Mechanism of Fuel Injection Pump by aguspurnomo1993


									Mechanism of Fuel Injection Pump

• Fuel Injection Pump Function

Fuel injection pump works for supplying fuel to space heating through nozzle with high pressure (max
300 kg\/cm2). Fuel injected with such high pressure fog would form with the fuel particles are very
smooth so it is easy to mix with air.

• Location Of Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel injection pump on diesel engine with the cylinder arrangement type in-line is usually located at the
top left or right of the engine. While on the V-engines are typically placed in the middle. There is also a
V-engines that use two injection pumps, each of which is placed on the right and the left engine.

Fuel pump commonly used on diesel engines for high round automobile and construction machinery is
a type of jerk pump system. Jerk means moving to the top. This is because these pumps use a plunger
that moves upward when Fuel pumping fuel into the engine.
Fuel injection pumps type central classified into four types, namely: type in-line, distributors, V, and
parallel. Type in-line diesel engine used in medium and large classes, where his plunger was drafted in
accordance with the tripartite with a total number of cylinders. Ditributor type sometimes used in
small-size diesel engine, where in this type, the fuel supplied by a single plunger that serves all the
cylinders. On the plunger type V, his arranged in the shape of a V.

In parallel type, two fruit type in-line pump arranged in parallel. Fuel injection pump separate types are
classified into two types, namely: single type and type of unit injector. On type single, camshaft used to
pump fuel. While the type of unit injector, injection pump and injection of nozzle of his made into one.

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