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									Charging Gateway

Charging Gateway is a transport application for providing unified billing or charging to different value
added services and call/ SMS service offerings. It helps the telecom operators to implement different
services with little billing and charging effort as well as protecting the subscriber and operator from
wrong charging.

Feature of the product
• Content Specific Charging capability                              • Charging can be done based on user
• Subscription based charging ability                                group, time slots and slabs
• Reverse charging is possible for both calls                      • Data and SMS charging can be
  and SMS                                                            incorporated

Bene ts of the product                                             Highlights
• It provides a way to collect, aggregate and                      • Charging logics are customizable in various
  store user session data                                            ways, so it can easily incorporate operator’s
• Due to its store-and-forward capabilities there                    service mix
  is no risk of data loss during network outage,                   • Managing and integrating third party
  mediation system outage or overload                                content/service provider is really easy due
• Supports third party interfacing                                   to charging gateway
• Has a customer care and report manage-
  ment interface

Representative clients
Grameenphone                                                       Number of Installation/ Clients: 1

                                                                   Target Industry: Telecommunication Industry

                                                                                                                          Communication Solution
                        Charging gateway has enabled us to offer our services to the
                    customers in different charging modalities and attractive packages.
                     Through the charging gateway, the user can be charged based on
                       business logics, usage patterns and specific content usage. This
                       solution has made multifaceted charging extremely easy; as a
                    result, we can launch services with complex payment logics without
                        a second thought. This solution is indeed a blessing for those
                         operators who like to play around with rates and payment
                      modalities. Its ability to integrate with third party interfaces and
                        multiple SMSC has made content management much easier.
                                        Adnan Bin Taj, Manager, VAS, CityCell

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