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                                                                                        Altitude proved to be the best solution
                                                                                        in the market to meet our business
                                                                                        needs by allowing us to focus on the

                                                                                        unique priorities of each client,
Delivering Optimum Business Results                                                     without losing focus on their ROI.
Optima Communications International selected Altitude uCI solutions for all their       Don Macleod, President, Optima Communications
contact centers after proving Altitude Software was a powerful, sophisticated,
technology that supported their commitment with customers. Founded in 1992,
Optima Communications (based in Toronto Canada) specializes in customer                 Client Data
relationship optimization for high-involvement purchase decisions, as well as               • Optima Communications was founded in
complex product and service categories. Optima’s service model understands the
                                                                                              1992 and is based in Toronto, Canada
unique priorities of each client, then develops a solution matched to the opportunity
by blending the right people, the right process and the right technology in the best        • Specializes in customer relationship
or “optimum” balance.                                                                         optimization     for     high-involvement
                                                                                              purchase decisions
Optima prides itself on its close working relationships with their clients, some of
whom have been with Optima for over a decade. Optima helps clients craft winning            • Customers include some of the world’s
outbound campaigns and also provides inbound services through their two contact               leading organizations in the insurance
centres.   Each location has about 300 agent positions.       The company deploys             and financial industry
Altitude Software products at both locations.
                                                                                            • Most of Canada’s major banks count on
Optima’s customers include some of the world’s leading organizations in the                   Optima and Altitude
insurance and financial industry, leaders in the business information, and some of
the largest consumer and SMB IT companies. Optima is also very active in the                • Two contact centers with about 300

telecommunications and direct to consumer energy sectors.                                     agent positions each

Most of Canada’s major banks count on Optima and Altitude to handle their
                                                                                        Project Profile
                                                                                            • Using Altitude uCI 7.5 solution at both
“Our mission is to deliver optimum business results; everything we do at Optima is
with that mission in mind. Altitude proved to be the best solution in the market to
meet our business needs by allowing us to focus on the unique priorities of each
                                                                                            • Planned modular integration
client, without losing focus on their ROI”, stated Don Macleod, President of Optima
Communications.                                                                             • Using Altitude’s efficient and integrated
                                                                                              multimedia communication channels
“Altitude uCI has a very low TCO. When making a decision on a new tool we must                (email and chat), IVR applications,
consider the total costs and human resources transition. In my opinion one of the             predictive dialing solutions, intelligent
best things about Altitude uCI is the modules that allowed us to evolve step-by-              routing and call blending
step. The investment was made incrementally according to projects, diversification
                                                                                            • Optima migrate to SIP technology by
and our growth of our customers’ needs and demands”, Macleod added.
                                                                                              moving to Altitude vBox

How Do WE Optimize YOUR Customer Relationships?
First Contact Resolution is a Top Priority

“The First Contact Resolution rates are a top priority with our clients. The Altitude
solution helped Optima achieve its FCR targets by using intelligent call routing and
providing contact history at the agent desktop.

As an outsourcer, we needed separate knowledge bases for each one of our major
clients and the Altitude suite enabled us to do so. At the same time, it provided us
with an innovative technology solution that increased our productivity and service
                                                                                        Solution Description
levels”, explained Elizabeth Sedlacek, Business Development Director for Optima             • Altitude uCI 7.5
                                                                                            • Altitude Voice (inbound and

The Altitude solution helps Optima achieve its FCR targets with:                              outbound)

           intelligent call routing                                                        • Altitude Email
           providing full contact history at the agent desktop
                                                                                            • Altitude Chat
           multi-client knowledge base mechanisms available at the agent desktop

                                                                                            • Altitude IVR
There is little dispute about how important metrics are in today’s contact centers.
According to end user research conducted by the Incoming Calls Management
                                                                                            • Altitude uAgent
Institute (ICMI), 28% of contact center professionals surveyed viewed FCR for calls
as “critical or indispensable.” Another 51% thought FCR was “very important.”               • Altitude Scripting tool
There are two very important reasons for the growing prominence of FCR as a key
                                                                                            • Altitude Predictive Dialer
performance yardstick; fewer call backs translate into happier customers and lower
operating costs.                                                                            • Altitude vBox

“First contact resolution is a top priority for CRM outsourcers. However, in order to       • Altitude Unified Routing
obtain high rates of FCR, it is mandatory to invest in cost-effective, state of the
art solutions that improve the customer care service at both the reactive and the           • Premier Support
proactive level”, states Mark Lepko, President, Altitude Software, North America.

Optima measures FCR in three ways. At the conclusion of the call the agent asks,
“Was your question satisfactorily answered?” Additionally, callers are offered a
post-call survey where they can express their views about whether the question was
fully answered. Optima also examines ACD records for calls to or from the same
                                                                                        We use Altitude’s innovative and
                                                                                        powerful technology to improve our
                                                                                        agent’s productivity without

number in a short period of time. Quality control experts then monitor both the         compromising quality.
original and repeat call to help identify the reasons for callbacks.
                                                                                        Elizabeth Sedlacek, Business Development Director
                                                                                        Optima Communications

Quality  Contact:    Agent      Productivity                                  with
Uncompromising Quality of Service

“At Optima, we deal with a selected group of long term clients. We try to extend
customer loyalty in        every contact we make. We never lose productivity
measurements from sight. We use Altitude’s innovative and powerful technology to
improve our agents productivity without compromising quality”, stated Elizabeth
Sedlacek.      Elizabeth added that the custom knowledge bases were a great
competitive differentiator.

“Optima implemented the Altitude uAgent for Windows, a configurable agent
desktop interface that enables agents to answer and control all the interactions
and get a unified customer insight.

The Altitude uAgent for Windows allows for quick changes to scripts, which

makes the interaction with the clients easier, more fluid and personalized”,
                                                                                      I love Altitude uCI solutions because
states Mark Lepko, President Altitude Software, North America.                        they provide a complete suite that I
                                                                                      can tailor to my needs to take the

“I love Altitude uCI solutions because they provide a complete suite that I can       maximum profit.
tailor to my needs to take the maximum profit. We are successfully using IP
                                                                                      Ivan Kovacevic, IT solutions Manager
IVR, intelligent routing, advanced dialing, unified agent desktop, scripting,         Optima Communications
blending, chat and email. All these have improved our overall productivity”,
states Ivan Kovacevic, IT solutions Manager at Optima Communications.
                                                                                      Business Benefits
“We compared the way we worked before and after the project in terms of
performance indicators. We now have a system that enables us to know what               • Altitude’s modular suite allows
each agent delivers daily, and measure the quality of the database. This                   Optima to pace their projects and
accuracy and speed was not possible before”, Kovacevic added.                              grow as needed with their customer
Ivan Kovacevic explains that “As an outsourcer we needed separate knowledge
                                                                                        • Optima achieved its FCR targets
bases for each of our major clients. We were able to create custom
knowledge bases with our clients then launch them through the Altitude uCI.”            • Reduction of overall costs and
                                                                                           increased productivity and business
Powerful and Sophisticated Technology Is a Given
to Our Customers                                                                        • Increased service levels.

As a result of Optima’s efforts to have the most advanced technology available          • Return on investment achieved in
and increase their service levels, Optima decided to displace a non-supported              less than 2 months
version of Avaya and move to Altitude vBox.

Altitude uCI allowed Optima to migrate to SIP technology with a reduced               Contacts
budget. Optima currently has two contact centers running on top of Altitude
vBox: IP IVR, inbound and outbound. In one of the centers there are more than
250 agent seats running on Altitude’s IP predictive dialer thus increasing call       Altitude Software North America

center productivity and results while lowering costs.
                                                                                        • Tel: 877-474-4499

“Moving to Altitude vBox allowed us to have SIP technology which not only is a          • Email:
more advanced technology, but is also more in tune with today’s market
reality. Altitude vBox allowed us to lower our running costs. The return on
this investment was achieved in less than 2 months. All these technological
changes had time and money invested, impacts on human resources, but
resulted in a considerable reduction of overall costs and an increase in
productivity and business results” stated Ivan Kovacevic, IT solutions Manager
at Optima Communications.

Straightforward Customization of Solutions to
Address the Unique Needs of Each Client
Optima communications resources are recognized as having high technological
skills and like the majority of CRM outsourcers is a “hands-on” company with a
great proactive philosophy.

The flexibility of the Altitude uCI tool is something they were seeking to achieve;
to be able to customize and develop further enhancements to the solution
without relying on a supplier.

“Altitude uCI has an easy to understand scripting language and development
environment that allowed us, with little training, to customize and adapt the
tool to our campaign needs.         With Altitude’s scripting tool it was easy to
customize routing and to tweak the agents desktop without the need to ask
Altitude for these customizations”, stated Ivan Kovacevic, IT solutions Manager.
Optima also built a custom reporting and billing system within the Altitude uCI.

Support New Trends with the Same Optimum
In most recent years communication habits from consumers have changed. People
haven’t changed that much - the technology and communication vehicles have.
There are new channels through which consumers now communicate with help-
desks, banks, service providers, etc.

Optima Communications offers chat and email to support customer interactions.
Altitude unified routing and Altitude uAgent are used both for voice, chat and
email. Altitude uCI allowed Optima to reuse all business rules, scripting and
knowledge base mechanisms already in place. The knowledge base was easily
extended to incorporate written answers to frequently asked questions and quick
text articles with written salutations.

“One of the advantages of the solution is that agents use the same tool they are
use to. They need to be trained, but it eases a lot of the process. Since we blend
chat and email with voice communications we can offer these services to our
customers without significantly increasing the costs”, explained Elizabeth

“With   complex     business     requirements   in   terms   of   multi-lingual   and
multijurisdictional licensing across the country, the Altitude system has enabled
Optima to route calls effectively and efficiently. This includes routing not just to
any skilled agent, but to the BEST SKILLED AGENT available at the moment the
call lands in the switch”, states Ivan Kovacevic.


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