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					      2011 OFFICERS
                                        HOG CALL
                                        SALISBURY, NC - CHAPTER 2019                                                         APRIL 2011
          Jeff Yontz
                                      The Director’s Dresser… Jeff Yontz
      Assistant Director              Occasionally I will get questions concerning the H.O.G. Insurance Policy and what it does or doesn’t cover.
        Chuck Petrea                  Hopefully this will answer some of the questions that our members have.
Assistant.director@salisburyhog.com   WHAT IT IS
          Secretary                   The chapter insurance policy that covers our chapter events is liability coverage. The policy covers all
      Melissa Pendzinski              members of our chapter who are taking part in our chapter events as a volunteer or a
       704-209-1910                   participant if they’re found liable in an accident. Liability coverage will provide an attorney and cover legal
   secretary@salisburyhog.com         expenses in the event you – as a chapter officer or volunteer – are sued by someone in our chapter or a
          Treasurer                   member of the general public who has been injured during a chapter event. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure
                                      proper release forms are signed and to complete an injury report if there’s any type of accident on a chapter
          Keith Carter                ride. Injury reports and release forms are a requirement of the insurance policy, and they give H.O.G. and
         704-637-3820                 the insurance company notification of any potential liability.
           Activities                 The H.O.G. Chapter Insurance Policy covers all closed events (local chapter members plus one guest per
          Mitzi Cline                 member) for activities on a pre-approved list that is set forth by H.O.G. Closed events cannot have more
         704-798-6604                 guests than chapter members at an event. Example: If our total number of chapter members is 200, that
   activities@salisburyhog.com        doesn’t mean we can have 200 guests at each event. It means if 30 of our members show up for an event
                                      there can be up to 30 guests. For Closed events, as long as the adult chapter member has signed the annual
       Ladies of Harley               Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release, they don’t need to sign another release. Guests, as
         Dale Yontz                   well as minors, must sign a release each time they participate in a chapter event.
ladies.of.harley@salisburyhog.com     WHAT IT IS NOT
        Road Captain
                                      It is not coverage for open events – such as charity rides, poker runs, etc. where any make of bike and non-
      Freddie Thompson
                                      riders are invited. These type of events require the chapter to apply for coverage and there is a cost in-
        704-639-4069                  volved, based on the number of non-chapter members projected to attend. In addition, Open events require
                                      all participants to sign an event release form, including members of your chapter. The chapter must be the
        Safety Officer                producing entity in order to qualify for coverage. For instance, LOH is not a separate entity and cannot
        Bob Rummage                   apply for event insurance; it must be a chapter-produced event.
  safety.officer@salisburyhog.com     Our insurance policy is not individual coverage for your motorcycle nor is it coverage if you get injured on
                                      your motorcycle. That’s what your individual motorcycle insurance and health insurance coverage’s are for.
       Vickie Carter                  This may be a good time to review your motorcycle insurance coverage and if you should have motorcycle
       704-637-3820                   insurance needs please see Tracy Edwards at Tilley’s. Here is a link to Tilley Insurance Services, http://
 photographer@salisburyhog.com        www.tilleyinsuranceservices.com/, which may help answer some of your questions.

            Editor                    Jeff Yontz
      Jennifer Thompson

         Chuck Petrea

         Webmaster                    Regular Meeting Times
     Jonathan Thompson
        980-721-5294                    HOG Chapter Meeting - 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm in the Tilley’s HOG Room
                                        LOH\Road Captains - 4th Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm in the Tilley’s HOG Room
          P AGE    2

                            From the Assistant Director… Chuck Petrea
                            Well, the weather keeps getting better and better for riding. I hope you have taken advantage, and
                            gotten in some riding. If you haven't been on the Chapter rides, you are missing out on some good
                            times. Please get involved in your Chapter events.

                            Thanks to Brian and Jody from Tilley HD for doing the "Getting Ready to Tour" demonstration be-
                            fore our last meeting. It was very informative. Also, thanks to Outback for providing food after the
                            meeting. It was a good night to be a "H.O.G." We want to welcome new members Patrick and
Celebrating birthdays
                            Wendy Marion, Rita Rader, and Danny Sullivan. Be sure to say hello to these folks when you see
in April!!                  them.

                            State H.O.G. Rally in Hickory, NC August 18-20. The host hotels for the State Rally are:
Kathy Brooks
Kathy Carter                Courtyard Marriott                                    Hampton Inn
Jeff Earnhardt              1946 13th Avenue Drive SE                             1956 13th Avenue Drive SE
Harold Efird                Hickory, NC 28602                                     Hickory, NC 28602
Jeannine Efird              (828) 267-2100                                        (828) 624-2000
Scott Heim
Robin Holt                  Rooms are in the $100 range at these hotels. The State Rally website does list other hotels in the area
Bill Houck                  as well, just not as close to the Rally site. Check out the website
Buster Caws                 and make your plans to attend.
Dawn Mills
David Neely                 Let's Ride!
Marty Robbins               Chuck

                           Ladies of Harley… Dale Yontz
                                            SOCK-IT-TO-ME! LOH has started a new fundraiser. For those of you that
                                            were unable to attend last month’s HOG meeting, let me explain. We have a
                                            “new” chapter mascot, an orange sock monkey with the Harley bar and shield.
                                            You’ve heard the old saying “a monkey on your back”, well, some of you may
                                            literally get that chance. Each month we will pick a member that has done
                                            something “crazy.” Like Mitzi Cline who “almost” dropped her bike on the
                                            ride to Max’s Speed Shop in March.

                          Mitzi was presented with the monkey to ride “on her back” for the next month. If she chooses
                          not to carry it, she may pass it off to someone else, while paying $5.00 to the LOH fundraiser.
                          Anyone that gets the sock monkey whether by deed or default may pay the $5.00 to pass it on
                          or keep it for the month. At the end of the year we will raffle off the monkey. This is just a
                          little “monkey business” to help raise money. Let’s have fun!

                          The rained out mystery ride for March 26th will be rescheduled at a later date.

                          Ride Safe & Have Fun!!

                 HOG   CA LL
  SA LISBURY,        NC   -                                                                                   P AGE       3

Activities Zone… Mitzi Cline
                                                                   OVERNIGHT TRIPS
 Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
  I wonder where my bathing suit is!!                              Savannah trip April 29th-May 1st

                                                                   HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS HOTEL & SUITES - Sa-
I’ve always loved that quote! The higher the temperature, the      vannah GA 17 Gateway Blvd. East 31419 Georgia
bigger my smile :) I love the colors and sounds of spring.
Green grass, bright pansies, birds singing, and V-twin engines!!   We have a block of rooms reserved at the dis-
It was great seeing some new faces at Tilley’s Garage Party in     counted rate of $79/night for April 29th and 30th at
March. Too bad the guys couldn’t be there to enjoy the fun.        the Holiday Inn Express near Savannah Harley
We had a GREAT time.                                               Davidson. Mar. 29th was the deadline for reserving
                                                                   a “blocked” room, but you may still click on the
Outback treated us to some awesome food at our March Chap-         above link or call 912-925-2700 to see if you can
ter meeting. If you missed the meeting, you missed steak,          get a room. Ask for the group code: Salisbury HOG.
shrimp, blooming onions, and some wonderful quesadillas! Try
to come out to our monthly meetings…you never know who             CHDDA New Bern Rally, May 20th – 21st
might show up with treats!

April is going to be a busy month for us, and that means fun!      http://www.chdda.com/events/newbernrally.asp
Our new website is up and running: www.salisburyhog.com,           We’ve reserved a block of rooms at a discounted
and JT has done a fantastic job putting it all together. There     rate for the dates of May 19th – 22nd at the Bridge
are multiple ways to keep up with our events:                      Pointe Hotel and Marina near the convention cen-
    1) This newsletter                                             http://bridgepointehotel-px.trvlclick.com/
    2) Our website                                                 The cost is $99.95 per night compared to their
    3) The weekly updates                                          regular price of $124 per night. Call soon to re-
    4) E-mail me: clinemitzi@gmail.com                             serve if you plan to attend. 877-283-7713. The
    5) Facebook me: Mitzi Carpenter Cline                          group code to give them when you call is “Salisbury
    6) Our new bulletin board outside the HOG room on Tilley’s     HOG”.
        porch area
                                                                   Stations Inn/Freeborne’s, July 22nd-23rd
So keep a check on the calendar because events are added
weekly. Come have fun with friends that are like family. From      If you plan to attend this trip, please email me and
your suggestions, we’ve picked some cool riding destinations,      let me know. We have to collect the room charges
in addition to the rallies and annual events.                      in advance on this one, and April is our deadline.
                                                                   I’ll respond with your total. clinemitzi@gmail.com

                                                                   State HOG Rally August 19th-20th Hickory, NC
               Mitzi Cline, Activities Director
                 “Ride, eat, sleep….repeat!”                       http://www.ncstatehogrally.com/

                                                                   Contracts are negotiated with the two hotels be-
                                                                   low. Rooms are approximately $100/night. Men-
                                                                   tion you’re with the State Rally to get the discount:

                                                                   Courtyard Marriott 828-267-2100

                                                                   Hampton Inn 828-624-2000
P AGE   4

                         Events Currently Scheduled

                      (Events are being added monthly)

 Details for overnight trips are in weekly updates and listed separately in the

                These events are also on the website calendar

April 29 - May 1           Savannah overnight trip
May 7th Saturday           Caesar’s Head State Park picnic trip (all day ride)
May 14th Saturday          LOH Ride to Redbone Alley, Florence, SC (all day
May 19 – 22                CHDDA New Bern Rally
June 5th Sunday            Ride to Murray’s Mill
June 10-12                 Smith Mountain Lake overnight trip
June 18th Saturday         Ride to tour Childress/Petty race shops
June 27th Monday           Million Mile Monday
July 9th Saturday          Blue Ridge Parkway picnic ride
July 22-24                 Stations Inn/Freeborne’s overnight trip
August 6th Saturday        Sparta winery ride
August 18-20               State HOG Rally – Hickory
August 28th Sunday         Ride to NASCAR Museum
September 2-5              Surfside Beach overnight trip
September 22-24            BikerBlues&BarBQue – Tilley’s
September 30-Oct. 2        NC Seafood Festival overnight trip
October 16 Saturday        Chapter Picnic – Dan Nicholas Park 3:30 – 8:30
October 29th Saturday      Tour Pak or Treat –Tilley’s /LOH Halloween party
November 19th Saturday     Annual Chili Cook-off / Blood Drive - Tilley’s
December 3rd Saturday      Chapter Christmas party - Holiday Inn
December 17th Saturday     LOH Christmas party
December 18th Sunday       Carillon Angels ride
December 31st Saturday     LOH New Year’s party
Safety Zone… Bob Rummage                                                                                        P AGE    5

Wow! What great weather! If you are not riding…. Shame on you!

If you were at our March meeting you will understand Got Milk???

If not it refers to an exercise we did, the short version is that we all become conditioned to expect no problems as we ride
and become less cautious. Everyone knows that accidents happen closer to home than any other place we go. And it is
awfully easy to become sidetracked by the next project or what is for dinner or…… whatever is going on in your life at
the time.

We just completed a group riding class on the 20th. I think we all had a good time and may have even learned something
or remembered something we had forgotten. Either way we had some laughs and good times. If you were able to partici-
pate please take the time to go on a group ride as soon as you can to put the things we learned into practice and enjoy the
road together!

We will plan more classes in the future, if you have a class that you would like to have taught please feel free to let us
know and we will do our best to get it presented.

Ride because you love it!
Bob Rummage

                                                                               Road Call… Freddie Thompson

Poor cornering is responsible for most bike accidents which do not involve other vehicles. Enter a corner too fast, grab
the brakes mid corner when you realize you can't make it and you're well on your way to a visit to the ditch and possibly
the local Emergency Room.*

A corner should be taken in a fluid line, at a correct speed (not too fast!), in the proper gear, and with the throttle
slightly on. Accelerate gradually through the turn and use counter-steering to initiate the lean into the corner. Maintain
pressure until the desired lean angle is established. Adjust the pressure to allow the front end to stabilize at an appropri-
ate lean angle to follow the line through the turn. Your acceleration should begin only when you can see the exit to the
turn, before you can see the exit, maintain your entry speed. Again, this is something to practice, start at slower speeds
until you feel more confident. If you are not sure how fast to enter a turn, look for road signs, they often have some
sort of warning about the severity of a turn. The behavior of vehicles in front of you is also a good indication, if they are
braking hard as they enter the corner, it may be more severe than you think.

Key Cornering Tips
Keep the power on slightly as you round the turn, to counter the effect of the turn and maintain your bike's stability.
Keep your head up and physically look where you want to go, this will help you put the bike where you want it to be and
the position will feel more natural. If you stare at the edge of the road, that's where you'll end up. Avoid using the
brakes when cornering If you need to slow down use engine braking, if that is not enough then apply brakes with cau-
tion, you do not want to exceed the traction limit. Keep your arms loose and your weight off the bars, as this will in-
crease your control. If you press down slightly on the pegs you'll find the steering becomes a lot lighter and the bike will
be more responsive.

Target fixation
While driving (any kind of vehicle) and turn your head, you tend to steer in the direction you are looking.
Target fixation is simply a way to take advantage of that fact. All you do is look in the direction you want to go
(preferable AWAY from danger)! As a reaction you will steer yourself in the direction of your gaze.
                                                                                              P AGE      6

From the Dealership…
 Check your helmet month—Bring in old helmet, get 15% off new helmet.
 9th - Spring Open House\Birthday Bash (Partners in Learning Poker Run)
 23rd - Easter Egg-stravaganza Open House (Draw an egg for special savings)
 24th - Dealership Closed
 6th-7th - Mother’s Day Appreciation Event
 8th - Treat for all Mother’s
 15th - 31st - Race Fan Appreciation Event (15% off if you bring in race tickets or wear a race shirt)
 20th - 21st - New Bern Rally (Look for us there!!)

 Parts Depot..
 9th - Spring Open House\Birthday Bash (Partners in Learning Poker Run)
 23rd - Easter Egg-stravaganza Open House (Draw an egg for special savings)
 24th - Dealership Closed

 Xpress Lane… Service Department

 9th - Spring Open House\Birthday Bash (Partners in Learning Poker Run)
 19th - All Women’s Service Clinic
 23rd - Easter Egg-stravaganza Open House (Draw an egg for special savings)
 24th - Dealership Closed
                P AGE        7
                                    Meeting Minutes… Melissa Pendzinski
                                                                    Salisbury Hog Chapter #2019
                                                                          Meeting Minutes
                                                                           March 15, 2011
Meeting Date: March 15, 2011
Meeting Time: 6:30pm to 7:10
Location: Hog Room- Tilley Harley Davidson of Salisbury

Welcome/Opening Comments
All were welcomed to meeting by Jeff Yontz, Director.
Guests were recognized. Donna & David, Wendy & Patrick, & Danny.
Approved minutes from February meeting.
Announced that Outback will provide dinner after the meeting.
If any members have not received emails, please notify an officer so we can correct
Your invalid email address.
Update on Anita Moss.

Assistant Director/Chuck Petrea
New Member Cards given out.
New Members in attendance were recognized.
State Rally information given. http://ncstatehogrally.com
March Birthday recognized.
Group Riding Class, March 20th

Secretary/ Melissa Pendzinski
Participation Cards given out. 20% off any 1 Motorclothes item.

Treasurer/ Keith Carter
Chapter balance given

LOH/ Dale Yontz
LOH meeting held on 4 th Tuesday of the month. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Sock Monkey rules given. Mitzi Cline was given the Sock Money first.
April 9th, Tilley’s Birthday Bash.
LOH Schedule given.

Activities Director/ Mitzi Cline
New Bulletin Board outside of Tilley’s. Please review of upcoming events.
Activity Schedule given.

Road Captain/ Freddie Thompson
March 20th- Group Riding Class. $5.00
Road Captain meeting on 4th Tuesday with the LOH. Please join us.

Safety Officer/ Bob Rummage
Challenge not to get too comfortable with riding close to home.

Newsletter, Jennifer Thompson
Unable to Attend

Webmaster, Jonathan Thompson
Unable to Attend

Historian/ Photographer/ Vickie Carter
Pictures: hogpictures@earthlink.net
Looking for pictures from Boones Cave.

Dealer Liaison/ Gary Moss
Biker Blues BBQ Rally, Sept 23 & 24 th.
Visit: www.bikerbluesbbqrally.com
Unable to Attend

New Business:
Mary Ann Pool from Outback Steakhouse in Salisbury provided dinner after the meeting.

50/50 Winner: Jon David


Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa Pendzinski
Return Mail to:
Jennifer Thompson
1463 Remington Lane
Concord, NC 28027
                                                                        Outback Steakhouse in Salisbury starts fresh every day to cre-
                                                                        ate the flavors that our mates crave. Best known for grilled
                                                                        steaks, chicken and seafood, Outback also offers a wide variety
                                                                        of crisp salads and freshly made soups and sides. New crea-
                                                                        tions and grilled classics are made from scratch daily using
                                                                        only the highest quality ingredients. Visit us in Salisbury at
                                                                        1020 East Innes Street, or call (704) 637-1980.

 Michael J. Wright          Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc                      Dallene “Dale” Yontz - Broker
 Financial Advisor          132 E Innes Street
                            Salisbury, NC 28144
                            Tel: 704.754.5950                                          dale.realtor@yahoo.com
                            Fax: 704.636.7746                                        www.bostandrufty-realty.com
                            Ameripriseadvisors.com/michael.j.wright                      Cell (704) 202-3663

                                                                                          Fellow HOG Member
 An Ameriprise Financial Franchise

  Want to promote your local business? Back page ad space available.
  If interested, please contact the newsletter editor at editor@salisburyhog.com.

                                                 Sponsoring Dealership

                                                 Tilley’s Harley-Davidson of Salisbury
                                                 Tracy Edwards

                                                 Phone: 704-638-6044
                                                 Email: tracyhd_2000@yahoo.com
                                                 Website: www.tilleyhdofsalisbury.com

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