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									Tips on holiday with a Gadget

1. smart phone
Make sure bring the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. When traveling on public transport, you can spend
time browsing or just check in on Foursquare or Twitter and Facebook status updates. Make sure you
also bring the charger. We know that the phone is always online must be wasteful batteries.

2. media player
In general, people think the media player is iPod. Of course not everyone has it. You can take cheap
media player besides the iPod if it does not have. Or you can also listen to music through the iPhone,
Android and BlackBerry. After all, these devices can also play music.

3. Take NDS or PSP
When you have, bring a Nintendo DS or Sony PlayStation Portable. If not, puaskanlah desire to play
games on your handset. This smart phone is now also supported for playing games on mobile phones.
4. camera
SLR cameras do not take it! Too extravagant place. Simply take any digital camera. Although the pixel is
less, you do not you just on vacation. 're Not shooting. No need to show off to friends and family that
you have a SLR camera. If you do not have a digital camera, simply use the camera on the phone. This of
course depends on the cell phone in your possession. When the phone is expensive, of course, is
equipped with flash and optical zoom. The images you must remain good.

Of course a holiday destination for the routine release fatigue. Again, no need to carry a tablet
computer. You want a vacation, not work. Even if you still take a tablet, just a single goal, namely to
show off. Agree or not?

Happy holidays and be careful the road!

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