suddenly a car hits
his car from the back. Now he is getting angrier and get out of his car, quarrel
with the one who hit his car. Back at home, he sees his wife and he straight
away scold her. Then went into his room and slam the door.

Now, the wife too is getting angry because her husband scolded her without
any reasonable reason. The wife keeps scolding their children, throwing things.
Then one of the kids drops some food on the floor and the wife give that kid a
slap on the face. Did the kid feel happy? Of course not, the kid moves out of
the house, and sees a cat walking across. What that kid did? That kid kicks

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 10 -

that poor cat. Therefore you see, the negative effect of having bad emotion is
so powerful. What if you are happy all the times? You can imagine that your
positive emotions will influence all the people around you.

There are a lot of downs in our life. And many people don’t know how to control
their emotions to face their downs. We are humans, we are can control our
emotions. Why can we control our emotion? It is because we can control our
thinking. And why can we control our thinking? It is because we have the
power of making decisions. Thus you must learn how to make the right

Talking about controlling your emotions, what should you do when you’re upset
or angry? Well, you can take bath, sing songs, etc. Just make yourself feel
comfortable. You can even pretend to be happy when you are upset. Please
don’t say that I’m crazy, but this is true and it definitely will help to cure your
sadness. Some people say, when you’re down, try to smile and laugh more.
The more you pretend the more it will come true. This is the same as reviewing
your goals every night and what you need to do and dream about what kind of
lifestyle you want. Your mind will stimulate it to become true.

Did you know that by practicing good and positive emotions and attitude
everyday can lead you to a healthier, a more successful life? If you do so, you
will influence all the people around you. You are going to create a positive and
motivated environment. Just like in network marketing, did you know why
network marketers always start their business by recruiting their family

This is because if your surrounding is doing the same thing like what you do (to
make money or to be successful), you will always be in that topic, and hence
you will be more motivated. What kind of emotions you have are going to
determine what kind of environment you will be in. Add up 5 annual salaries of
your good friends, and then divide the number with 5. You will notice that the
number is close with your salary as well. This is the power of surrounding.

If you want to be successful today, always mess with successful people, let
their positive thinking influence you. That is why creating a mastermind group,
sharing thoughts with people that have the same goals with you are so much

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 11 -

There you have it, the second key to success, control your emotion. Don’t let
your emotion controls you. You have the power of making decision, always
think positively and control your emotions.

                KEY #3 – Be Prepare To Strive
                              For Success

You must always be prepared to strive, anytime! This is what you need if you
want to be successful. Did you know that every morning, in Africa, a deer must
always be prepared to run! Why? Because if the deer is not prepared or run
slower, it will become a lion’s breakfast. Did you know that every morning when
a lion wakes up, it must be prepared to run? Why? Because if it is not prepared
or run slower than the deer, it is not going to has any breakfast.

So this is what is happening in the real world. You must always be prepared. If
you’re not, you either ends up don’t have any breakfast and died of hunger, or
become the breakfast of the lions. It may sound cruel, but this is the real world.
Always be prepared to strive!

The more you struggle for life the more successful you will be. You know, right
now, if you are in your 30s, it is great news because time is your most valuable
asset. You can afford to fall (fail) and get up again, why? Because you are still
young. You can fall for 29 times and still manage to wake up for the 30th time.
When you are at the age of 25, and if you still don’t want to strive for success,
then when are you going to pursue for your success? At the age of 55?
Therefore, don’t wait, always pursue and strive for the better for your future.

In our life, we have only one season. During spring, it is the moment when we
are still young; we are at the age of 20s. It is the best if we get ready and
prepare for our future. Then summer will come. This is a very hot season, you
will be in the age of around 30, and you must work harder and put in more
effort. This is the best time for you to strive for your future and success.

Once you miss this opportunity, autumn will arrive; you will be in your 40s. You
will start feeling cold and lazy to move. If you miss out all these 3 seasons, you

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 12 -

will eventually come to winter. It is very cold in winter and you are at the age of
50s. Do you think that you will still want to strive for success at this age?
Honestly, I don’t think so. Hence, you must always be prepared to strive
whenever you can. Don’t wait because time waits for no one!

You must be hard working, just like an ant. I believe that you’ve heard or seen
the cartoon about the ant and the grasshopper. The ants are very hardworking,
during spring time; they keep on searching and collecting their food. As for the
grasshopper, it is very lazy, laughing at the ants, saying that it is spring and
they should enjoy it. Why work when the times they can enjoy?

Then the time passed by, winter has arrived. It is cold, but the ants are having
lots of fun enjoying the food they have harvested before. As for the
grasshopper, since it has never looked for any food, it is starving of hunger.
And died in the end. Thus now you can see, why we need to strive even at the
time we can enjoy ourselves.

Well I’m not saying that you must be working to make your dreams come true
24 hours a day. What I mean here is that, no matter what you do, you must do
it with 100 percent commitment and serious in it. Even if you are enjoying,
ENJOY IT SERIOUSLY. It is the commitment and seriousness that counts.

We strive because we want to have a better future, we want to succeed. Many
people wait. They wait for the economy to turn brighter; they wait for
opportunity to come to them. Let me tells you, when the economy is down,
don’t blame anyone, just be prepared for it. And when the economy turns up, it
will be the time for you to harvest your rewards.

In fact, the best time to strive is when the economy is down. This is because
when the economy turns well, you will be the leader of your market. Just take
all the challenges as a test given from god. God is testing how strong and solid
your business is.

Most of us will just follow the crowd. We do what others are doing, that is why
we are just followers and not leaders. If you want to be special, and successful,
then do what others are not doing. Too many of us are not aware of the
importance of being successful. We did what others told us to do or follow what
others are doing. Just like we go to school to get good grades, because our

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 13 -

parents told us to, and because everyone is doing so.

We never really realize the real reason why we go to the school. Then after
graduation, we will just find a job, and stick to it everyday from 9 to 5. Again, it
is because everyone is doing so, that is why we are doing it. We never really
think about what we want in the future, what kind of results that we want to

If you want to be successful today, you will have to think for yourself, not for
others! You must know what exactly you like and where your interest is. I have
a friend, and he told me that to work from 9 to 5 is something inevitable, he
said that “This is life, a boring life, and there is nothing I can do to change it”.
Can you see that? That is why I told you if you want to create amazing results
in your life, you have to be different.

Think for yourself, plan for yourself, it is your future, not mine.

The moment you are not planning for yourselves, you will fall into other
people’s plan; you will become the stepping stones in other people’s route to
success. Strive for success while you can, and that is what makes life so

So there you have it, the Key to Success, Always Be Prepared to Strive for
Success. Keep this key into your pocket and don’t lose it. Use it to open the
door which leads to your success.

                       KEY #4 – Be Responsible

This is a very great key. If you can take all the responsibility, then you won’t
blame anyone. You must know that this is your life, and if you want to succeed,
you will have to walk this road on your own. Don’t give any excuses and don’t
blame anyone if you fail.

Have you ever heard of this word “if”? This is a very lousy excuse often given
by many people. Let me gives you some example here. “If I have a car, then I

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
                                     © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 14 -

can make more money”, “if only I have more time, then I will invest my money”.
Frankly, did you ever hear all these excuses before? Are you using them

These words are so easy to use, but don’t use them, they will not bring you
what you want. Take all the responsibility, only then you can move to a higher
level. Now, you must learn to make good use of this power of responsibility in
your life. How? Very simple, take all the responsibility and keep on improving

Allow me to give you an example here. Like me, I’m a student (the moment I
wrote this), and if I failed my exam, I can choose to either blame the lecturer for
not teaching me properly and there is nothing I can do. Or I can blame myself
and take all the responsibility, so that I can study harder for the next exam.
Therefore you see, if you take the responsibility, you will have the power to
improve yourself, you have the power to control the situation.

The moment you blame the whole world, you won’t have the power to change.
You will lose the chances of improving yourself. If your boss is not giving you a
raise in salary, you can blame yourself for not performing well enough. What if
after you’ve delivered your hard work, still your boss is not giving you a raise?
You can still take the responsibility that you’re not showing your hard work to
your boss.

You know, there is no use if you work so hard and nobody knows about it. You
must show your hard work to your boss. Well, you may say you’ve worked hard
and you’ve also shown it to your boss, but your boss still is not giving you a
raise. Let me tells you what, take the responsibility, and leave. If you’ve
created more value and your boss is not appreciating you, then you should
leave. This is because the market outside will appreciate your value and pay
you more.

So now you know how crucial this key can be. The moment you take all the
responsibility, you are taking up the choice to improve. However, there is one
more situation can happen when you OVER TAKE the responsibility. That is
when you blame yourself too much until you stay in a depress state and not
improving yourself. This is a very bad thing that can happen.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 15 -

I mean you should blame yourself and take the responsibility, but it is not to the
extent that you blame yourself until you feel depress and stay in a frustrated
state. This will make the situation worse and you are not going to change.
Therefore you must always control your emotion, make the positive decision,
just like what you’ve learned in KEY #2 – Control Your Emotion.

Know this, “victim blames, victor learns”. You will adopt the mindset of a victim
if you keep on giving lousy excuses like you don’t have the luck, you don’t have
the time, and you don’t have the knowledge. The problem is, the moment you
start giving excuses, you are giving away the power of controlling the situation.

For example, if you tell yourself that you don’t have the luck, you are giving
away your power of controlling your life and wealth. Meaning that you don’t
have the ability to take charge and change the situation, simply because you
think that it is not your fault and not your responsibility. Hence, you will lose the
power of controlling your life and your wealth.

The moment you give excuses like the economy has been down for the last 5
years, you are not going to learn from it. If you think it this way, you are not
going to change. However, if you take 100 percent responsibility and adopt the
victor’s mindset, you will take charge of your life. You will think differently like
you if your business fails, you will think of it is because of you are not doing
well enough, your sales and closing are not good enough.

Can you see it now? If you take the responsibility, you will have the ability and
power to controlling what is happening in your surrounding. But if you give
excuses and never take the responsibility, you are not going to change

If you use this power of responsibility wisely, it can become a leveraging tool
that will move you to a higher state of success. It will give you a flow of energy
and you should put this energy in your life. Remember, it is your fault if you
can’t achieve what you want. Just like what I said in the beginning, if people
move much faster than you, not because they are faster, but it is because of
you are moving slower than them. The moment you see someone is hard
working, it is because you are lazy, not because they are hard working. Apply
this concept, and take the responsibility.

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
                                     © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 16 -

Once you start to take the responsibility, you can see that your life start to
change. You will start to learn and make things come true.

              KEY #5 – Have a Burning Desire

Again, this is a very important key that is going to help you open the door to
your success. Without this key, it is almost impossible for you to achieve
success. In this world, who doesn’t want to be rich, who doesn’t want to be
successful? Everyone wants success. If you meet a beggar, just ask him
whether if he wants to be successful. I bet, he’ll say yes. But then he will
always remain as a beggar, why? Because he doesn’t have the burning desire
to be successful!

So what exactly does this burning desire mean? Burning desire is not the
same as what you wish. Burning desire is not the same as what you want.
Burning desire is something that it is a MUST for you. You cannot live without it.
Just imagine, if you’re in a desert now, it’s so hot and you’re almost going to
die because of thirsty. Suddenly you saw someone come by and he is holding
a bottle of water. You straight away walk to him and ask for water. Now, what if
that person doesn’t want to give you his water? You will kill him if he is not
giving you the water. So this is the burning desire, it is a must for you.

Still not clear enough? Ok, let me give you another example. Assume that you
don’t know how to swim. You go to a swimming pool and suddenly you fall into
the pool. The pool is so deep and you will drown. The moment you are
drowning, will you think like this? “Oh, I don’t know how to swim. If only I know
to swim then I won’t be dead”. Honestly, what will you do? Struggle! Why?
Because you want to live. It has become a burning desire for you to stay alive.

Many people want to be a Millionaire, but most of them won’t achieve it
because it is not a must for them. If something is a must for you, you will do
whatever it takes to get it. This is the burning desire that you need if you want
to succeed in your life. Success never comes automatically; you will need to
spend a lot of time and effort on it.

Here is a great story that I would like to share with you. Long ago, there is a
King, and he wants to conquer an island. Therefore, the King orders a General

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 17 -

to handle this mission. The King only gives the General 100 soldiers. And the
enemy has got 1,000 soldiers guarding that island. So how is this general
going to win this war? They are outnumbered.

What the General did was that he burned all the ships that carry his men to the
island. Now, there is no way back, it is either kill or been killed. The General
leaves his men no choice but to win the war. In the end, they did win the war.
And the moral of the story? If you want something so badly, you will eventually
achieve it. Hence, set your goals to become a must for you, a burning desire.

If your goals are not a must for you, the moment you face problems and feel
frustrated, you will give up fast. However, if your goals are must for you, then
you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You will get up fast the time you feel
frustrated. Thus you can see now how important a burning desire is.

Don’t worries if you don’t know how to make your goals come true, just set
your goal. There is a saying, “When there is a will, there is a way”. So just set
your goals and your burning desire will come up with some ways to achieve
them. Many people give excuses like they say that they don’t know how to
achieve what they want. Such as if their goal is to create an extra stream of
income online, they will give excuses like they don’t know how to create a
website. Is this true? Not really actually, if you have a strong burning desire,
you will automatically look for ways on how to create a website.

So stop giving these kinds of lousy excuses anymore. You know that you can
achieve anything if you want to, nothing is impossible for you. 50 years ago,
stepping on the moon is a myth; even hand phone is also a myth. Nobody is
going to believe that you can connect with people using a small device called
hand phone 50 years ago. But look, hand phone has become so common now,
almost everyone owns it. All thanks to those who have the burning desire to
make all these come true.

It is the reason that you want something so badly that develops your burning
desire. And it is your burning desire that drives you into taking action to make
your dreams and goals come true in your life.

The conclusion, make your dreams and goals a MUST for you. If you do this, I
can GUARANTEE that you can achieve them. Nothing is impossible.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 18 -

               KEY #6 – You Must Have a Plan

Well, right, to succeed, you must have a plan. Make sure that you come out
with a plan after finished reading this. Only when you have a plan, you will
know where you are heading, and what you should do to achieve them. It is
useless if you have great dreams and great goals, but you don’t have a plan
which will lead you there.

What if you don’t have a plan? You will end up in other people’s plan. Yes,
indeed, if you don’t have a plan, then you will end up becoming part of people’s
plan. If you don’t have a plan, then it will be the same as you’ve arrived to a
new city and don’t know where to head to. You will end up in nowhere. Having
a plan is equally important as having a clear goal. A goal without a plan is just a

Everything you do in your life must have a plan. Just like if you want to go to A
from B, there are a lot of ways you can get there. You can take a plan, train, or
by car. If you don’t have a plan, then maybe you will end up listening to your
friend’s advice by taking a train to A. So you see, you will end up in other
people’s plan. It is the same here if you want to make more money online. You
can choose to make more money using eBay, affiliate marketing, or create
your own products.

It is very dangerous if you don’t have a plan. Taking back making more money
online as example, if you don’t have a plan, what will you do? Maybe you will
try each method. And none of them will work for you. Why? Because you did
not concentrate. First maybe you will try to sell something through eBay, and
then you find that it was hard, and you change to affiliate marketing. After that
you say that it is better to sell your own products since you are already doing
selling through internet. Therefore you see, you’ve wasted lots of time and
energy just because you don’t have a clear plan.

Look around your house, do you think that without proper planning, you will
end up with a building that you can stay inside. Of course not, planning is
crucial. The architects will need to decide every area and dimension of your
house, and then engineers are going to design for your house which can stand
all the loads. A great plan will lead you to great success. Although all the
process may consume a lot of time. But slowly, day by day, you will move
nearer towards your goals.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 19 -

My lecturer once told me this before, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Now,
this is true, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Nothing in our life happens
automatically, everything needs a plan. Every successful people know this, if
they want to succeed, they will need to have a plan which leads them there.
Don’t believe in me? Read this…

One classic example is investor Warren Buffet. Does his ability to come about
by chance? Absolutely not. From a very early age young Buffett was obsessed
with making money and had a very clear dream of becoming the world’s
greatest investor. Born during the depression when his father was close to
bankruptcy, Warren learnt about the value of money and the importance of
being financially secure at an early age. Even before his teens, Warren knew
that he wanted to be rich.

As early as elementary school and later on in high school, he would tell his
classmates that he wanted to become a millionaire before the age of 35 (when
he turned 35, his net worth exceeded $6 million). It was because of his goal
that he constantly thought of ways to make money, while most other kids his
age would be spending their parents’ money. He even memorized a book
called ‘A Thousand Ways to Make $1,000′. At the age of six, he started buying
coke bottles at 25-cents per six-pack and selling them at 5-cents a bottle,
giving him a 16% gross profit, as he would tell himself.

At the age of 13, he got a job delivering newspapers and through innovative
marketing and distribution strategies, he served five hundred customers a day.
At the age of 11, he took all his savings and started investing in the stock
market. His first investment was three shares in a company called ‘City
Service’. While most kids at his age were reading comic books, Warren spent
his time reading company annual reports.

By the age of 14, he started a pinball business and was earning $175 a week,
as much as the average 25-year old was earning in 1944. Would he have
taken all those actions if he never set a goal to be rich in the first place? Of
course not. Obviously, it is because of his focus of energy and actions that
allowed him to become the best in what he does.

Warren Buffet did not achieve all his wealth by luck; he achieved all his wealth

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 20 -

by designing his own life. He knows exactly what he should do if he wants to
be rich, he designs his life to success, and that is how he came up with a plan
of making money through investing in stocks. If you study the life stories of
successful people, they all have a very specific goal, they know exactly what
they want to achieve in their life. They dare to dream and then let their dreams
guide their actions until they achieve success.

Did you know what you should do now? If you don’t, you must plan your steps
now. What are you going to do to achieve your goals? This is another great key
you need to keep in your pocket and use it when necessary. Use it wisely to
open the door to success.

                KEY #7 – Always Concentrate
                           In Your Work

You must be 100 percent concentrated in your business and your work. Focus
in your goals until you achieve it. This is a key that you will need if you desire
for success. For you, your business is the most important thing in your life. You
don’t need to care what had happened to other businesses out there. It is your
own business that is making you richer, not others. So always focus in your

You will feel the flow of energy if you concentrate in your company and in your
products. Have you ever gone to any seminar before? And if you have, I’m
sure the organizer will ask you to switch off your hand phone. Why? This is
because they want you to 100 percent concentrate in the seminar. Only with
100% of work you will achieve great results.

Let me gives you a few more examples of concentrating in your work and your
company. Have you ever seen any babies crying? When babies are hungry,
they will cry. And they cry with 100 percent of their energy! Sometimes they
even cry until their whole face turns red and without any voice coming out. So
you see, we were born in such a way that we do things with 100 percent
concentration. However, during the time we grow up, we’ve been influenced by
the surrounding, we start to loosen ourselves. All the negative effects have
been instill in our mind and influences our behaviors.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
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                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 21 -

Another thing that often makes a lot of people unable to achieve success in
their life is that they try to success. There is no try to success in this world.
Success never comes automatically; you will need to pay for it with your time
and effort. If you want to try for something, then don’t do it. If you decide to do it,
then don’t try, go for 100 percent, go all out! Only then you will achieve greater
results. You know what, if you go all out and even if you fail to achieve your
goals, you will still feel delighted because it is not your fault or mistake,
because you’ve went all out. But of course, if you go 100 percent all out, you
will definitely achieve your goals and success in the end.

So now you know that how important of putting 100% concentration and effort
are. Always, do your work with 100 percent effort; don’t worry that you will fail.
If you put on 100% effort, I’m sure that success will eventually be yours.

Just like if you are in network marketing, you have to stay focused in just one
company. However, a lot of people do not follow this rule, they joined company
A today, and found that company B is much better, so then joined company B
the next day. A few days later, they found that company C has a better
marketing plan, and they hop into company C. If you are doing this, it will be
impossible for you to achieve what you want in your life. You are diverging your
energy; instead, you should stay focused and put 100 percent of your energy
in just one company.

Having 100 percent focuses in what you do is very important, as it will
concentrate your work and leads you to better results. The more focuses you
are, the better the results you can achieve.

This is exactly the same in real life. When I tell you about Donald Trump, the
first thing that comes into your mind is that he is a real-estate billionaire. And
the moment I talk about Tiger Woods, you will straight away think of the Prince
of Golf. What makes you think like this? This is because they are the pros in
their field. Take the example of Tiger Woods, he is the pro in golf because he
focuses 100 percent in golfing and that is what makes him the pro. Try and
challenge Tiger Woods with basketball, I bet that he will lose.

So you see, if you want to be successful, you will need to focus in something,
preferably in something that you like and have interested in. The more you
focus, the better you can be in that particular field. Look at Michael Jordan; he

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                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 22 -

is great in basketball because he trains almost every single day. And that is
why he can be successful in basketball. What I want to say here is that, if you
want to be successful, then you have to put in 100 percent focuses in what you

Keep this key with you, always. It is very useful for you when you are down and
frustrated. The time when you lost yourself, feeling that you will fail to reach
your goals, just focus and concentrate back on your dreams, and you will feel
energetic once again.

                      KEY #8 – You Must Have
                              a Clear Goal

Another important key that you will need if you want to succeed in your life. You
must have a clear goal in your life. If you’ve read until now, maybe you will
think that this key is more important than other keys. But like I said, the order of
which key comes first is not important. All these 12 Keys to Success are
equally important; you will need them if you want to succeed in your life.

I know that many of you already knew about this key, you always heard
successful people saying that you must a goal; you must set your goal, etc.
Yes, indeed, without a goal, you cannot achieve anything. Now, if you’re
reading this article, means that you’ve the interest to succeed in your life. The
main reason you are here reading this report and read until this point is
because you have the thought of wanting to be successful in your life.
Therefore you see, everything happens for a reason, if you don’t have the
thought or the goal, you will not do all these things, you won’t be reading this
report by now. Only if you have a clear goal, your goals will lead you and tell
you what to do.

Well, the goals you set must be clear. Let me gives you some examples here,
of what a clear goal means. A clear goal is something that you can achieve, the
more tangible, the better. If you have a goal like this “I want to be rich in two
years”, it is not clear enough. Because you never state that how much is it that
you want to make. For some people, rich means having $1 million, and for
some people, having $10k is considered rich. So you must set clear goals for
yourself, the clearer the goal you have, the easier it can be achieved.

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 23 -

When we are small, our goals are crystal clear. Try to ask a child, what he
wanted to be after he had grown up. Straight away, he will tell you “I want to be
a doctor”; “I want to be an engineer”. But after we grew up, our goals became
very blur. If you don’t believe this, you can try to ask your friend. And you will
get something like “Well, it depends”, “I want to be successful”, “I want to live a
happy life”. These are all the blurry goals you may get. The time we grew up,
we’ve been exposing to the negative environment that changes our mindset.

Have you ever heard someone said that he wanted to go for vacation? But he
ended up going nowhere. Why? Because his goal is not clear enough. If you
said that you wanted to go for a vacation, you must know where is it that you
wanted to go. If you wanted to go to Malaysia, did you know that Malaysia is
big and where do you want to set foot? Your goal should be like this, “I wanted
to go to Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, I’m ready to spend $5,000 for this trip, I will
stay there for 7 days and 6 night, etc”.

This is a clear goal. Even if you say that you want to buy a BMW, you must
specific the model, the colour and other features. Only then it can be
considered a clear goal, and can be achievable.

Did you know why successful people set clear goals? It is because they know
that clear goals will lead them to the strategies that they use to achieve the
things that they want. What I mean here is that, the goals you set are going to
determine what kind of strategies you will use to achieve your goals.

If you set your goal as to make $10,000 a year in internet marketing, then the
strategies that you can use are like you can get involve in affiliate marketing,
online auctions etc. But if you set your goal as to make $10 million in a year, is
this possible? Yes, this is possible! The strategies that you are going to use are
completely different from making $10,000 a year. What you can be doing is
that you can create a loyalty system and sell licensing, and you can also apply
for IPO and list your company in the market. This will increase your capital and
you can make $10 million in a year.

The process here is not the point; I know that these are not as easy as it
sounds. The point I want to stress here is that the goals you set are going to
determine what kind of strategies you are going to use. Hence, it is the goals

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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 24 -

that you set are going to determine how you should live your life.

This is what you should be doing as well, you should always write down your
goals and plans. If you don’t write them down, they will remain as dreams. You
must write down your goals often and write them in somewhere that you can
always see. This will remind you that you still have goals to pursue, thus, they
will focus and drive you into action.

Hence, you know the importance of having clear goals now. Keep this key
together with you. When you are down, frustrated, take out this key again, and
remind yourself about your goal. It will give you a lot of energy in your journey
to succeed; you will need this key a lot.

                      KEY #9 - I Am Talented

Now, this is another key you will require if you want to be successful. You need
to believe that you are talented! You must have the confident to overcome
every obstacle that you face in your journey to success. Scientists claim that
we human only use approximately 10-15% of our brain in our life. And the rest,
we never used it.

Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists of our time is so talented,
that after he died, other scientists break up his head and check on his brain.
And what do you think that they’ve found? They’ve found that his brain is
bigger than normal people? No, this is not true. His brain is exactly the same
as yours and mine.

So what makes him so clever and such a genius? It is because Albert Einstein
used up 20% of his brain, his IQ. So you see, he only uses 20% of his brain
and yet he became the most famous scientist, nobody understands the theory
he explained, he is a genius. Therefore now you can see, we humans are very
talented. We already have the resources that we need to succeed.

Look at yourself. From your head until your toes. You are a miracle. God
already created the most amazing creature in this world, which will be us,
humans. Why did I say so? Human is the most perfect animal in this world. We

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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 25 -

can walk, run, swim; we can communicate with each other. We are perfect. So
far scientist still cannot create a computer which is as powerful as your brain.
Even if scientist can create such a computer, but I tell you, it will not be as
small as your brain.

Hence you must make use of your brain to the fullest. In fact, you already have
all the internal resources you need in order to be successful. We basically
have the same internal resources, what I mean here is, the same bio-computer.
But then why there are some people who are so talented, they can sing so well,
why are there people who can solve mathematical equations so well?

To discover the answer, you need to understand how your brain works. Your
brain which consists of more than 1,000 billion neurons, each capable of
processing information at a speed greater than a P4 personal computer.

Your talents, our skills all are determined by your brain, which will be how your
neurons are connecting. So, if someone who is very talented in mathematics, it
is because he has a richer neuro-connection in the area of
mathematical-logical thinking. Your neuro-system will develop once you were
born, and after that you will get influenced by role model around you. You can
be very talented in singing, but you may have less talent in calculus.

Just like what I said in my blog, the best investment is to invest in yourself, in
your brain, your mindset. If you invest in yourself, you are not going to make
ten percent of return like in mutual funds, or even twenty percent of return like
in stock. You are looking at a thousand percent returns from the investment of
your brain.

All the knowledge and skills that you acquired with your brain will stay forever
with you. There was once a person asked Henry Ford this question before,
“What if I take away all of your money and assets?” And did you know what did
Henry Ford answered? He said that, “Well give me 3 years, and I will be back
at current wealth position”.

Can you see that wealth is just some kind of financial knowledge? Once you
acquire them, they will be with you forever. Just like Henry Ford, if you take all
his money, he still can create another wealth empire. Money is just the product
of your hard work; it is nothing but the score to keep you going.

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 26 -

You already have all the resources that you need to succeed. Success is all
about mindset and beliefs. If you think that you can do it, then you can. And if
you think that it is impossible or hard, then it will be exactly just like what you
think. Our mind plays an important role in shaping the man that we can be.
Success require no secret, all you need are just hard work and determination.

Having said all that, you must believe in yourself that you are talented in
everything you do. You must first have the confident then only the route to
success will be easier. Keep this key with you, always have confident with

             KEY #10 – You Have To Pay For It

Now, this will be the last 3 keys to success. So key #10 is this, you have to pay
for success. You will have to sacrifice if you want for success. So what is it that
you are going to sacrifice for? Of course it will be your time and energy,
sometimes even your money.

Like I always said, success never comes automatically. You will have to work
hard, spend lots of time and effort on your plan, and take massive actions.
Then only you will achieve what you wanted the most. The question now is
how much are you willing to pay for success? If you want to make more money
online, are you willing to spend all your time doing research, building website
and market your site? If you want to lose weight, how much time are you willing
to spend to go for exercise, and can you stand for not taking sweet and high
calorie food?

Allow me to tell you an example of what is it meant by sacrifice and paying for
success here. There is a model, a very beautiful, slim and sexy model. One
day she won for the model competition. And so, a reporter asks her “What is
your favorite food”. Then the model answer “oh, I like ice-cream very much”.

The report feels strange, because someone who likes to eat something sweet
like ice-cream will not have a body as slim as the model. Then the reporter
asks again “How many times did you eat each month?” And you know what did

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                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 27 -

the model answer? She said “It’s been more than 10 years since I had my
ice-cream”. So you see, this is sacrifice. You will have to pay for it if you desire
for success.

Success will not happen instantly, just like building a house. Everything needs
time to develop. And how much effort you are going to put in will influence the
time you require to build that house. If you wanted to own a more luxury car,
then you will have to come up with more money to purchase that car. It is the
price you will need to pay for it. You will need to pay for how much you want.
This is sacrifice.

One day, if you saw your one of your friends becomes very rich, that is
because your friend spends a lot of time and effort in making more money.
Always, it is just the surface that you will see, what you see about your friend is
that he is enjoying with all the money he earned. You will never see how much
he had spent for his results. Maybe he works until late in the midnight everyday.
You won’t know it because you can’t see it.

However, what you can be sure is that he did spend a lot of time and effort in it.
This is just like a duck swimming in a pond. All you can see is that the duck can
swim very fast on the water. But did you know that the duck uses a lot of
energy on its legs to kick the water? This is what you can’t see, because its
legs are hiding under the water. But the duck do really put a lot of effort in it.

There is no free lunch in this world; you will need to pay for everything that you
wanted. Many people cannot stand it when they need to pay more for what
they want. The moment you decided to be a successful person, you need to
ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to sacrifice for my success?” If your
answer is a no, then you did better prepare yourself before you take any
actions toward success.

Are you willing to spend 3 hours of your time everyday to create wealth? Are
you willing to jog for 1 hour every morning after you wake up? Are you willing to
replace your movie time with reading the market analysis? These are the
sacrifices, so are you willing to pay for it?

If you want to be rich today, you will need to exchange your time and effort in
creating wealth. That’s it, as easy as it may sounds. Many people think that to

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                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 28 -

be successful is a difficult thing in life, what they don’t really understand is that,
to be successful is in fact something very easy, if you are willing to pay for it.

Therefore, always remember this; you will have to pay for success. Success is
not a sprint, but a marathon; you will have to put in CONTINUOUS effort.
Hence, keep this key in your life and let it drives you to success.

                 KEY #11 – Be Willing To Learn

This will be the last 2 keys for you in your road to success. You must be willing
to learn, learn and learn. Especially with the existence of internet, you can find
tons of information from it. If you wanted to know how to lose weight, simply
search the terms in search engine like Yahoo and Google, and you can find a
lot of information telling you how you can lose weight.

It is the same if you want to know how to make more money online. You can
also search for all the information regarding how you can make more money
online. Of course most of the times you will come across to a sale page. They
are selling all these info to help you achieve what you want in life. However,
there is also information that is free for you. So you see, there are basically
tons of people who are ready to teach you how to success in the net, not only
in the net actually, there are also many gurus you can find in your real life. The
question now is whether you are willing to learn or not.

There are forums, article directories, and even blogs (just like mine) which are
always flooded with a lot of information. All you need to do is to dig up all the
information and use it for your own. You must always update yourself because
with the existent of internet, everything changes rapidly.

About learning, you first must be someone who is “learnable”. I believe you’ve
come across some people who are not learnable; they just don’t willing to learn.
For example, these people do not willing to listen to their juniors, they thought
that they’ve known everything. This kind of people will not go far in their life.
The next thing is that you must be “teachable”. You must be willing to teach
people about what you’ve learned. Only then you can achieve success more

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
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                                   12 Keys to Success
                                         - 29 -

The one who gives will always receive what they deserve. From the golden
rule of life, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you”.
So you see, if you want more, then you will have to give more. If you want
more money, then make others more money and eventually you will get more

Another interesting point about learning to success is that you can learn from
those who had succeeded, and model their footsteps. If you want to lose
weight, then learn the footsteps of those who had successfully lost their weight.
As simple as that. Hence, you must be willing to learn everyday. From the
moment we were born, we are already in the process of learning every single
day. So nothing should stop us from learning, until the day we were gone.

So are you ready to learn more? Look at this example; can you learn how to
ride a bicycle by reading a book? No, you cannot. Why? Simply because some
of the things require hands-on and not by learning just the theory. This is the
same as if you want to make money and become a Millionaire. Hence, can you
become a Millionaire by reading a book? Not at all, because reading a book
and taking actions are two different things.

Some people read a lot of wealth books, but still they are not rich, because
they did not apply what have been taught in the books. What I wanted to tell
you here is that, solely with just learning is not enough. Yes, you need to learn,
but you should also put what you’ve learned into actions.

We’re living in an information age, if you are not willing to learn, then you will
fall behind. Today, it is easier to create wealth, meaning that it is easier to
become a Millionaire. There are more millionaires now than before, because if
you have a creative idea, you can make a fortune. Look at Richard Branson,
Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Jerry Young; all made their fortune at a very young

All these successful young entrepreneurs made their fortune with a creative
idea; of course, they do really put a lot of effort into it. This is what I wanted to
tell you. If you are willing to learn, someday you will eventually come up with a
brilliant idea just like them.

                                   The Millionaire Secrets
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                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 30 -

Well, this is it, key #11 – Be Willing To Learn. Bear in mind, learning is a
process; you will need to take action on it. Without action, what you’ve learned
will be useless.

Are you ready to discover the final key to success? If you are reading up until
this point, congratulations. You are already one step ahead of most people out
there, because most of the people, who purchase a book, did not actually
finish it.

Let us continue...

                     KEY #12 – Success Require
                               No Secrets

Well, if you’re following me from the beginning up until now, you’ve gone
through all the 11 keys to success. This is the final key, Success Require No
Secrets. If you’ve gone through all the 11 keys with me, you will know that you
already have all the resources (keys) to succeed. To achieve what you want, it
requires no secrets, but hard work and determination.

To be successful, you have to love what you do. If you want to make money
from investment, then you will have to love to invest. The power of love is
much bigger than you can ever expect. Only when you love to do your work,
you can do it better. If you hate to succeed, do you think that you can achieve it?
That will be impossible. For example, when you love someone, you are willing
to do whatever it takes to be together with him or her. This is the same in
pursuing your goals to success.

After you’ve read all these keys to success, you have a choice to make
decisions. You can choose whether to work harder towards your goals, or you
can choose to remain the same. The choice is in your hand. No matter what
choices you made, you will still make a choice. What I mean here is even if you
choose not to make any decision; you’re still making a choice. Therefore, in
our lives, we always have a choice. This is because we can control our

                                  The Millionaire Secrets
                                    © Copyright 2007
                                  12 Keys to Success
                                        - 31 -

The significance about controlling our thinking is that we can make things
change. Mindset is the most valuable asset that everyone can have. It is not
why some people are far richer than you just because they have much more
money. It is because the mindset they have is different from yours. Mindset
determines everything in our lives, the things we do, our behavior, our thinking,
everything. Therefore you need to know how to take charge of your mind.

Success require no secrets, it is all about mindset. Everyone can buy the same
wealth book that teaches you how to be rich, but not everyone can be rich after
reading that book.

Why? Because the mindset is different. You can have a book that teaches you
from beginning until the end on how to become a Millionaire; however if you
give up in the half way, everything will be wasted. Thus it is the mindset that is
more important, often, “why” is more crucial than “how”. If you know “why” you
want to success, then no matter “how” hard it will be, nothing can ever stop

The moment you know why you want to succeed, you will somehow come up
with some plan and strategies to achieve it. Like the famous saying, “when
there is a will, there is a way”. Hence, if you want to be successful, just focus
on creating a will.

Now, what do you feel after reading all these so-called keys to success? They
are not any big secrets; all of the keys here are nothing but your mindset and
your beliefs. It is you that is going to determine your success, not any secrets
that you never heard before. I believe that you have heard about all the keys
here, just that you never really notice about how important they are in your life.

What I wanted to tell you here is that success lies within your hands. It is how
you treat success that matters. If you are serious, you are willing to put in a lot
of effort and determination, nothing can ever stop you. Success will eventually
be yours. However, if you keep on procrastinating, not taking any actions, and
you are not serious about it, then I don’t think that you can achieve amazing
results in your life.

Life is short; you must appreciate what lies in front of you. You can treat
success as a game; life is a game after all. However, you must know how to

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                                   12 Keys to Success
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play the game of life, don’t break the rules. If there is one thing I can tell you
now, I will tell you to be serious and committed in everything you do.

I’m not saying that you should work and pursue success 24 hours. What I
mean here is that you should do everything with 100 percent commitment and
be serious in it. Even if you are enjoying, enjoy it seriously. Often, it is because
of our bad habit of not doing things seriously that make us fail to achieve what
we want. Therefore, learn from now on, to be serious in everything you do,
even when you are playing games, play it seriously.

I would like to add another Key to Success here, and the Key #13 will be…

         KEY #13 – Take Massive Actions

Nothing can happen without action. Everything happens for a reason. And if
you are rich today, it is because you have taken a lot of action to make it come

So start taking action from now on. Even after you finished this report, but if
you are not putting all these keys into good use, you will never achieve what
you want. Knowledge and skills is just the vehicle that helps you reach the
destination you want, action is the fuel that will drive the powerful vehicle. Stop
procrastinating and take action, NOW!

Now, you’ve finally come to the end of this report, 12 Keys to Success. What
do you think about this e-book? Is it helpful? Is it motivational? Or it is sucks?
Tell me your opinion about this e-book; whether positive or negative, I receive
both. And if you think that all the information here are child’s play and wasting
your precious time for reading it, please accept my apology.

You can email me your comment from my blog, or simply click the link below:

These are the Keys to Success. Wishing you good luck and all the best.

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By the way, before you go, you have the right to share this report. I strongly
believe in the golden rule of life. If you want to be successful today, make other
people success first. So share this report with someone whom you think might
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elevator down so that others can come up as well.

To Your Success,
Shawn Lim

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Hi, I’m Shawn Lim. Nice to see you here.

The only reason that we can meet here is just because you are so eager to
succeed, and you wanted to make money, to become a Millionaire. It is great
to see that we both have the same dream and goal.

I’ve been in the internet field and in pursuing for success, and I will share with
you whatever I’ve learnt to help you. Am I a Millionaire? Let me tells you here.
No, I’m not. So what qualifies me to share with you the secrets of success and
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The answer is, NONE. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned together with my own
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