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Jaymi Edwards, Early Literacy Specialist:
 Explore      to     Learn:     Early    Literacy    Fun:
 The             Miss            Jaymi            Channel:

Suzanne Walker, M.L.S., Youth Services Librarian:
 MPL           YA            Readers’            Advisory:
 Suzanne’s          Picture          Book           Picks:
 Teen Review Blog:

Rachel Montgomery, M.L.S., Teen Librarian:
 Savvy Book Reviews:
 Li’l Rae of Sunshine:

Meghan Adams, Adult Program Coordinator:
 Adult Book Reviews:
 Graphic Novels:

Kate Meador, M.L.S., Cataloging/Reference Librarian:
 Anime & Manga Bytes:

Cauli Le Chat, MPL Feline Roving Reporter:
 Cat’s           Eye          View        @           MPL:
 Catch        It    @      MPL     (Cauli     4       Kids):

William R. Buckley, Indiana Room Historian:
 MPL                    YouTube                   Channel:
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 Indiana Room:
 Readers                                       Advisory:

Revised 4/5/2012

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