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Taking care of your clutch


Maintaining your clutch is the best way to ensure it has a long life. Check out this PDF for a guide on how to make sure your clutch has a long life.

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									Image by: iqpin via Flickr
       The clutch in your vehicle is there to allow you to switch gears while the
        engine is running in order for the tires to move at a more appropriate

The clutch locks                                                         The clutch is
the tire and the                                                         present in both
engine gears                                                             automatic and
together to move                                                         standard
at the same                                                              transmission
speed, or                                                                vehicles, but it’s in
separates them so                                                        standard
they can spin at                                                         transmission that
different speeds.                                                        the driver controls
                                                                         the gear shifts.

                         Image by: Tesla314 via Flickr
If you notice that your        When sitting in neutral, try not
clutch pedal is giving way     to put any weight against the
too easily or increasingly     clutch pedal- even if it doesn’t
difficult to push against,     feel like it’s engaging, it is. Only
you might have a fluid leak    have your foot on the clutch
or another minor issue.        when you’re using it to shift

Start your car in a low        Try to avoid shifting down
gear; first is best, you can   when stopping. Instead, rely on
sometimes get away with        your brakes to reduce your
second.                        speed.

If you notice any fluid        The best thing you can do for
leaking from your vehicle,     your clutch is keep it
it could be any number of      maintained. It will likely need
problems, so it’s always       replacing after a certain
best to get it checked out     distance. Keep it on your list of
to avoid a costly repair       repairs to prioritize like
later.                         windshield repair or break pad
Maintaining your clutch is the best way to
ensure it has a long life. Check for fluid
leaks, pressure changes and listen for any
unusual sounds when engaging the clutch.
If any of these arise, it’s best to get it
checked by a professional. There’s a
chance they’ll be able to repair it and
avoid a complete replacement later on.

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