Bricks and Clicks by tangshuming


									 Bricks and Clicks
   A range of terminology has
  evolved to describe the new
trading patterns, in particular to
 distinguish between traditional
  retailing and on line trading.
Bricks   A ‘bricks’ organisation is one that trades solely
         using traditional methods. It may have a
         presence online, perhaps a static website giving
         the business’s contact details, but does not do
         any business over the internet.
Bricks   A ‘bricks’ and ‘clicks’ organisation is one that
and      trades using both traditional and online
Clicks   methods. It may have been a bricks
         organisation originally and developed the
         business to run on line as well, or it may have
         set up both businesses simultaneously.
Clicks   A ‘clicks’ organisation is one that trades solely
         online. It has no physical presence for trading
         and all business is carried out over the internet.
• Create a mind map for each of these types
  of business: ‘bricks’, ‘clicks’ or ‘bricks and

Write down as many businesses as possible
 that fit into each category.

What patterns if any can you identify?

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