Bell's Palsy ..... Its symptoms_ diagnosis and treatment

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					         Bell's Palsy ..... Its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Is the paralysis affects the facial nerve (nerve cerebral VII), and it is lost the
ability to control facial muscles aspect infected, and there are many reasons
causing facial paralysis, such as brain tumors, or strokes, and other reasons
are manifold, but when you do not know the reasons so-called paralysis facial
paralysis facial paralysis, migraine, or Bill, the kind we eat in our subject now.

The Bell 's palsy more types of paralysis of the face common and it happens by
25 per 100,000 per year, which paralysis occurs suddenly in one area of the
face, and has no specific reason is a more neurological disorders affecting the
cranial nerves, and usually heals the disease automatically, and in spite of that
this syndrome has been described by the Scottish surgeon Charles Bell since
1821, but he was still going on until now the debate about the causes of this
disease, and treatment.

Is accompanied by onset of the disease the patient's fear that the disease is
due to a clot, or tumor, or deformity that will face the incident continues, and
the diagnosis of this case, the exclusion of similar cases, which can be
identified in which the cause of facial paralysis. And facial paralysis occurs at
slightly higher in those who are of Japanese origin, as occurs at a higher rate
between 10 to 30 years of age, and is common when you are over the age of

Signs and symptoms of Bell's Palsy:

About 80% of patients recover within a few weeks or months.
Symptoms occur suddenly, and reaches the affected muscle weakness than
after 48 hours.

Pain behind the ear may precede the paralysis one or two days.

May occur excessive sensitivity to sounds that have certain frequencies
(hyperacusis), and because of the stapedius muscle paralysis.

Loss may occur in half the taste sensation of the tongue only, and a third of
patients complain of a sense of taste disorder, while four-fifths of the patients
complained of loss of sense of taste.

Happens when two thirds of patients flood of tears, because of the affected
orbicularis kind, and not to its role in the conduct of tears, and is not due to
increased secretion of tears, may also occur dryness of the eye.

In some cases, there is an increase in lymphocytes, white blood cells to the
spinal cord fluid.

May reveal the magnetic resonance imaging for the presence of nerve

May help drawing Electromyography of the muscles in the evaluation of the
condition and to predict its fate, it has given this test evidence of denervation,
and this means damaged axon and regeneration of the nerve can take a long
time up to 3 months, it is possible that the renewal is not complete. While the
existence of renewal is not complete in the first week means a good prediction
of the fate of the case.

Diagnosis of Bell's Palsy:

The diagnosis of facial paralysis during migraine symptoms, and signs, after
exclusion of similar cases, and helps MRI MRI to confirm the diagnosis, they
are found in most cases there is swelling of the facial nerve.

Complications of Bell's Palsy:

In cases that do not heal completely, you may cause mental disorders, and
functional, and sensory, in the form of partial paralysis, and involuntary
movements associated with voluntary movements, and the tears involuntarily.

Treatment of Bell's Palsy:

Doctors prefer to give the gluco - Corticoids glucocorticoids in the form of
prednisone of 60 to 80 mg during the first five days, and is then decrease the
dose gradually over the next five days, and it seems that it improves cases
during less time.

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