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Description: STATEMENT RE:FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT Not ApplicableBACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates in general to an infiltration cannula permitting the infiltration of very large volumes of tumescent fluid in a safe and painless manner. Definitions: infiltration: an injection that causes a fluid to permeate or percolate through pores or interstices. Thus an infiltration refers to an injection directly into tissue. infusion: an injection that pours a fluid into a place or into (the lumen of a blood) vessel. Thus an infusion refers to an intravascular injection. injection: The action of forcing a fluid, etc. into tissue or cavity, as by means of a syringe, or by some impulsive force. Tumescent Technique, Tumescent Infiltration: The tumescent technique is a method of subcutaneous drug delivery of large volumes of very dilute medication together with dilute epinephrine in isotonic solution of crystalloid (e.g. physiologicsaline, lactated Ringer's solution, Hartman's solution, etc) infiltrated directly into subcutaneous fat or muscle or along the exterior length of a vein to produce swelling and firmness, or tumescence, of the targeted tissues, and thus produce very slowsystemic absorption as a result of intense subcutaneous vasoconstriction, as well as direct hydrostatic compression of capillaries and veins. Tumescent Drug Delivery, Tumescent Delivery: Tumescent drug delivery and synonyms refer to the tumescent technique for delivering a drug into the subcutaneous space. In other words, tumescent delivery is a process of infiltration of very largevolumes of very dilute solutions of therapeutic substances dissolved in a crystalloid solution into subcutaneous tissue to the point of producing tumescence of the targeted tissue. Drugs other than lidocaine can be administered by means of tumescentdelivery, that is, by subcutaneous infiltration of extremely dilute drug, with or without a vasoconstrictor such as epinephrine. Tumescent Local Anesth