Voodoo Doll Done Gone Blues

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					Voodoo Doll Done Gone Blues
     She come on like a flat six pack
              She good at taking
           But she don't give back
      I'm gonna change my number
         I'm gonna change my life
       I'm gonna change everything
            'Bout a no good wife

       Ain't down with the bullshit
         I'm done with the crap
            She does the crime
               I get the rap

         She be pointing fingers
       Hiding evidence that lingers
      She can run but she can't hide
     The soulless bitch that lies inside
 Her attorney brother took a shotgun blast
            Cops called it suicide
           But he was free at last
He knew the truth and it wasn't any pretty
 Better off dead than always feeling shitty

I know the feeling I know the feeling well
   Always waking up in the same old cell
        But I'm gonna make a change
     'Bout the things that are round me
                Sucking me in
       Like I'm some kind of bounty

         And if you aim to collect
         Now that you found me
            You're gonna regret
      All that botherin’ to hound me
               ( chorus )
 Honey, ain't no use in the crying blues
 You better wake up and get the news
I'm here to tell you I'm free to choose
  To close the book I'm done you lose

  Ain’t here no more for you to use
 That voodoo doll's done paid its dues
 It's the voodoo doll done gone blues

                                           slidester 4-2012

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