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           hIS          tttf±jTE~OLOGIES
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       Innovation Ingenuitv Integritv

       MediaVise® Compact
       A Desktop Powerhouse for Destroying
       Computer Hard Drives
       Crimes involving stolen information have exploded to epidemic
       proportions. Identity theft, hacking of sensitive government
       information, theft of medical, financial and legal records, data
       piracy, industrial espionage and fraud have caused billions of
       dollars in losses, damages and lost productivity. Recent studies
       and reports are alarming:
           Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) notes 535 major data breaches
            during 2011, involving 30.4 million sensitive records.
           Health data breaches in the U.S. increased 97 percent in 2011 over
            the previous year, according to Redspin.
           Drives purchased on eBay often contain sensitive or confidential
            data including ATM pins and credit card numbers.
       Used and discarded computer hard drives and personal information devices are easily accessible
       sources of sensitive and confidential information. Phiston Technologies continues to research and de-
       velop innovative ways to combat the problems of media and data security.

                             Phiston introduces the MediaVise Compact®,
                        the latest in a line of desktop data sanitizing solutions.

         Smaller and more portable than other computer hard drive
         Totally automatic—machine begins processing with the
          push of a button
         Plugs into standard 15 Amp power outlet
         Designed to exceed NSA specifications and requirements

                                      PRODUCT FEATURES
                                       Patented crushing plates deliver 40,000 lbs. of force to the well protected
                                        platters and read heads
                                       Destruction takes 30 seconds
                                       Media is crushed, mangled, and completely unreadable
                                       Debris collection bin allows for effortless disposal

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        hIS           ttttflTE~OLOGIES
                         ~ I INC

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     Innovation Ingenuit!J Integrit!J

                                                        MediaVise® Compact
                                                        Technical Specifications
                         MODEL                                 MediaVise® Compact

                         PRODUCT DIMENSIONS                    22.5” x 9.75” x 20.6” (L x W x H)

                         WEIGHT                                132 lbs.
                         MAXIMUM CURRENT                       13 A @120 V

                         VOLTAGE                               120 Volts +/-10%, 60Hz

                         CORD SPECIFICATIONS                   6 Feet @ 13A

                                                               2.5 AND 3.5 HARD DRIVES
                         MEDIA ACCEPTED
                                                               CELL PHONES AND PDA’s

                         MAXIMUM MEDIA SIZE                    1.25” x 4” x 5.75” (L x W x H)

                         CYCLE TIME                            30 SECONDS

                CLEAR FEED DOOR                                                                       EXHAUST FAN
                CRUSHING CAVITY

                CONTROL PANEL
                                                                                                   POWER SOURCE

                DEBRIS COLLECTION BIN                                           •

            MSRP        $4,950.00

            GSA Pricing $4,495.00
              For additional information or to learn more about our products and services please contact::

                                ELAINE CARSON ● ELAINECARSON@PHISTON.COM ● 865 -776 -9915
                          PHISTON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. ● 865 -776-9915 ● W WW .PHISTON.COM
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