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									Oil Paintings Technique: Using a Grid to Enlarge and Transfer an Image to Canvas
by Teresa Bernard
A simple lo-tech technique that is used by many world renown artists to begin their extraordinary
works of art is called grid enlarging. You do not have to be a skilled artist to get the same great
results you want to attain in your canvas oil paintings. All you need is a little know-how. This
article will take through 5 easy steps to using this method to getting started on your own oil
Famous Abstract Art
by Maureen Loughran
A look at some of the most famous abstract artists from the twentieth century. This article
chronicles the key players in early abstract art and the abstract expressionism movement and
discusses what influenced and motivated them.
The Magnificent Effect Artists Have Had On The World
by Richard D Burton
Throughout history artists have always been asking questions, looking for answers. They have
never been satisfied with leaving things alone. It has always compelled them to be creative-to
take nothing and make something out of it. They have been creating over and over again all of
human's imaginings.
How to Frame LDS Art When You Are On a Budget
by Trent Bowen
When you walk into bookstores like Deseret Book or Seagull Book, they will have art on
display. Usually this artwork is quite expensive, well above $100. What are you actually playing
for? The answer is simple, you are paying for the frame. Getting a piece of LDS art framed can
be quite expensive. There are a lot of websites that sell LDS but most of the time they sell only
framed pieces. The other concern is that when a piece of framed art is shipped it can be damaged
quite easily and you will probably have to pay an extra fee for shipping insurance.
Yard Art - Refreshing the Old Stuff
by Bonnie L Schallermeir
I have started getting the yard and gardens ready for the season. Along with that, it was time to
clean out the shed, a dreaded chore to say the least! But as I started clearing things out and
getting rid of old stuff, I found a few items that I wanted to freshen up and re-purpose. Suddenly,
it wasn't a dreaded chore, I was actually having fun, and was able to get a little creative! One of
the things I found in the shed was an old garden rake, without the handle! Why did I save that?
Self-Portraits - Vincent Van Gogh Did Them in Words As Well As in Paint
by Dorothy Gauvin
Vincent van Gogh did not start painting until in his twenties, although he was drawing from
childhood. His career as an artist spanned little more than a decade, during which he produced
more than two thousand artworks. These included 37 self-portraits - the same number as the
years of his life - make of that what you will.
Self-Portraits - Can We Ever Know Why Artists Make Them?
by Dorothy Gauvin
Any of the world-famous painters you can name have represented themselves in self-portraits.
The list of prolific of self-painters is lead by Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh. This article will
focus on the one who is considered by many to be the one who most affects us on the human,
emotional level.
Making and Using a Viewfinder to Compose Sensational Landscape Oil Paintings
by Teresa Bernard
A viewfinder is a handy little tool that can help any artist to create sensational compositions for
their landscape oil paintings. This article talks about how to make and use one.
Silk Painting Can Be Made Into A Profitable Business
by Barbara Joyce Gabogrecan
It is difficult to make a living from art, even silk painting. Most artists work towards an
exhibition where they can display and sell their art. But this means that the gallery and framer
earn as much as the artist. The main way to build an income is to commercialise your work. This
means that you paint to suit what the customer wants, rather than what you want to produce. And
the marketing of your product is very different too. You do not necessarily depend on an
exhibition but may decide to sell via retail outlets and/or the Internet.
Dark Arts and Pictures
by Bony Yousuf
Dark images, paintings and pictures are created by human imagination of the dark side. Pictures
depicting blood, murder, killing, drugs, and rape show the dark side of human nature. It shows
the extent of evil that a human mind can think and a human body can perform. And it makes us
relate to human nature more closely.
Learn How to Watercolour a Panorama Onto Some Birthday Cards
by Matt James Adams
Watercolour painting is one of the most popular crafts in the UK. This can largely be because of
the exquisite effects of depth, consistency and brightness, which can be obtained through soft
washes. Watercolour is also appealing as a result of it's portability - all you need is a paint-box,
brushes and a sheet of card. Frequently we discover that artists will apply their watercolour
techniques to birthday cards and this commentary offers all the advice required to getting started
to painting in watercolour.
Peter Max - The Psychedelic Pop Artist
by Amit Kothiyaal
Peter Max artwork is among the most admired art in modern world. This is because people have
found inspiration in his paintings as they look for ways and means towards a better world. Peter
Max art, the better world, has inspires those of that want to drift off into a peaceful world.
How To Choose Works Of Art For Private Residences
by Rudolph Ave
When browsing through countless artwork online with the aim of choosing a selection to put on
display in your own home, you may feel a certain amount of confusion as to which to actually
purchase. Trying to decide which would look best in a dominant position in your dining room,
brightening your living room walls, and hung in your bedroom is not easy. No matter what type
of decor currently dominates your residence, the tips put forth below should help you make a
selection that you come to love and cherish.
Aviation Art - An Appraisal
by Lee Lacey
Aviation Art is sometimes frowned upon as an art form. This article explores why its place in
history should give it higher standing in the art world.
Cubism, Picasso and Michelangelo - What Links Them?
by Dorothy Gauvin
Pablo Picasso is revered in the world of Modern Art as the dominant pioneer of Cubism.
Michelangelo has no peer in the history of art before the dawn of the 20th century. What could
possibly link these two masters?
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Affordable Oil Paintings Created Just For You
by Rudolph Ave
A beautiful, original oil painting placed in just the right spot on the wall can change the entire
ambiance of any given room. Impressing friends, family, and coworkers with just one unique
piece is often one of the reasons collectors purchase paintings. Still, there are others who simply
enjoy getting lost in the colors when they are all by themselves. Oil paintings can enrich the
mind and they also allow people to display bits of their personality.
How to Select an Oil Painting Online?
by Cherry Huang
Arts painting collections are more and more popular to people all over the world, original oil
paintings have never lost their preeminent position as a prized possession for any art collector.
More and more people like to choose the prefect canvas painting for home decorations.It is grace
and fashion.
How Artwork Renovation Is Undertaken
by Bryan Samuel
Art recovery is difficult work. Although clean-up of the work of art is typically essential for the
purposes of conservation treatment, it's usually carried out for other reasons and different
decisions can be just as legitimate so far as how the painting is restored as long as it can be
carried out safely.
Artwork Design Can Be Very Important When Creating A Silk Painting
by Barbara Joyce Gabogrecan
A lot of people choose the appropriate equipment and study a 'how to' book, or go to a class,
when facing the challenge in art of learning a new skill. This challenge is emphasised even
further when they try to produce a product e.g. silk painting, that will sell commercially. Artists
must make their artwork design an important part of their finished product, rather than simply
producing a test or experimental piece and considering it as a work of art.
Fine Art Outlets
by Tricia Deed
Painting with acrylic or oil paints is both a challenge and an enjoyable leisure or employment
revenue for an artist. Ourself can enjoy our work. Onlookers and art critics may also enjoy our
paintings. Historically fine art artists seemingly have the worse financial set backs when the
economy is in a down pattern.
Pablo Picasso - Pioneer of Cubism
by Dorothy Gauvin
For me, the first magazine reproduction of Cubist paintings came as a shock. The brilliance of
this new way of looking was at once clear to my 14-year-old eye. I didn't like the pictures, but I
recognised their validity as a way of telling us about painting objects, even a person, as objects.
My mother's face could be placed on the paper in just the same way as a piece of fruit or a
toybox. Every physical item could be broken down into the simple shapes we learned about in
Geometry class.
Learning to Watercolor - Preferred Tools of a Watercolorist
by Vanissa James
It is easy to begin painting in watercolor with a limited supply of tools sold in arts and crafts
supply stores. But, art students aspiring to become watercolorists require artists' quality
professional grade watercolor paints, paper and equipment. Here is a list of the preferred tools
for a watercolorist.
Easy Paint Your Own Pottery Ideas - Spots and Dots Designs
by Gillian Groom
Teapots, mugs, plates covered in spots and dots are extremely stylish and popular at the moment.
Emma Bridgewater has her Polka Dot design and visit any household section of department
stores you will see lots of spotty and dotty pottery designs. But did you know there are several
very simple ways suitable for all ages and abilities to of paint your own pottery with a dotty or
spotty design.
What Art Easel Is Best for Your Style of Painting?
by Vanissa James
If you are a beginning artist, you may have found it confusing deciding on the right art easel to
use for your painting style and work space. Following is a summary of what to look for to help
you make the best choice.
How to Commission a Horse Portrait From an Equine Artist
by Kit Heathcock
Would you like a beautifully painted portrait of your favourite horse to hang on your wall? Here
are some tips on commissioning a horse portrait from an equine artist.
Some Things To Consider When Buying Oil Paintings For Your Home
by Teresa Bernard
If you are planning on buying some artwork for the walls of your home, there are some things
you might want to consider first before making your decision. Purchasing art can be a big
decision and this article will help as you make your choices.
How to Use Color to Create Atmosphere in a Painting
by Dorothy E Koliba
Atmosphere is the general tone of a piece of art, it can evoke an emotion when viewing the
different changes in the weather. An example of weather change which changes the atmosphere
would be, Rain; Snow; Mist; Fog; Clouds etc.
A Practical Guide To Caring For Your Oil Paintings
by Teresa Bernard
Whether your art collection is an investment or merely for personal enjoyment you will want to
take some steps to preserve the beauty of your oil paintings. Here are some practice tips on how
to care for your paintings so they last a lifetime.
The Secret Investment World of Art
by Gina Kling
Over the last 150 years, Art as an investment, has out-performed bonds, and has produced returns
essentially the same as the S & P 500; about 10% compounded annually. The best performing
segments of the art market over the last 50 years have been Impressionism & Modern Art.
Today's investor's see art like they might see gold- a tangible, hard asset that can perform well in
inflationary conditions and can hedge against currency risks. So, why are portfolio experts not
talking about art?
The Three Best Affordable Acrylic Paint Any Level Artist Can Use To Create Beautiful
by Ahmad Austin
If you are searching for the best inexpensive acrylic paint that works just as well as the acrylic
paint used by professional artists, I encourage you to try the three that I mentioned in this article.
There are several others out there but I have found these three acrylic to work well for me. To
find out which three inexpensive acrylic paints works wells for any level artist read the full
article here.

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