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                                                   Search Engine Optimisation UK
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  When adding variety to your website with the intention of optimizing your ranking with search
engines such as Google and the like, you must also remember to be very careful that you are not also
making your website and content irrelevant to your real users and visitors.

Variety is an important aspect of search engine optimization and websites are encouraged to aim to be
what is known as an authority site by offering a wide variety of information, advice, knowledge and
resources to their visitors. However, at no point should you lose sight of who your website visitors are,
as while each user who clicks onto your website will have his or her own unique set of interests the
information you provide on your site must still be relevant to your business and your users.

For example, adding variety to your website about dog ownership may include articles, advice and
links to information about cat ownership. What it probably shouldn't include is information about sailing
holidays as people actually looking for information about holidays on the water, can't reasonably be
expected to think to look for it on a pet website.

It is also important to remember that while variety is important to your website's search engine ranking,
at the same time you don't want to confuse the search engines by promoting a website about dog
ownership and filling it with information about cat ownership, as the search engine will then assume
your website has changed its focus, when all you were aiming to do was widen your base of

Variety in your website can also be achieved through the design of the site and this could mean a
visual difference between the pages of your website for corporate clients, and the pages for 'walk up'
business. However, variety in your website design and content must also be maintained to keep your
look fresh and in line, if not ahead of your competitors.

Keeping your website fresh and updating your keyword articles, one way and reciprocal links and the
actual design of your website also bring it to the attention of search engines more often too. When a
website is regularly updated, refreshed and maintained the search engines recognise the effort you are
putting in to maintain variety and relevance for your visitors and will reward this effort with a higher
search engine ranking. Regular updates also work to catch the attention of the search engine's
crawlers as they see that your website has something new to offer, and so they offer it.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

So variety is not only the spice of life, but it is also an important ingredient in your search engine
optimization techniques, so make sure you make the time to update and maintain your website, or
enlist the help of an expert who will look after your search engine optimization requirements for you.

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                            Building An Optimised Web Site That People Will Stay On
                                                        By Mr John Seatree

 You may think that search engine optimised websites are going to basically be websites that are
poorly written, difficult to read, unnatural sounding and full of content that isn't very useful. True, there
are a lot of websites like that out there, but if you are looking to get your website search engine
optimized, you do have a choice to make it totally readable and totally accessible to your customers.
Here is what you have to keep in mind to get a search engine optimised website that is still going to be
attractive to customers.

You may not know this, but search engine optimisation is totally customizable, and you can do it to
different levels. You can have your whole site fully optimised or you can choose to just do a partial
optimisation. Sure, a full optimisation is going to give you better results, but doing something is
definitely better than doing nothing.

If you are really concerned about the way your text is going to sound if it's optimised, you may want to
start out with a partial optimisation, which is just going to fix the side of your website that most people
don't look at. It is going to change the HTML tags and descriptions that usually fly under the radar for
most web surfers. In fact, you can get a partial search engine optimization done to your website
without even changing a word in the text of your website.

If you are worried about how your website is going to sound and think that it is going to be unnatural to
have the keywords spaced at a specific interval or to have them repeated over and over again, you
may want to talk with a good firm.

An SEO firm is going to be able to make everything on your website sound as natural as possible, but
at the same time get visible results. Plus, an SEO firm is going to give you enough keywords to use
which means that you will have variety in your text and readers won't even know what hit them
because it will still sound natural.

Another thing that people worry about is that their websites are just going to be filled with words, and
any content that they had already written is just going to be thrown away by their search engine
optimisation firm.

Sure, you have probably seen these websites that are just filled with keywords and links, and have
absolutely no information on them, but you may not know that these websites are used primarily to
make fast money, not to sell a product or service. If you want a good business website, you are going
to have to sell your product or business or service, not just sell ad space.

It is possible to get a search engine optimised website that is easy on your shoppers' eyes. In fact, it is
going to be essential to get one of these websites if you want to succeed. There is a lot of competition
out there, so search engine optimisation services are absolutely crucial if you want to gain in the
search engine rankings. Getting your website higher in the search engine rankings is going to really be
important for business owners, and is something that you want to prioritize when starting a new

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