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									         Bouts of winter cough: causes and remedial measures

Most people suffer in the winter colds and bouts of coughing of various kinds.
There is a constant cough and other spasmodic and dry cough. In spite of that
cough is one of the most common conditions, have proven study conducted by
the University, "Lester" that the British about sixty percent of people find a
reason to it.

Professor Allen Morris, a specialist in respiratory diseases in the hospital,
"Hill," and a leading British experts in this discipline, that cough are often a
reaction preventive aims to bring out the objects, or elements of exotic
respiratory system. However, can result from infections, bouts of coughing
and viruses.

Professor Morris advised to consult a doctor if cough persists for more than
eight weeks, and check out the rays of "X-ray" to make sure that there is no
serious illness. Should consult a physician immediately if the patient suffered
from symptoms did not pass by, such as cough accompanied by blood. We will
review and, consequently, the views of doctors, specialists for symptoms of
cough and the reasons that lie behind it, and ways to remedy them.

Chronic dry cough

Is a stubborn dry cough sometimes fade the ball and then resume again, but
they do not disappear altogether, and this shift comes mostly in the day, and
lasts about 15 minutes Nubia.


This type of cough simply explained as "unjustified". However, doctors
recently discovered that in some cases the problem lies in the hypersensitivity
in the upper airways, caused by the reflux of stomach gas.

Injured and suffering from bouts of hypercapnic sensitivity of the cough once
touching the throat of any dust or cold air, or the like. Of course we can not say
that any person suffering from gas necessarily will suffer from cough.


It may be useful to deal with some antihistamines, in addition to small doses
of morphine (described by a specialist). For immediate relief, experts advise
suck a grain of Menthol (Mint) is strong.

Cough, "invaded the" chronic

This type of cough does not come with mine, and yet the patient feels it drops
down the throat and mucus, and in some cases you may feel the presence of
what looks like a lump or tumor in his throat.


When the mucus becomes thick, natural to man, or increase the quantities
secreted by the human body for normal levels because of the sensitivity or
inflammation occurs cough reactive involuntary because the mucus drips into
the throat.


Can health products that do not contain steroids such as "Otrivin", to provide
immediate relief to reduce swelling of the nose and reduce the accumulation
of mucus. Experts recommend using a drop of Otrivin for a limited period not
exceeding a few days, because overuse may lead to negative results. If the
cough, "the invaded" caused by an allergy, such as allergies to cats, dust, the
patient may need to drop "steroid" in-place to mitigate or suppress
inflammation that causes the accumulation of mucus or phlegm.

Cough "bark" dry

May come with a cough accompanied by wheezing or whistling, but without a
mine, and often happens this type of cough during the night hours, and be
sporadic during the day.


This type of cough, in most cases, after a bout of cold or catarrh, or any other
respiratory infections, may also occur due to acute inflammation in the


In most cases, it is assumed here to vanish after coughing a few weeks. To
speed up healing, doctors recommend taking drugs menthol (mint) strong. It
can relieve the symptoms of the cough to cover the head injured person and
make it inclined almost face a lot of the pot when boiling water (preferably by
drops of mint), and this process usefulness lies in the moisture derived from
steam, moisture or moisture (of dew) hot work on mitigate and soften the
people and the respiratory tract airways.

Dry coughing spasms:

Bout to start coughing in the back of the throat invaded, and in some cases
lead to cough vomiting.


Some treatments can cause coughing, especially inhibitors prescribed for
people with high blood pressure. The cough usually occurs for about 15% of
the users of these inhibitors that make the backbone of the lungs more
sensitive to irritation.

Supposed to describe a doctor infected with this type of cough medicine and
alternative therapies for blood pressure do not work to raise the nerves of the

Cough "grubbing," accompanied by pain

Continuous cough, worse in the morning, come out of the infected mucus
yellow (gray or green / thick), and may be accompanied by pain behind the
breastbone, pain in the throat, in addition to wheeze and nasal congestion.


Acute bronchitis is the most likely cause of this cough, and acute bronchitis
affects passages or airways of the lungs, and cause a raise. Often comes after a
respiratory ailment, such as the common cold.

Bronchitis and the same is caused mostly by a virus, but in% 15.10 of the
cases occur because of bacterial infection. In bacterial infections the color
green phlegm or tilted to the color of rust. This type of cough, cough-like
swine flu. However, cough swine flu are usually accompanied by high fever,
sore throat, headache and other symptoms.


Professor Morris advised comfortable, and a lot of drinking fluids to reduce
the thickness of the mucus and thus to facilitate remove it. Preferably take
treatments contain a sticky because they relieve coughing. The doctor should
be consulted in the case of a sense of not being able to breathe, or if the cough
lasted more than a week, and if the color of phlegm green or rust color.

Purification throat cough

This patient was coughing as if there is swelling in his throat, and coughing
when he feels bitterly in his mouth. And can start coughing words, smile, or
eat foods especially dry.


The most likely factor is the transmission, or acid reflux from the stomach to
the esophagus. As the lining of the esophagus very soft and sensitive, happen
to her irritation and inflammation cause this cough. The acid reflux from the
stomach to the esophagus may cause abnormalities of the cells, and thus
increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus.


Antacids can book or neutralize the acids in the stomach, and is advised by
Professor Maurice rationalize eating the nutrients that stimulate acids such as
fatty foods, coffee, and lack of expansion in the family after a meal great, and
seek to avoid eating after nine o'clock at night, and should consult a doctor if
continued acidity for two months a row.

Dry cough accompanied by wheezing

The patient tends to cough a lot during the night, or in the first period of the


Asthma, "or the crisis," the most prominent of the ills that cause this type of
cough. When a person is infected by the crisis to something irritates the
airways has, lead to constriction of the muscles surrounding the narrowed

Cough and asthma can be disturbed cold, or eating certain foods, or exposure
to any irritants such as dust. So far there is no exact scientific explanation of
the increased unit bouts of asthma, cough during the night or early in the


The first step in treatment include the use of inhalers (inhalers), to open and
expand the air passages and ease breathing. And can be inhaled steroids if
severe asthma attack.

Cough accompanied by pain and shortness of breath

A cough accompanied by frequent shortness of breath. The symptoms of this
type of cough also include: coughing up blood with, loss of appetite, weight
loss, fatigue and severe pain in the lungs when you take a deep breath or
when coughing patient.


Lung cancer may be one of the possibilities. Doctors say the risk of lung cancer
are rare, however, must be a check-up when you see these symptoms.


Depends on the type of lung cancer, and often includes treatment to surgery,
radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Chest cough

This type of cough is accompanied by large amounts of phlegm, wheezing and
shortness of up in the chest and some difficulty breathing. And always occurs
in the winter.


Often happens because of illness of lung disease, smoking is considered the
most prominent causative factors. The affects of over the age of 40 years.


There is no cure for diseases of the lung, but can reduce and slow down the
damage. He highlighted the steps of treatment is to stop smoking and avoid
passive exposure to currents of cold air, and exercise whenever possible.
Breathing and the use of sprays can be useful because it works to expand the
people and the airways. It is also possible, inhaling steam, preferably
moisturizing rooms "to soften the phlegm and compelling."

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