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									   “The Building Blocks of My $1,000,000 Business -- Essential For All
                     IMers, (Especially Newbies)"
I know if I had this information when I started in IM some 14 years ago, I would have found success much sooner.
So much of what I’m about to show you is common sense, but common sense does not seem to be that common
these days.

I don’t have to sell you on how incredible IM can be. It’s wonderful to be able to do what you like, when you want,
without asking permission. I go away for 2-3 months of the year, take my business with me and I don’t have to beg
anyone for a 2 week vacation – this to me is true freedom and it’s priceless. For example, I just returned from a
seaside resort on the Black Sea for 6 weeks. Unless I won the lottery or inherited the farm this would have never
been possible if not for IM. I’m not mentioning this to brag, my point is that you can have it too. It just takes
some careful planning and execution.

Just because there is a so called “recession” looming, it does not mean that you must participate! I decided to
ignore the last one and my business grew by leaps and bounds while others bought into the doom and gloom.

Personally, I feel bad when I see someone slugging it out each day at a soul sucking job they hate. Life is too short
right? Or worse, the person that does not have any other way to support themselves and buys into the dream of
overnight internet riches. Don’t get me wrong I have great respect and admiration for people that do whatever
they have to do to feed their families.

I had to get this information out as I have seen a lot of people take so many wrong turns lately. After all, with the
barrage of tempting offers telling you what you want to hear especially when you want it so bad – it’s the perfect
storm for a disaster. No wonder folks end up buying a bunch of crap that in the end only benefits the providers of
the crap and no one else.

I’m going to break down a blueprint for how to set yourself up for success online. Please take what I have to say
seriously. Some of it may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. I’m not saying I’m the only guy that
makes money online or that I have the most experience. But, in the last 2.5 years alone I have made well over one
million and certainly what I have to offer you is a sound strategy to take you forward. So if you are trying to get
started or restarted then please take this information to heart.

I have included a few random screenshots of some income to demonstrate what is possible. These are only
glimpses and it’s NOT meant to be an audit. I could go on and on here but it would not benefit you or me.
Please note that this does not include ANY income from my SEO companies, other internet assets or affiliate
                           What Kind of Person Makes it Online?
While selling thousands of guides and having the experience of communicating with people over the last 14 years, I
have found the people that do well and those with poor results generally fall into 5 distinct categories, (sometimes
it’s a mixture of a few). Knowing where you fit in will help you be honest with yourself so you can make any
changes and move forward.

Profile #1:

The person that is already a full time or part time Internet marketer, wants to increase his knowledge, and has an
open mind about learning new things to add to his arsenal. I fit here (at least I hope I do). I’m always learning and
trying new things even after 14 years.

Profile #2.

The person that “thinks” they know it all, complains a lot and is not open to new things. This profile has a very slim
chance of making it in the long run. The minute you think you know it all is the minute you are out of the game.

Profile #3.

The “detective” that buys every report, e-book and course, studies them but rarely acts. I have seen this time and
time again. Someone who spends months buying all the stuff and never takes one step forward. Asks a ton of
questions pre and post-sale then wants help with every micro step. In my experience this person rarely gets things
off the ground. It’s my feeling that just the act of buying these books and courses makes them feel like they are
accomplishing something, when in reality this is not the case. If this is you, I will show you how you can change
this behavior and really make it in IM. I’m not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here -- in fact I’m telling you the
truth so I can help you.
Profile #4.

The “shiny object seeker” who does all the right things, commits, takes action, has a good attitude but is easily
distracted and hops from opportunity to opportunity. I have seen people stuck in this mode for years and it’s a bad
habit that must be broken.

Profile #5.

By far my favorite to work with and in almost every case they are the ones with success testimonials on my WSO’s
– I love to take their questions and I go out of my way to help them. They have a great attitude, no preconceived
notions, ask a few questions to get started but what separates them from the rest is they boldly take action.
MORE IMPORTANTLY in addition to taking action THE KEY DISTINCTION is they end up finding their own style
and develop their own ways of doing things. See, by taking action they find “little offshoots” and “profitable
avenues” which would have remained undiscovered had they not boldly acted in the first place. Resourcefulness
is the #1 trait that these people have and if you can conjure up yours then you can be a success story too.

For example, one fellow who purchased my Underground Local Formula already owned a local business and
wanted to promote it himself. After using the methods to successfully promote his site he realized that there was a
huge demand for what he had done for others in other cities. He has the upper hand as he intimately knows the
ins and outs of how people think and act in his market, this part came naturally. So after a few months of working
with other owners and helping them to achieve their goals he has a nice little recurring income of $1,800 pm which
he can build on.

Almost every big success was something I stumbled upon or was a situation where I boldly just acted without
knowing all the details or evaluating all of the things that can go wrong in advance. Someone told me once, take
action and “the how” will reveal itself – the most wise phrase I ever heard.

Let me give you another example, when I set up to make a course or a guide I have a general idea in mind with
some notes as to what I want to write about. In every case, it’s not until I start writing (taking action) that the best
ideas come to light. I could never have planned for these ideas in advance; it took the act of writing to set them in

                                            What To Focus On.
Now that we have identified the different types of players let’s talk about what you need to focus on as it’s critical
to your success. For example, way back when I had a sales job a top producer took me under his wing. He said,
who is more successful the guy who comes to the office early, stays late and spends his time making fliers, going to
meetings, teaming up or strategizing with others? Or the guy that comes in, makes 2 qualified appointments for
the next day and goes home in one hour. Of course it’s guy number 2, but so many people get stuck in IM as guy
number one – busy working but never really accomplishing anything. It all comes down to spending your time on
high priority activities that will make you money.

The internet is brutal with all its distractions. I will not even turn my computer on unless I have 5 high priority
activities clearly defined on a 3X5 card. Unless it has to do with building traffic, acquiring leads, product creation
or JV possibilities it will NOT make my list. My rule is I must accomplish all 5 tasks before I will do any lower
priority activities like answering phone calls or emails. Any task I do not accomplish gets added to the next day’s
card and so on. Never does cutting the grass or going grocery shopping make my list, only high priority tasks that
make me money – I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You should be no different, make an effort to do this
consistently and you’ll see your progress shoot through the roof.

Right now I have 2 full time employees on site and one virtual assistant (VA). Since I started online the internet is
now a global economy and it’s prime to leverage your time sucking tasks, like article writing, backlinking, design,
research, data collection and any other menial task that is not a high priority activity.

Even if you can’t hire a person part or full time, which by the way is only $250 per month, at least piece the work
out. In most cases it will only be $2-3 per hour. Think about how great this is where you can hire a full time worker
for $2-3 per hour. I hire my workers from Elance, Odesk, Fivver and the resume section of Craigslist in the

At the very least hire out what you are not good at. For example, it does not make sense to try and do web design
or graphics if that is not your forte. The hours spent on such tasks are not worth it – I made this mistake when I
started out. In most cases what you’ll need to have done are very easy and inexpensive for someone else that has
the skills to take care of it. Remember, you should ONLY spend your time on high priority tasks and that’s all.

Another way to look at what to focus on is to use professional sports for example. The most successful players in
any sport spend the MAJORITY of their time practicing the basics, over and over – repetition of the basic
fundamentals is the KEY to success, in sports and in business. It’s not the “fancy stuff”, it’s the basics.

                                           Is IM For Everyone?
Yes and No. If you do not have any other source of income, do not have a cash reserve for expenses and turn to
the internet in desperation, this is not a good idea. I see this time and time again. I do my best to help but when
someone puts themselves under this kind of pressure, especially if they are new, they almost always don’t make it.
At least 3 times a week I have someone say, all I need is 8k per month and I hope to do this in 3-4 weeks. That
would be like me, if I had no income or savings and decided to get into the stock market with $500 left on my
credit card. I do not know much about it and even if I tried hard, in the very short term I would probably fail.

If you have all the time in the world, then just keep learning and applying the “right material” but in the short term
be realistic as to what you can accomplish. It’s sometimes discouraging what you can accomplish in 3 weeks but
it’s amazing what you can do in a year!

Also, if you are the type that believes internet marketing is easy and it’s push button profits all the way then you
might as well quit now. Some slackers think they can do the minimum and wonder why it’s not happening for
them. Sometimes people will use my SEO techniques and ask me why their sites are not ranked. With a closer look
I usually discover they have not done the work but still want the results, it simply does not work that way.

Another painful scenario is when someone has tried and tried, taken massive action and put in the hours but still
has nothing to show for it. I feel bad when I hear stories like this and I know why it’s happening. They simply are
working a flawed method (or methods), not spending enough time on high priority tasks, and do not have a
reliable teacher AND a workable system to pursue. I could take anyone and show them exactly what they need to
do in the order they should do it and they would make money very quickly.
The problem is too many are going it alone and trying to figure things out in bits and pieces from multiple authors
while taking horrible advice from unqualified “wannabes”. The crappy advice that is being doled out is brutal – it’s
like taking financial advice from someone that is broke. Plus, people don’t have the absolute certainty in what they
are doing and without certainty you are doomed - don’t worry though, I will show you how to change this today.

I would make sure that you work hard at IM with what time you have until you reach a threshold of knowledge and
skill before you commit to it as your main source of income. Very often I see people work like crazy for 2 weeks
and then at the first speed bump or without immediate results, quit and blame everyone else for their failure.
Would you buy a regular business, set up shop quit after a few weeks? IM is not different. You have to treat this as
a business, learn the ropes and avoid the trap of hit & run profits that are being peddled these days.

It’s not what you do once in a while that will make a difference; it’s what you do consistently. For example, say you
committed to getting in shape and worked out like crazy for a week or two and then stopped. In the short term
you would probably not get the results you wanted. However if you consistently worked a solid plan, day in and
day out, in 6-8 months likely you would have realized your goal. This would be the right mindset to approach the
internet marketing business: consistent daily effort with your attention focused on high priority activity.

On the flip side, the people that are making money online are not smarter than you nor should you be
intimidated by them. All they have is “some” specialized knowledge and have honed some systems that work. The
important point to remember is the word “systems” and I’ll discuss that below. Just remember you can do it too!

                                            The Magic Bullet.
You might have guessed it, it does not exist. And, yes the gurus are full of sh*t. I could write 10 pages alone on this
topic but just know they are after your money and will tell you anything you want to hear just to get paid. They do
not care about providing value, they know the numbers and have things stacked in their favor from the beginning –
as you well know, they can be very convincing. They will NOT tell you how they are making money, many of the
important details are conveniently left out. What’s worse is they purposely overload you with information to
confuse and distract.

One guy who will remain nameless offered me 12k recently upfront plus a hefty commission on sales to do a
mailing for his latest scam – I turned him down flat. I have learned that if you do not offer value in what you do or
what you represent, ultimately you will lose and end up making less money as a result.

There is an important point to remember for ALL your online endeavors – “by providing quality it will always
lead to money, scheming to make money rarely leads to creating quality.” It took me a really long time to
understand this concept but when I did my income skyrocketed. I heard this little gem on TV last night, “if you
focus on quality you are not just in business, you are in the re-order business”. Really take a moment to let this
sink in.

I suppose I don’t have to tell you, or maybe I should, be suspicious of anything that says “short cut”, “no work”,
“push button profits”, “2 hours work $457 earned” and the like, these will only lighten your wallet. Clickbank does
have many good products but the ones to do specifically with making money should be avoided.

One other trend I find disturbing is all the guides which are all flash and no substance. I do buy a lot of these and
while there are some absolute gems, MANY do not have any value at all. I mean they are just theory of what might
work and the provider has never done it themselves – these minor leaguers are only peddling ideas. I would tread
carefully and give it the litmus test: Ask if they are “currently using the system they are trying to sell”, “ask if they
can you provide concrete examples or at least a well-defined case study”? If you don’t get a straight answer,
receive double talk, excuses or sense reluctance then move on – quickly. In my opinion you can’t learn much from
someone that found a loophole, made a few bucks and is now claiming it’s the best discovery of all time.

Further in regards to other guides, I prefer recent, proven case studies to be the best. You can buy all the guides,
read all the posts and testimonials but I want to see results. It’s much more powerful if someone can actually
show you results that can be verified. Then it’s not hard to connect the dots and repeat what they have done. With
the idea and theory sellers there are too many variables.

                                         How to Make it Online.
How much have you spent on e-books and courses, $500, $1000, $1500 – how is that working out so far? How
many times have you been burned? Do you ask yourself why does this keep happening? If you are really serious
about making money online and are truly committed, you need to STOP buying every product that comes out,
STOP participating in boring webinars, STOP taking advice from unqualified wannabes, unsubscribe from ALL the

I’m not suggesting that it has to be me, but you’ll need to find someone who can help you cut through all the crap,
someone who has achieved the success you desire and who can show you workable systems that you can model.
Don’t try and re-invent the wheel, learn the process from someone that can show you the straightest path to
success, trust me, don’t take the long way around.

When the internet was at an early stage no such people existed and I learned things the hard way, I only wish that I
had someone to teach me. For example when I first started I had no computer experience and I did not know how
to ftp. It literally took me 3 weeks to figure it out (there was no Youtube back then), if I had someone who could
have shown me exactly what to do it would have taken minutes.

With all the misinformation out there it is very difficult to make it on your own. The time, pain and frustration
you’ll have to endure will not be pleasant – most people fall victim at this stage and quit within a month. If you
think you can master IM from a few e-books without guidance and make a killing - you would be mistaken.

When you find someone, you’ll need to learn all the things they can teach you and you should absorb all their
material from the free content they produce, to the low priced guides and all the way up to coaching. How to find
a teacher or coach you can trust? Obviously if you can read about the personal experiences others have had as this
social proof does a long way. But it’s more about your rapport with this person, have you made a connection with
the material they have written, are they attentive, do they personally answer the emails you sent?

In addition to the free material and low priced guides eventually you should take whatever training they have
available like consulting, mentoring or coaching. Price is relative. For example people say $997 is too much but are
willing to spend $500 on useless e-books and then spend countless months trying to get flawed methods to work.
You have to ask yourself what is your time worth? It’s not a question of if you can afford the training it’s a question
of what are you going to do without it. Also, your teacher will be able to recommend other learning material that is
beneficial, separating the gold from the crap.
For example I had a subscriber recently that was relatively new to IM and was just spinning his wheels and
suffering from information overload. He bought all my guides and we exchanged emails where he asked me a few
questions and as a result he decided to take me up on my phone call consulting. Anyways, I did two phone call
sessions with him and I found 3 things that were fatally flawed in his process. Once we worked it out, less than 2
months later he had already made over 5k. He was ecstatic as although he already had a bricks and mortar
business it was unfortunately taking more and more of his time. He felt that he was just trading hours for dollars
and not really getting ahead not to mention the time with his family was diminishing. Currently with his foot in the
door with IM his future has totally changed. Who knows what would have happened if he did not make the call?
Now he has the momentum to build this into something substantial. Even 1 hour with the right person can totally
change your future.

If you were going to take a good course in web design for example that was 6 months long you could expect to pay
to learn this new skill. Internet marketing is no different and should be approached in this manner. I highly suggest,
in fact you owe it to yourself to stop being a jack of all trades and a master of none. Get some training, learn the
systems and go out there and make your mark. Once you know how, it’s not that hard!

                   Make a Decision, Make a Plan, Make it Happen.
I can’t express how cool it is to make $1,000 up to $5,000 per day. But these numbers were only realized when I hit
much smaller goals of $100 per day and worked my way up. Momentum in IM is very important and you need get
a reliable system in place to hit your smaller goals and move up from there. Your first sale is the hardest one and
once that’s out of the way the sky is the limit. Momentum is really the snowball effect and once set in motion it’s
quite exciting.

Make a decision. It can’t be something you wish you could do, or hope to do. If you want to succeed with IM you
must be 100% committed. You must decide that you are going to make it all costs, nothing will stand in your way
and you’ll never give up. This cannot be a weak “I wish”, it must be a solid, committed decision. Remember, wimpy
decisions or weak prayers will yield poor results.

Make a plan. When I write things down in detail with emotional intensity it’s uncanny how often it comes true,
this may sound silly but it works for me every time. What makes you tick and what makes me tick is different, we
both have different motivation. You need to write down a goal that motivates you to move forward and how this
would make you feel when you achieve it. Perhaps you want to start small and make $50 per day or $1,500 per
month. What would this do for your life, how would it change your family or your financial situation? This is the
kind of intensity that will propel you to act.

Once you know what you want now you need to plan how to get it. As I wrote above you need to find a process
that is reliable and a teacher who can help you along the way. IM can be tricky as there are so many ways you can
make money and this is what stumps a lot of people - which direction to go. So many get caught up in this phase
and it’s not necessary as a good coach can help you get going in the right direction. It is not a one size fits all
equation. Lifestyle and many other factors determine whether one person will succeed and another will struggle.

For example, I have been very successful at PPC, SEO and email marketing. But when I got heavily into PPV I was
not a natural. I made money but some guys were killing it and I could never hit the big numbers. My point is, a
good coach can help you determine what the best approach is for you and design a plan to move forward.
It’s funny, I have hundreds of postive email testimonials from subscribers who have successfully implemented the
SEO recipe but there is a small number that just can’t get the hang of it no matter what they do. But when they try
PPC or information product creation they thrive. You have to have some help finding what is right for you, either
from a coach or at the very least someone that has provided some content that is willing to help you along.

When you have a solid plan in place you have certainty, (belief it will work) and armed with certainty you can
accomplish anything. In IM this old adage really rings true -- its 80% mental and 20% mechanics. When you can
have certainty in your plan and can see positive results in advance (you can see yourself making a system work)
then you’ll be able to see it through.

Make it happen. This requires steady consistent effort in executing your plan and making adjustments to what is
working and not working along the way. Many times people get stuck like a fly in a jar with the lid closed -- no
matter how hard you work you will not get out. Same with IM, you have to be flexible with your plan and make
adjustments on the go. It’s really up to you to make this a success, IM is not a team sport. Your future is in your
hands and you have the opportunity to make it a resounding success!

                                              Moving Forward…
Again, this document was not intended for the purpose of me to become your teacher or coach. I can help some of
you but more importantly it’s to demonstrate the fact that if you are not making the kind of money you want
online you’ll need someone you can model who can help you navigate these murky waters.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t show you all I know about IM in a WSO or two, this would not be possible. But what I
have done is made some extended training options available (beyond the SEO Recipe & Underground Local
Formula), a variety of programs to help you reach your goals. There is certainly more than one way to reach the
finish line!

If you are interested in “finally” taking your online income to a
    whole new level make sure to click here to learn more…
                           ** This is on a first come first serve basis and is subject to availability.

                          In Case You Missed My Other Releases.



                                             Coming Soon…
In addition to the training systems, I will still continue to release WSO guides and suggest material that is value
added and actionable. Most of my products so far have been about traffic generation. What I have next is a new
WSO, a money making/traffic formula all in one (which I have tested) that is easy to implement, not saturated,
highly profitable, requires no special experience and can be done from anywhere – this is a fun money maker.

I’m going to provide everything you need to get started immediately. What I’m planning on is to send a little
more information about this next week so you can learn more of what’s in store. Then, approximately 2 weeks
later I’ll send the full details to my subscribers first.

Contact my customer support anytime at:

We are on Pacific time so count on replies during business hours in our time zone.


P.S – I hope that you enjoyed this free report. I would ask that you do not reveal anything that is inside this
guide in public and let people decide for themselves if they want to download it or not, after all it’s
complimentary. Too many unproven armchair quarterbacks like to comment and spoil it for others. If you
have questions about my training options they MUST go through the customer service email above, posts will
not be replied to.

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