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It is important that department stores are clean in order to facilitate a healthy and safe environment for customers and staff. For the right impression to be made, floors need to be kept free of dirt and grime. It’s clear and plain that customers will not want to spend time and money in a department store that looks dirty and stained. Industrial scrubbers, therefore, are to keeping these commercial settings sanitary and presentable.

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									Industrial Scrubbers For Department Stores

Department stores typically encompass large areas, which makes using the right
industrial scrubber pivotal. Department store floors must be kept clean and tidy and
free of any residual rubbish and debris, not only for hygienic and safety reasons, but
also to promote a professional business image that will appeal to customers. The
following are the industrial scrubbers that are best suited for cleaning department

Ride-On Scrubbers

There are ride-on scrubbers available, which are particularly ideal for department
stores due to their ability to tackle large areas quickly and efficiently. Ride-ons are
well suited for department stores that cover an expansive area or that comprise of
many levels and floors. Using one of these machines will reduce the amount of
labour that’s involved to ensure that operators can maintain a high level of cleaning
at all times. As a result, department stores will advantage from maximum cleaning
productivity as well as shorter cleaning times.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Featuring a more compact and lightweight design, walk-behind models are perfectly
suited for smaller locations in department stores that are hard to reach such as
narrow passageways, tight market halls and confined eating areas. In addition, walk-
behind units often come equipped with multitude of brushes and accessories that
further enhance their cleaning capabilities. These cleaning machines can be used on
various floor surfaces and are therefore a good choice for department stores that
consist of multiple flooring types such as concrete, vinyl and carpet.

Rotary Scrubbers

These scrubbers are primarily used on hard surfaces, such as vinyl, laminate, marble
and polished concrete and, like walk-behinds, are excellent for cleaning hard to
access places. Rotary scrubbers simultaneously polish, strip, and scrub floors.

Regardless of whether you choose a ride-on, walk-behind, or rotary scrubber, all
three types feature low noise levels for silent operation. Low noise levels will permit
for daytime cleaning to be carried out, without causing disturbance to other staff,
and more importantly customers. Industrial scrubbers feature a sophisticated
cleaning technology, and most models are able to clean and dry in one swift action
so that floors can be walked on almost immediately after cleaning.
Industrial scrubbers are a worthwhile investment that can help to improve the
flooring and appearance of any department store. Employing the use of a ride-on,
walk-behind or rotary scrubber, will make for professional business image and a
clean environment that customers will want to enter. As a result, income can be
increased, and business improved.

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