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      How I lost over $3000 but made $1500/mo on autopilot (the dirty truth)

This report will outline one of my favorite and hugely powerful business models...

                      **This report reveals some important methods**
                  **I recommend the following 2 WSOs, but you MUST
                read the entire email first before even considering them**

 1. Adwords Direct Response:

            2. Aminache SIte Builder:

                **If you just get the WSO and don't read this email you
               will miss the crux of how to use these 2 WSOs effectively**
On with the show...
I first got into paid traffic by paying about $700 for a course on Pay Per Click marketing.
I lost about $3000 (on top of the cost of the course) up front learning the ropes before I
hit a profitable campaign which earned me about $1500 a month on autopilot. That was
some years back.
It died off in the end because Google changed the rules and made it harder. I was too
busy with other ventures to want to keep up with it.

    Forget the 4 Hour Work Week...
Anyone I've spoken too who seriously does paid PPC (pay per click) traffic to affiliate
offers never leaves their computer. They have to check their computer every day for an
hour or two.
They are constantly connected because a few changes out of their control could see
them losing thousands in a day. Having that hanging over their head is a constant big
That's the problem with paid traffic, it is very competitive and the landscape is constantly
changing. it can be real tough to keep up with it.
When all you do is drive paid traffic solely to affiliate offers it is hard to add any true
value. Your competitive edge is really how well you can work the paid traffic system, and
being a competitive industry it usually means using the latest trick, bending the rules, or
finding a strategy that others have not discovered yet (but eventually they will).
So the PPC to Affiliate/CPA biz model is a tough one.

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                                                                        High Value Auto Site 3
Instead I pursued free traffic which was great, and was able to hit one million visitors a
month consistently. But then free traffic has its major downsides too. It takes a long time
to get traction and its hard to get the right targeted traffic you need at a good volume.
Plus your rankings can drastically change overnight when Google changes its algorithm.

    Free or Paid Traffic?
Truth is free or paid each have positives and negatives. Honestly if you rely on some
trick or technique for free or paid traffic and that is your competitive edge in your
business, your business is ready to be killed off any day.
In both free and paid traffic you'll see gurus teaching their latest tricks, and often they
are pushing the limits, rules and ethics very close to the line (or past it)
That is why millionaire big name gurus have had their business completely and totally
annihilated overnight.
The only way you can prevent this, or at least minimize the effect, is to provide true
value to your audience AND turn them into repeat visitors by building a brand.

    Remember those two vital keys...
    1. Massive value for your audience
    2. Build a loyal subscriber base
If you want to work less and earn more this is key. Don't get me wrong it requires work
but unless you want to be glued to your screen keeping up with the latest dirty tactic to
stay ahead then this is what you need to work on.
Those two keys are the only true way to build a real sustainable business that doesn't
need you day to day.
It is ironic that all the quick-fire tactics ultimately lead to more work and stress than
actually building a real business.
All this crap on the Warrior Forum about get rich quick schemes and other overnight
tricks is just sending you down the wrong path. If you apply some of this stuff and forget
those two vital keys then enjoy the long hours, and probably crappy progress too.
So, now back to the two WSOs and how you can use in an enlightened business

    Aminache Site Builder:
This nifty piece of software allows you to build your own online affiliate store in minutes
and has a bunch of great features. I won't go into them but just check the sales page to

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                                                                       High Value Auto Site 4
Now there are more powerful platforms than Aminache. Datafeedr is one, but it costs
$97/mo for an unlimited license. Aminache is the best way to get started using the biz
model I am recommending on a smaller budget.

Amaniche is an Amazon AND eBay affiliate site which gives you a lot of product options
to choose from. Amazon is a tried and tested affiliate program and you will do well with
it. However, given its popularity the competition for most Amazon products is higher
compared to eBay.

So I recommend focusing your efforts on the eBay side as you can uncover some high
profit, low competition niches.

eBay has a LOT more products compared to Amazon, so there's really room to carve
out some awesome affiliate sites where there is barely any competition.

As an example, you could have an affiliate site on car parts for an old model of car,
targeting the names of the individual car parts, which have practically NO competition.
I'm giving away a BIG secret there! If you think outside the box there's a lot of hidden
profitable niches within eBay to exploit.

The Amaniche developers license is a great price at $47, and the single-site and multi-
site licenses are even cheaper.
Check out the full sets of features here...

    Adwords Direct Response:
This normally sells for $29.95 and is available for $14.95 in the Warrior Forum. It is a
complete guide to getting cheap clicks from paid traffic for as low as $0.07. It covers
advanced keyword research, campaign set up, how to write a converting ad copy, step-
by-step how to minimize costs, increase profits, and (most importantly) scale up.
Get it here and use these strategies to drive profitable traffic to your Amaniche affiliate

    Combine the Power...
Now both of these WSOs miss a major part of the picture. The Aminache Site Builder
gives you a great out of the box with built-in monetization, but not much on the way of
getting traffic.
Adwords Direct Response gives you a great way to get lots of cheap profitable traffic,
which is essential to make a profit with your site in good time.

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                                                                      High Value Auto Site 5
The method described is very effective, but you can take it up a notch by sending this
cheap traffic into a more profitable affiliate landing page.
So here's what you do...

    1. The Site...
Use the Aminache Site Builder to create a niche affiliate store. Pick a niche that gets
repeat buyers and has multiple products that people will purchase again and again. The
bicycle niche in the example they give is a good choice, but also consider something a
little more info-orientated like dating.
The ideal niche appeals to both physical products and infoproducts. An example is an
expensive hobby like Scuba Diving where you can promote infoproducts on something
like underwater photography or fish identification, and also promote the many physical
Out of the box the Aminache Site Builder creates a nice looking user friendly site that
can offer value, but you are not done yet.

    2. Extra Value & Loyalty...
This is the key. Take a list of the top products on your site and other great offers of
interest to your audience. Write an autoresponder series which promotes those
products/offers using your affiliate links or just link back to products on your Aminache
Also just add anything useful and interesting to your autoresponder series too, don't
make it all 100% selling.
Put an opt-in form in the sidebar of your site too and/or in other prime spots to capture
other leads. If you don't know how to do this, sign up with Aweber and follow the
instructions. You don't need any hand holding here, Aweber is extremely easy to use
and has great step by step instructions.
Create a squeeze page on your Aminache, site as you will use this for your paid traffic
and where you want to get your visitors so you can turn them into loyal subscribers that
bring recurring revenue. You will need a bribe, such as a high demand report that your
audience will want, to giveaway to get people to opt-in.
This is exceptionally powerful once your visitors have joined your list as you can keep
visitors returning to your targeted niche site, as well as promoting affiliate offers in the
long term. This means that you get long term ad revenue and affiliate commissions, and
keep users engaged, without having to work on your site day to day.
I also recommend getting a good logo and domain name for your site. Avoid a long
keyword focused domain, but try to go with something short that is brandable, as this

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                                                                     High Value Auto Site 6
will really help you in the long term to get repeat visitors. For example,
is much better than
While exact match domains can help with free traffic their weight has dropped
considerably. With this sort of site I don't think the small advantage in Google outweighs
the advantage of having a brand.
As your site grows continually work on adding better content, improving the design and
usability and surveying your audience to find out exactly what they want. This will keep
you ahead in your niche and ultimately make your business more sustainable and able
to grow without you being there day to day.
Look at your subscriber base and regular visitors as being the key to your traffic and
income. Imagine a passionate subscriber who reads your emails, buys an eBook you
recommend, and also checks out your site and buys a few physical affiliate products,
and does this every month! This is your goal.

    3. The Free Traffic
If you already purchased my Keyword Reality report you'll know what to do here.
Without going too deep into this you will just need to rewrite the title/headline of the
pages made by Aminache Site Builder to introduce high demand, low competition and
longtail keywords. In Keyword Reality, check the section 'Myth: Target One Keyword' to
get an idea of a good longtail title.
I recommend installing the All in One SEO plugin too, and turning off tag indexing as I've
found this helps improving traffic on new WP sites, especially given a lot of people don't
know how to use tagging effectively. Tags can be good when used correctly, but its
rarely the case, especially if the site is small (under 500 pages). At the same time don't
over-categorize, have fewer main categories and show more posts per category page.

Put out a few unique press releases announcing your site on a few different free Press
Release sites and link back to your site. This is a good start to begin ranking in Google.
Remember though free organic traffic can be a slow process and you'll likely want to do
more link building over time.

PrMarketer offers a great deal if you want to outsource this. There silver package
normally costs $199, but you can get it for $40 here:

IMPORTANT: Use the coupon code: warriors159off
You can only use that coupon on the silver package to get $159 off.
You can also post quality PLR articles related to your niche on your website and give
them better keyword juicy titles and slightly rewrite them. Not only does this add more
content (and value) to your site , but it will help bring you more traffic too.

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                                                                      High Value Auto Site 7

    4. Paid Traffic
Use Adwords Direct Response to get targeted traffic for cheap. This is where the bulk
of your traffic will come from (at least initially) and it will allow you to make money more
There's not too much to say as Adwords Direct Response covers it all. All I can say is
what you have put in place in the above 3 steps works exceptionally well with the
Adwords Direct Response Method.
Without going into detail the steps above have improved your quality score in Google
Adwords (reducing your cost per click), provided a long term backend funnel giving you
much more room for profit, and a good looking high quality site that will keep the ad
network happy because they want to send their visitors to good offers.
This maximizes your results and makes your business much more safe, sustainable and
easier to grow.
If you want to get aggressive you can push for higher volumes of paid traffic and maybe
really push up your ad spend and cost per click. However, if you want an easy life and
less stress then you can concentrate on the ultra-targeted campaigns which have a very
big profit margin, This will reduce the risk of waking up one day to find a campaign is
losing money.
It all just depends on how hard you want to work and your risk adversity.
Also avoid any dirty tricks and aggressive tactics that might work in the short term, but
will upset the ad network (like Google) and get you kicked out. It might work in the short
term, but long term could see your business destroyed.
I recommend getting very targeted and very specific with your paid traffic. Offer
something of high value that is exactly what the subscriber wants. This works well in the
long term and gives you more freedom to step back from your campaigns.
    • With both free and paid traffic you have a strong basis to keep your business
      growing. You minimize the risk and maximize the traffic. If one breakdowns you
      always have the other to fall back on.
    • By creating a useful free site you are more immune from shakes in the industry
      and the changing landscape. Search Engines and ad networks want to work with
      you when you have something that is high quality. Visitors want to keep coming

    5. Leverage
Once you have one successful site like this you can create another and another. I
strongly recommend keeping the niches linked so that they have a large cross over in
demographics. For example, if you choose one brand of handbags, choose to build a
site on another brand of handbags.

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                                                                     High Value Auto Site 8
If you choose Scuba Diving, do a site on snorkeling, underwater photography,
spearfishing, beach holidays and so on.
This way you already have some understanding of the niche, you can leverage some of
the content from your first site, and you can push traffic from one site to another by
appealing to cross-over interests.
I am not talking about making hundreds of sites, in fact just one site is more than
enough. However, you can build a few more since these sites can pretty much run
themselves in the long run. You just need to pay a VA to write the occasional email and
monitor your paid campaigns.
Additionally, if you survey your visitors you will find out what their needs are and should
be able to develop a product which fits there needs, either on your own or by partnering
with a professional in your niche. Doing this alone can bring substantial income.
There are many ways you can leverage that one site and take it further.
Be warned: Not every niche will be profitable or easy. If it doesn't work try another niche
before you throw a lot of money and time down the toilet. If you can't drive a profit after
$30-$50 ad spend then it is probably best to look at another niche unless you really
know what you are doing. This avoids losing loads of money on a dead campaign.
Summary of what you need:

   •   Aminache Site Builder:
   •   Aweber:
   •   Adwords Direct Response:

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