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					                                                                English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                       Objectives                            Contents                     Methods                      Homework
                                     Pupils will be introduced to the unit     Classroom rules.               Presentation.               Write a short description of
9/2     1    1.    Introductions
                                     and understand the goals of the class.    English class text.            Interviews.                 yourself.
                                     To enrich pupils vocabulary about the     Discussing about the
             2.    Origin of the                                                                              Group discussion. Pair      Essay or picture “where I
9/4     1                            universe. Be able to use the technique    universe. Universe
                   Universe                                                                                   work.                       am in the universe.”
                                     of brainstorming.                         vocabulary.
                                                                               Universe vocabulary.
             3.    Origin of the     To learn the different methods of                                        Vocabulary presentation.    1 example of each type of
9/15    1          Universe          forming compound nouns.
                                                                               Ways of forming compound
                                                                                                              Group work.                 compound noun.
             4.    Beginnings of     To be able to explain different           Speaking about earth           Pair exercises. Group       Read “Cosmic Egg” and
9/25    1          Life              theories about the beginnings of life.    formation.                     practice.                   prepare comparison essay.
             5.    Beginnings of     To understand the types of noun                                          Brainstorming. Group        Write an essay about life
9/29    1          Life              derivations.
                                                                               Noun derivations.
                                                                                                              reading. Pair exercises.    and its beauties.
                                     To be able to create plurals of noun                                                                 Write 2 examples of each of
9/30    1    6.    The Stars                                                   Plural noun derivations.       Debate. Group work.
                                     derivations.                                                                                         the derivation plural form.
             7.    Round Up -        To be able to use the new weather         Weather vocabulary. Unit
10/2    1          Weather           vocabulary.                               vocabulary and grammar
                                                                                                              Group discussion.
                                     Recall the vocabulary and grammar         Vocabulary and grammar for                                 Review vocabulary and
10/6    1    8.    Round Up
                                     points for unit.                          unit.
                                                                                                                                          grammar for unit.
                                                                                                                                          Pre-Read: Evolution of Life
10/7    1    9.    Round up – Test   Pupils complete test for Unit.            Vocab and grammar for unit.    Written test.               on Earth and The Sun- Our
                                     To be able to distinguish between
                                                                                                              Individual reading.         Create a poster to illustrate
             1.    Adaptation for    main characteristics of vertebrates       Biology vocabulary.
10/9    2          Survival          and invertebrates.                        Readings.
                                                                                                              Group discussion. Pair      different methods of
                                                                                                              writing.                    adaptation for survival.
                                                                               Vocabulary for animals and
                                     To be able to use the new vocabulary                                     Group discussion.
                                                                               food. Speaking about
             2.    Animals and       and describe different types of                                          Reading and                 Conjugate irregular verbs.
10/13   2          Food              animals. To be able to speak using the
                                                                               animals. Irregular verbs: to
                                                                                                              understanding exercises.    Study “Remember” pg. 33.
                                                                               blow, to feed, to feel, to
                                     appropriate English tenses.                                              Grammar presentation.
                                                                                                              Pair exercises. Group
                                     Pupils will be able to use the skill of   Vocabulary for animals and
             3.    Taking Care of                                                                             practice. Individual        Ex. 1,2,4 pg. 36
10/14   2          Baby Animals
                                     scanning the text for details. To be      their young. Noun suffixes
                                                                                                              reading. Group              Writing pg. 36
                                     able to use the vocabulary.               Plurals of nouns
                                                                                                              discussion. Pair writing.
                                     To be able to compare animal rights
             4.    Animal Rights                                                                                                          Write about what your
                                     with human rights.                        Vocabulary for the topic of
10/16   2          and Scientific                                                                             Debate                      opinion of animal research
                                     To be able to describe exploitation of    animal rights.
                   Research                                                                                                               is.
                                                                                                                                          Write a brief story
             5.    Animal Rights     To be able to discuss advantages and
                                                                               Writing mechanics for          Group discussion. Pair      describing how certain
10/20   2          and Scientific    disadvantages of vivisection.
                                                                               paragraph construction.        work. Presentation.         animals are helpful to
                   Research          To utilize critical thinking skills.

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                                                                  English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                        Objectives                           Contents                     Methods                     Homework
                                                                                                                                          Write a short report on
             6.    Science: A        To be able to discuss the advantages
                                                                               Irregular verbs: to deal, to                               changes scientific research
10/21   2          menace of         and disadvantages of cloning.
                                                                               burn, to bring.
                                                                                                               Debate. Group practice.
                                                                                                                                          has brought about to human
                   Civilization?     To use irregular verbs correctly.
             7.    Round Up –        To use the new vocabulary about           Law of the Jungle,              Listening exercise.
                                                                                                                                          Review unit vocabulary and
10/23   2          Trustworthy       trustworthy friends. To utilize           vocabulary, irregular verbs:    Group discussion. Pair
                   Friends           listening skills.                         arise, bear, bind, set, give.   writing.
                                                                                                                                          Review unit vocabulary and
10/27   2    8.    Round up          Pupils review                             Vocab and grammar for unit.
                                                                                                                                          Pre-Read: Evolution of Life
10/28   2    9.    Round up – Test   Pupils complete test for Unit.            Vocab and grammar for unit.     Written test.              on Earth and The Sun- Our
                                     Pupils will learn about Halloween                                         Group reading,
10/30        10. Halloween                                                     Vocabulary for Halloween                                   No homework.
                                     traditions.                                                               brainstorm.
             Fall Break
11/10        11. Open                Keep for catch up or test review.
                                     Pupils are able to use vocabulary on                                                                 Comment on the proverb:
        3    1.    Keeping Fit                                                 Vocabulary for physical         Vocabulary presentation.
11/11                                this topic. Be knowledgeable of the                                                                  “Good health is better than
                                                                               fitness topic.                  Group work.
                                     importance of keeping healthy.                                                                       riches.”
                                     Pupils will be able to speak of the
                                     importance of daily fitness. Pupils       Physical fitness text for       Pair exercises. Group      Create a plan for keeping
11/13   3    2.    Keeping Fit
                                     will be able to read for general          reading.                        practice.                  fit.
                                     Pupils will learn and use words for                                       Vocabulary exercises.
             3.    Injuries and                                                Vocabulary for injuries and
11/17   3          Diseases
                                     injuries and diseases and recognize
                                                                                                               Group discussion. Pair     Exercise 2
                                     their descriptions.                                                       writing.
                                     Pupils will be able to use both of, all
                                                                               Grammar both, all and           Grammar presentation
             4.    Injuries and      of and neither of correctly. Pupils                                                                  Create an outline for an
11/18   3          Diseases          will understand how to write an essay
                                                                               neither (of). Parts of an       and practice. Essay
                                                                               essay.                          building demonstration.
                                     on a topic.
             5.    Internal Organs                                                                                                        Design a poster to help
                                     To know about the most dangerous          Vocabulary for internal         Guest speaker for health
11/20   3          and their
                                     diseases and how to prevent them.         organs.                         presentation.
                                                                                                                                          prevent spread of a
                   Functions                                                                                                              disease.
             6.    Group reading
                                     Students will read for information
11/24   3          and Grammar                                                 Review prepositions.            Reading, Exercises
                                     Pupils will understand the effects of     Vocabulary for health                                      Memorize the verbs: to
                                                                                                               Pair exercises. Group
11/25   3    7.    Health Hazards    smoking and alcohol and draw              hazards. Discussion practice
                                                                                                                                          dwell, to strive, to upset,
                                     necessary health conclusions.             for drawing conclusions.                                   to draw, to sting.

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                                                               English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                       Objectives                           Contents                      Methods                     Homework
                                     Pupils will be able to state why it is                                                               Exercise 4 and make an
                                                                               Vocabulary for hygienic rules
             8.    Caring for your   important to take care of your body.                                      Brainstorming. Group       outline for an essay
12/1    3          Body              Be able to identify personal strengths
                                                                               and ways of improving
                                                                                                               reading. Pair exercises.   regarding how to improve
                                     and weaknesses.                                                                                      health.
                                     Pupils will be able to state hygienic     Reflexive pronouns (himself,
             9.    Caring for your                                                                             Group discussion. Pair     Complete essay regarding
12/2    3          Body
                                     rules. Be able to use the reflexive       herself). Vocabulary for
                                                                                                               work. Presentation.        how to improve health.
                                     pronouns correctly.                       hygienic rules.
                                     Pupils will be able to state why self-    Vocabulary for pubic health                                Write an essay about “The
             10. Round Up –                                                                                    Group review. Pair
12/4    3        Public Health
                                     medication is not ideal. Will be able     concerns.
                                                                                                                                          Health Program in our
                                     to conjugate irregular verbs correctly    Irregular verbs.                                           School”.
                                                                                                                                          Review unit 3 grammar and
12/8    3    11. Unit Review         Unit Review                               Vocab and Grammar               Jeopardy
                                                                                                                                          Pre-read “Becoming a
12/9    3    12. Round up – Test     Pupils complete test for Unit.            Vocab and grammar for unit.     Written test.
                                                                                                                                          critical thinker” pg. 70
12/11   3    13. Test Revision       Review errors from the test
             1. Holiday
                                     Students will be able to speak about      Vocabulary for Moldovan                                    Write sentences for each of
12/15            Traditions –                                                                                  Written and verbal.
                                     Holiday traditions in Moldova             Holiday. Irregular verbs.                                  the irregular verbs.
             2. Holiday
                                     Students will be able to speak about      Vocabulary for American                                    Compare a holiday tradition
12/16            Traditions –                                                                                  Written and verbal.
                                     Holiday traditions in United States       Holidays. Verb Tenses                                      for Moldova and America.
                                     Students will learn about Christmas
                                                                               Christmas vocabulary.           Make a greeting card.
12/18        3.    Christmas         traditions and practice speaking about                                                               none
                                                                               Speaking about holidays.        Verbal and written.
             Winter Break
                                     Pupils will understand that living in a
                                                                                                                                          Write an interpretation of
             1.    Local             society means taking responsibility for
                                                                               Vocabulary for local            Brainstorming. Group       “Democracy is the art of
1/15    4          Government        finding solutions to problems. Be able
                                                                               government entities.            reading. Pair exercises.   thinking independently
                   Responsibility    to work out a plan of action to
                                     overcome a problem.
             2.    Local             To utilize noun substitutes correctly.
                                                                               Irregular verbs                 Group discussion. Pair     Write a plan of action for
1/19    4          Government        To be able to conjugate irregular
                                                                               Noun substitutes                work. Presentation.        the problem of litter.
                   Responsibility    verbs correctly.
                                     To be able to speak about the
                                                                                                                                          Make an outline of the
                                     Parliament of the Republic of             Vocabulary and information
             3.    Legislative                                                                                 Vocabulary explanation.    parliament of the Republic
1/20    4                            Moldova.                                  related to democracy and
                   Power                                                                                       Debate. Group work.        of Moldova with a
                                     To be able to articulate the function     parliament.
                                                                                                                                          description of each body
                                     of a democratic state.
                                     Be able to compare the prerogatives                                                                  Write an opinion on the
                                                                               Reading on the US
                                     of the two presidents, from US and                                        Brainstorming. Group       proverb: He that puts on a
1/22    4    4.    Executive Power                                             government executive
                                     Moldova, and draw conclusions.                                            reading. Pair exercises.   public gown must put off a
                                                                                                                                          private person.

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                                                                   English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                         Objectives                                Contents                   Methods                     Homework
                                       To understand how to conjugate               Irregular Verbs.               Grammar presentation.      Suggest 2 additions for
1/26   4     5.    After 20 Years
                                       irregular verbs and use in context.          Life’s Little Instructions.    Group work.                “Life’s Little Instructions”.
             6.    Judicial            Pupils will apply critical thinking skills   Vocabulary and information     Vocabulary presentation    Grammar revision, page 82,
1/27   4           Authority           while studying Bob’s case.                   on judicial authority.         & group reading.           Ex. 3.
                                       To be able to conjugate irregular
                                                                                                                   Individual reading.        Explain in a paragraph how
             7.    Judicial            verbs correctly. To distinguish bodies       Irregular verbs. Judicial
1/29   4                                                                                                           Group discussion. Pair     justice is administered in
                   Authority           through which justice in Moldova is          authority information.
                                                                                                                   writing.                   Moldova.
                                       Pupils will be able to explain what
                                       Children’s rights means to them and          Vocabulary for children’s
             8.    Round up –          distinguish between different                rights. Quantity
                                                                                                                   Brainstorming. Group       Pre-read “additional
2/2    4           Defending           principles of building a democratic          determination in a
                                                                                                                   reading. Pair exercises.   reading” pg. 86
                   Children’s Rights   society.                                     comparative plan (all, each,
                                       Utilize quantity determiners                 every.)
                                       To recall vocabulary and grammar for         Unit vocabulary and                                       Review vocabulary and
2/3    4     9.    Unit Review
                                       unit.                                        grammar.                       Review games.              grammar for unit 4.
                                                                                                                                              Write an opinion on the
                                                                                                                                              statement “A successful
2/5    4     10. Round up – Test       Pupils complete test for Unit.               Vocab and grammar for unit.    Written test.
                                                                                                                                              marriage is an edifice that
                                                                                                                                              must be rebuilt every day.”
                                       Be able to use abstract nouns
             1.    Weddings and        correctly.                                   Vocabulary for weddings and    Pair exercises. Group
2/9    5                                                                                                                                      Writing, page 90
                   Customs             Understand and use vocabulary for            customs.                       practice. Role play.
                                       weddings correctly.
                                                                                                                   Individual reading.
             2.    Weddings and        Be able to distinguish customs and                                                                     Exercise 2, reading page
2/10   5                                                                            Noun classifications.          Group discussion. Pair
                   Customs             wedding ceremonies.                                                                                    89.
                                       Understand that the family is the
                                                                                    Vocabulary for family and      Brainstorming. Group
2/12   5     3.    Family Values       basic unit of society.
                                                                                    family values.                 reading. Pair exercises.
                                                                                                                                              Exercise 1, page 92, Und.
                                       To be able to identify family values.
                                       To be able to form cleft sentences.
                                                                                    Cleft sentences.               Pair work. Presentation
2/16   5     4.    Family Values       To be able to conjugate and use                                                                        Exercise 1, page 95 Writing
                                                                                    Irregular verbs.               and practice.
                                       irregular verbs.
                                       Pupil will understand causes of                                                                        Write an essay suggesting
                                                                                    Vocabulary regarding
2/17   5     5.    Solving Problems    teenage violence and suggest
                                                                                    teenage violence.
                                                                                                                   Debate. Group work.        ways to decrease teenage
                                       solutions for it.                                                                                      violence.
                                       Pupils will be able to state attitudes       Information about solutions    Pair exercises. Group
2/19   5     6.    Solving Problems                                                                                                           Ex. 3, page 96 writing.
                                       towards adults and peers.                    to teenage violence.           practice.
                                       Be able to describe personality traits                                      Individual reading.
                                                                                    Vocabulary and information
2/23   5     7.    Jobs and Trades     which are necessary for a successful                                        Group discussion. Pair     Ex. 3, page 99 Reading
                                                                                    regarding character traits.
                                       career.                                                                     writing.

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                                                                English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                       Objectives                            Contents                       Methods                     Homework
                                     Be able to complete an employment          Vocabulary and information                                  Write a description of the
                                                                                                                 Brainstorming. Group
2/24   5     8.    Jobs and Trades   application correctly and without          regarding applying for
                                                                                                                 reading. Pair exercises.
                                                                                                                                            ideal employee and explain
                                     errors.                                    employment                                                  why they are so.
             9.    Keeping up with   Pupils will be able to use fashion and     Clothing and fashion             Group discussion. Pair
2/26   5           Fashion           clothing related vocabulary.               vocabulary.                      work. Presentation.
                                                                                                                                            Reading, Ex. 2, page 100
                                     Be able to distinguish between the
                                     words “to match” and “to suit’ and
             10. Keeping up with                                                Irregular verbs.                 Debate. Group work.
3/1    5         Fashion
                                     utilize irregular verbs correctly.
                                                                                Stranded prepositions.           Role play.
                                                                                                                                            Writing, Ex. 2, page 102
                                     Be able to utilize stranded
                                     prepositions correctly.
                                     Understand the benefit of taking care
             11. Round up –          of one’s clothing. Be able to              Vocabulary for running           Pair exercises. Group      Ex. 2, page 104
3/2    6         Running Errands     articulate the usefulness of running       errands, duties in the family.   practice. Scanning.        Ex. 1, page 105
                                                                                                                                            Read quote, page 107 and
3/4    6     12. Round up – Test     Pupils complete test for Unit.             Vocab and grammar for unit.      Written test.
                                                                                                                                            translate and comment.
                                     Be able to explain importance of
                                                                                                                                            Read “Life’s Little
                                     having a working day plan. To be able                                       Group discussion. Pair
       6     1.    Working Day
                                     to explain how to use adverbs and
                                                                                Vocabulary for working day.
                                                                                                                 work. Presentation.
                                                                                                                                            Instructions”. Writing
                                                                                                                                            Exercise 1, page 110.
                                     Be able to speak about responsibility
                                                                                                                                            Grammar exercise 1, page
3/15         2.    Working Day       for studying and overcoming                Adjectives and adverbs.          Debate. Group work.
                                                                                                                 Vocabulary presentation.
             3.    Importance of     Pupils are able to explain the             Vocabulary for homes and
3/16   6                                                                                                         Pair exercises. Group      No Homework
                   “Home”            importance of home.                        home building.
3/18   6     Spring Break
3/22   6     4. Review               Pre-vacation unit information                                                                          Describe your ideal home.
                                     Be able to use “all”, “each” and                                            Individual reading.
             5.    Importance of                                                Grammar: prepositions,                                      Grammar revision Ex. 2,3,
3/23   6                             “every” correctly in written work.                                          Group discussion. Pair
                   “Home”                                                       All, each and every.                                        page 113.
                                     To use prepositions correctly.                                              writing.
                                     Pupils will be able to use the passive                                                                 Write an essay stating
                                                                                                                 Listening. Pair work.
3/25   6     6.    School Life       voice and speak about the importance       Passive voice grammar.
                                                                                                                 Grammar presentation.
                                                                                                                                            position on education and
                                     of education.                                                                                          its value.
             7.    Sports and        Pupils will be able to explain different   Vocabulary and information       Charts. Project Work.
3/29   6           Games             sports and their histories.                regarding sports.                Group work.
                                                                                                                                            Ex. 1 page 117.
             8.    Sports and        Be able to speak about healthy             Passive voice review and         Pair exercises. Group      Grammar exercises page
3/30   6           Games             lifestyle which results from sports.       vocabulary.                      practice.                  119.

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                                                                 English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                        Objectives                              Contents                    Methods                     Homework
                                      To be able to speak about customs          “Objective-with-the-
                                                                                                                                             Write a short essay on why
             9.    Round up –         and traditions.                            infinitive construction.”       Group discussion. Pair
4/1    6           Traditions & Art   To be able to use the “objective-with-     Vocabulary and information      work. Presentation.
                                                                                                                                             it is important to continue
                                                                                                                                             with motherland traditions.
                                      the-infinitive construction.”              for customs and traditions.
                                                                                                                                             Review unit vocabulary and
4/5    6     10. Jeopardy             Review unit                                Unit grammar and vocab.         Jeopardy
                                                                                                                                             grammar for test.
                                                                                                                                             Write a description of your
4/6    6     11. Test                 Pupils complete test for Unit.             Vocab and grammar for unit.     Written test.
                                                                                                                                             favorite books to read.
       7     1.    Easter Break
                                      Pupils will be able to use the
                                                                                 Subjective infinitive           Group discussion. Pair      Ex. 2, page 130 Grammar.
4/19   7     2.    Reading            subjective infinitive construction
                                                                                 construction                    work. Presentation.         Ex. 1, page 130 Writing.
                                                                                 Phrasal verbs, Objective with
             3.    Reading &          Pupils will be able to demonstrate use                                     Group review and            Ex. 2 & 3 page 132
4/20   7           Television         of grammar revisions correctly.
                                                                                 the infinitive, Subjective
                                                                                                                 practice.                   Understanding
                                                                                 infinitive construction
                                      Pupils will improve all language skills.   Information and vocabulary      Individual reading.         Write a description of what
4/22   7     4.    Village Museum     Be able to convert ideas into              for topic of having a village   Group discussion. Pair      you would include in your
                                      structured claims.                         museum.                         writing.                    village museum.
                                      Pupils will be able to express             Information and vocabulary      Group discussion. Pair      Ex. 7, page 138
4/26   7     5.    The Theater
                                      preferences.                               for theater.                    work. Presentation.         Reading page 138
                                      Pupils are able to develop and             Information and vocabulary      Pair exercises. Group       Ex. 3, page 141
4/27   7     6.    Music
                                      organize thoughts quickly and clearly.     regarding famous musicians.     practice.
                                      Pupils are able to summarize text.                                         Individual scanning
                                                                                 Phrasal verbs. Readings
4/29   7     7.    Music              Are able to use phrasal verbs followed
                                                                                 about famous musicians.
                                                                                                                 reading. Group              Ex. 3, page 142
                                      by objects.                                                                discussion. Pair writing.
                                      Be able to explain “spare time” and        Leisure time information and
             8.    Round up –                                                                                                                Explain in writing the
                                      “free time”. Pupils are able to use        vocabulary. Objective           Brainstorming. Group
5/3    7           Leisure
                                      the Objective Participial                  Participial Construction.       reading. Pair exercises.
                                                                                                                                             proverb “The busiest men
                   Activities                                                                                                                find the most leisure.”
5/4          9. Jeopardy Review                                                                                  Group Game                  Review for test
5/6    7     10. Round up – Test      Pupils complete test for Unit.             Vocab and grammar for unit.     Written test.
                                                                                                                 Individual reading.
             1.    Traveling round    Be able to use the Subjunctive             Subjunctive Participial
5/10   8           the World          Participial Construction.                  Construction grammar.
                                                                                                                 Group discussion. Pair      Grammar Ex. 2, page 150
                                      Pupils will practice the use of the        Passive voice grammar point.
             2.    Overcoming                                                                                    Group discussion. Pair
5/11   8                              passive voice when speaking in             Adjusting to a new culture                                  Writing, page 153
                   Difficulties                                                                                  work. Presentation.
                                      English.                                   vocabulary.
                                                                                                                                             Ex. 3, page 156
                                      To be able to listen and obtain the        Information and vocabulary
             3.    Physical                                                                                      Listening exercises.        Write about the geography
5/13   8                              gist of the information presented in       for geography of English
                   Geography                                                                                     Skimming for reading.       of one English speaking
                                      English.                                   speaking countries.

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                                                               English for Success – 9th Form
Subject:          English
Grade:            9th
School:           Stăuceni, Nu. 80
 Date Unit              Topic                       Objectives                         Contents                     Methods                     Homework
                                     Pupils will be able to use the
                                                                              Grammar for subjective and
             4.    History through   subjective and objective participial                                                               Ex. 1, page 158, Ex. 2, page
5/17   8           Architecture      constructions correctly in writing and
                                                                              objective participial         Group and Pair exercises.
                                                                                                                                        159 (reading)
             5.    Round up -                                                 Information and vocabulary
                                     To be able to correctly use vocabulary                                 Brainstorming. Group
5/18   8           What’s in a
                                     related to the history of humanity.
                                                                              related to the history of
                                                                                                            reading. Pair exercises.
                                                                                                                                        Grammar Ex. 2, page 159
                   Name?                                                      humanity.
5/20   8     6.    Jeopardy Review   Unit Review                                                                                        Project work, page 162
5/24   8     7.    Test              Pupils complete test for Unit.           Vocab and grammar for unit.   Written test.               Study for Test

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