How to d DRAFTI AN BUSINESS REPORT/what is the process of drafting a business report

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        Some sequent and technical steps should be successfully followed by the reporter
in case of writing a full fledged report .In the analytical report ,collected information
pertaining to any issues are necessarily sorted out ,analyzed and interpreted .A prevalent
and standing format of report is generally followed while drafting an analytical report.

         The total part that will be covered by a report like this cannot be understood
before hand always since the layout of an analytical report depends on the types and
situation of organization .So it is absolutely situational .An analytical report may
encapsulate the following items :

        1.Title : A definite and meaningful title always tops an analytical report .T he
title is fixed basing on the body of the report ‘s title should be so reasonable that the
readers can instantly get a clear cut conception about the whole them of the report .The
title may be brief or slightly long . But it should rationally be sort .The first page of the
report is called title page as in it the title is written.

        2.Itroduction:All concerned should be made knowledgeable about the
purpose of reporting .With this view in end .An introduction should be attached herewith
so that the readers can comprehend .It is notable that introduction is used in long report
only .The reporter is to seek co-operation from all important corners to collect
information and data to be used in the report .A message confirming thankfulness for
them is inserted in the introduction column .Many a time ,their names and brief identities
column are expressed in the introduction column also.

        3.Table of contents : Table and contents must be used in a long report so
that the readers can promptly find out the inquisitive matter in the report .The
different subject matters in brief headings with serial page numbers are expressed
through table of contents .

        4.Summery :Since the analytical report becomes long in size ,many readers
feel disgusted to read the whole report or may not read all portions at a time .

        5.Body of the report :This is the main and inseparable part of an analytical
report .The subject matter is presented in details in this part of reporting .The principle
subject matter is sequentially presented here .Besides this title ,sub title ,and paragraph
are used with a view to defferentiating different matters included herewith .

        6.Conclusion :The reporter is to add conclusion basing on the principle
matters of the report and opinion of the reporter .
         7.Recommendation: Recommendation should be essentially attached with
the report .

         8.Appendices : It in not always possible to use table ,map ,graph etc. With
the principle statement of a report .So appendices is very important of a analytical report .

         9.Biliographty :The reporter is to take the help of different books
,magazines papers, journals and other sources .These source are must be include in the
report .

         10.Index: it is very important to draft a report .it is must used in the report .

        11.Signeture of the reporter.: The report will be completely meaningless
and purposeless if it is at its end not duly signed by the reporter .If a report is prepared by
committee ,all people belonging to the committee must put their signatures in the report
.The report not only be signed but also be duly dated.

        Conclusion: In finally we can briefly say that all portions of a report as stated
above should be necessarily followed in drafting an analytical report .

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