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IAVA General Body Meeting


									                                           A Reflection of Indian Community Activities


 India Association of Virginia (IAVA)                                          Volume 15, Issue 5, November 2009

Dear Community Members,
 It has been a year of unprecedented support for the India                        2009 Executive Committee
 Association from the community.                                          President              Surya P. Dhakar     304-9501
 For this year, we had 460 registered members and raised                  Vice President         Rajendra Dubey      754-3242
 $9000 in memberships. Our association membership                         Secretary              Gautam Gandhi       400-0519
 included members from different regions of India with                    Joint-Secretary        Lokesh Golia        762-9666
 various ethnicities to keep it as a true India Association.              Treasurer              Tony Sappal         965-6345
 Since the last newsletter published in August 2009, we                   Assoc. Treasurer       Paavan Kotini       272-6618
 have successfully organized the following programs:                      Cultural Director      Bina H. Shah        527-6564
 • Independence Day on August 16, 2009 at CCI, Bob                        Assoc. Director        Deepali Keskar      346-5445
   McDonnell (Attorney General of VA), Sanjay Sinha (Minister             Assoc. Director        Simran Chiplunkar   273-6680
   of Community Affairs) and Padma Shri Dr. Ashok Gupta                   Social Director        Ram Pai             307-4597
   (Renowned Plastic Surgeon of India) were our Special Guests.           Assoc. Director        Harjeet Sharma      346-4692
                                                                          Membership Dir.        Venkat Chettiar     346-8238
   The program was well planned and well coordinated with lots
                                                                          Assoc. Director        Sridhar Sundaram    741-0817
   of food specialties needless to say Falooda along with Tea and         Public Relation Dir.   Rajiv Chavan        360-2433
   Mango Lassi and dinner in the evening.                                 Sports Director        Sanjay Singhvi      402-3913
 • Manna Dey Concert on September 5, 2009, everyone who                   Camping Director       Anand Keskar        346-5445
   attended the program felt that it was the best ever concert in         Picnic Director        Mukul Paithane      273-6479
   the Richmond. Manna Dey also praised the audience and                  Web Master             Yogesh Gupta        868-5160
   enjoyed singing.                                                                      Members at large
 • Musical Night with SaReGaMaPa Challenge Artists on
                                                                             Preetha Agrawal      Thirumal Areti
   October 2, 2009, the audience enjoyed this show a lot and                 Bhushan Apte         Srinath Bhalle
   danced non-stop from the beginning till the end.                          Chetan Mehta         Sanjay Mittal
 Our future events of the year will be:                                      Rumy Mohta           Ashok Nair
 •   General Body Meeting on November 14, 2009                               Shardul Pandya       Badri Pulavarthy
 •   Field Trip to George Washington Birth Place on December                 Subashish Sircar     Merlin Tiwari
                                                                             Mitesh Shah          Mannan Haji
     12, 2009
                                                                                    Web Address: WWW.IAVA.US
 A large part of India Association’s success this year is due
 to the dedicated service by several volunteer members and
 the generous support of our sponsors. We would like to                      IAVA General Body Meeting
 express our gratitude to all the volunteers and sponsors
                                                                                         November 14th 2009
 who have made these events possible.
 We look forward to your support in as many activities as
 possible in the future. Let us work together to enable our                              Dumbarton Library
 magnificent culture to thrive and live on in the hearts of                   6800 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23228
 future generations.                                                        If you would like to nominate a person for IAVA
Surya P. Dhakar,                                                            presidency, please send the name to IAVA Board
President, India Association of Virginia                                       Secretary Dr. Rajendra Dubey 804-754-3242
        A Reflection of Indian Community Activities

   Following is the Treasurer activity for 2009

Activities         Revenue     Expenses        Gain/Loss
Membership         8,913.77      -             8,913.77
Sponsorships       6,388.00      -             6,388.00
Darpan             5,185.50    4,538.29        647.21
Republic Day       88.00       3,146.63        (3,058.63)
Antakshari         1,466.00    477.44          988.56
Asian Festival     4,088.00    2,560.13         1,527.87
Picnic                -        1,238.99        (1,238.99)
Camping            3,130.00    2,382.97         747.03
Day                   -        3,386.10        (3,386.10)
Manna Day
Concert            8,565.00    8,057.08        507.92
Concert              -         7,000.00        (7,000.00)
India Directory    7,900.00    8.00             7,842.00
Misc                   -       351.16           (351.16)
Total Activities   45,724.27   33,146.79        12,557.48

                                                                      WE WISH YOU ALL A VERY
                                                                    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

                                                                INDO-PAK SUPER STORE
                                                                              8101 W. Broad St.
                                                                             Richmond, VA 23294
                                                                               Store Hours:
                                                                      Tues – Sun. 11 A.M.- 9 P.M.
                                                                         Mon. 5 P.M.- 9 P.M.

                                                                   For more info please visit:
                                                                      Call: 804-346-4692

                                                            ”   HARJEET & ANITA SHARMA
                                            Two nights: $30/adult $15/chil
        A Reflection of Indian Community Activities

Annual General Body Meeting                                Field Trip to
Annual general body meeting of India Association of        George Washington Birth Place
Virginia will be held on November 14, Saturday, at         India Association of Virginia invites its members to picnic
2:30 PM Dumbarton Library, 6800 Staples Mill Road,         cum educational trip to George Washington
Richmond, VA 23228-4930 Phone 804-262-6507.                Birthplace National Monument, located in the
                                                           Northern Neck of Virginia, On Saturday,
The agenda of the meeting will include:
                                                           December 12, 2009, 10 AM.
    -    Presentation of the accounts for the year 2009.   Field Trip Charges: Free for Members and $5 per
    -    Report of the IAVA activities for the year 2009   person for Non-members. Everyone pays entry fee of
    -    Election of President for the year 2010.          $4 per person to park.
Please send your nominations in writing to Dr.             Lunch and Snacks will be provided to all by India
Rajendra Dubey, Secretary, Executive Board, 10804          Association members.
Virginia Way Court , Richmond, VA 23238 (e-mail:           Please register by sending e-mail to Dr. Rajendra;,phone: 804-754-3242) .                  Dubey (e-mail:; Phone: 804-754-
You may nominate any member of India Association
                                                           George Washington, America’s first and greatest hero was
of Virginia for 2009. Your nomination must be              crucial to the establishment of the United States as a nation
received by November 14, 2009, 2 P.M.                      founded on the principles of liberty. George Washington
                                                           Birthplace preserves the heart of the Washington lands and a
                                                           memorial plantation.

New Year’s Celebration
Friday December 31st at CCI; for further information please contact CCI management at 804-425-6550
A Reflection of Indian Community Activities

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A Reflection of Indian Community Activities
      A Reflection of Indian Community Activities
                                                             IAVA 20-20 Cricket Tournament!!
       India Center                                 IAVA conducted its annual 20-20 cricket tournament during
                                                    the month of August and September. 12 teams with 16
             (Proposed for 2017)                    players in each team participated in this tournament which
30000 Sq Ft. Main Hall, 1024 parking spaces on      was spread over a period of 6 weeks. After the exciting and
               16.2 Acre land                       thrilling matches among the teams, Indian Samurai won the
          with many other facilities                match and Infosys was the runner up team. Both teams fought
    Ideas and Investors invited                     hard all season to reach the finals and contest the
                                                    championship. Trophies were awarded to the winning and
  Contact:                  runner up team by Governor (elect) Bob McDonnell at the
                                                    Independence Days celebration held at CCI and medals were
                                                    presented to all the players who participated in the
                                                    All the participating teams enjoyed the tournament and
                                                    greatly appreciated the efforts of all the committee members
                                                    of the IAVA to organize such a well managed event and
                                                    expecting similar kinds of events to be held every year. The
                                                    mission of the Cricket tournament organized by the IAVA is
                                                    to build solidarity among the South Asian community in
                                                    Richmond and also to promote the game of cricket to all
                                                    especially to the next generation. In conclusion IAVA would
                                                    also like to thanks the following sponsors for providing
                                                    lunches to all the finalists during the finals:
                                                     Curry House
                                                     Malabar Indian Cuisine
                                                     Indian Pastry House (for all Man of the Match awards)
                                                                                                    Sanjay Singhvi
A Reflection of Indian Community Activities

                                                                   Kids Corner!!
                                              Q: What type of waves comes on really tiny beaches?
                                              A: Microwaves!!!
                                              Q: What does a mountaineer name his son?
                                              A: “Cliff”!!
                                              In the picture below, two balls are simultaneously released
                                              from point A. Ball #1 takes the path A-B-D while ball#2 takes
                                              the path A-C-D. The segments A-B; B-D; A-C; C-D are all of
                                              equal lengths and we can assume friction will be the same on
                                              each segment. Which ball will get from A to D the fastest?

                                              A: Ball#2 on the A-C-D path would be slightly faster than
                                              ball#1 on the A-B-D path. This is because when ball#2 gets
                                              to point C, it has more momentum than ball #1 at point B.
                                              Thus ball#2 will take less time to travel C-D than ball#1 took
                                              to travel A-B.
                                              Did you know?
                                                 • The wing span of a Boeing 747 (distance from one end
                                                   of the wing to the other) is larger than the distance
                                                   covered by the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk!
                                                 • Avoid buying Palm Oil and Palm-Oil based products …
                                                   the rain forests are being cut to grow Arecaceae Elaeis
                                                   oil palm trees that will produce Palm Oil and related
       A Reflection of Indian Community Activities

Return Service Requested                             STD Pre Sort
                                                     U.S. Postage Paid
Dr. Rajendra Dubey, Editor                             Richmond, VA
India Association of VA                               Permit No. 2235
10804 Virginia Way Court
Richmond, VA 23238

       Tentative Calendar of Events, 2009
Republic Day           January 25, Sunday
Antakshri Competition March 21, Saturday
Asian Festival        May 09, Saturday
Spring Picnic         May 23, Saturday
Cricket Tournament    June, 2009
Camping Trip           July 17-19 (Fri-Sun)
Laughter Nite Show     July 29, 2009
Independence Day       August 16, Sunday
Manna Dey Program      September 5, Saturday
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Music October 2, Friday
General Body Meeting November 14, Saturday
Field Trip             December 12, Saturday
New Year’s Celebration December 31, Friday

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